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Vocabulary Lesson

Grade Level: 6-8


During this activity, students will become familiar with vocabulary words that correspond to their theme.

Following this activity, students should be able to match up vocabulary words with pictures and write accurate definitions.

Flickr account, pictures of vocabulary words for week, projector, and a teacher created vocabulary worksheet.


**To prepare

  1. Upload pictures of the vocabulary words to your Flickr account.
  2. Create a worksheet with the same pictures. Add a blank space for the vocabulary word that matches and then a blank space for the student's definition. It would be helpful if there was some sort of word bank available to the children weather written on the blackboard or on the worksheet itself. 

**Executing the lesson

  1. Pass out the worksheets and explain the assignment to the students.
  2. Play the slide show pausing on each picture so that students are able to look at the picture and write down the vocabulary word that corresponds to the picture and their definition. Encourage students to try, even if they are not certain of the correct meaning. The teacher will be able to help answer questions later.
  3. When finished with all pictures and words, allow students to get into groups of 3-4 children.
  4. Ask them to discuss what words they put with each picture, and their definitions.
  5. Then pull together as a class, if there are questions or disagreements, now is the time to respond to them.
  6. Continue to go over the rest of the vocabulary words as a class.


This lesson could be adapted for multiple age groups or subject areas.

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