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Wildlife Animals in Indiana

Grade Level: 2-3
Writing Lesson

Note: This lesson would be easier to complete if students had established beasic computing knowledge.


Students will work on a computer to find different pictures of different wildlife that inhabit Indiana. They will use Flickr, an online site to find their pictures and create a narrative.


- Computer with internet connection, Flickr account, and Pictures of the following animals:

-          White-tailed deer
-          Red-tailed hawk
-          Eastern wild turkey
-          Bobwhite
-          Quail
-          Eastern garter snake
-          Cottontail

-          Opossum       
-          Raccoon
-          Beaver
-          Red fox
-          Striped skunk
-          Coyote     

    [1] [2] [3]



1.      Upload pictures from a list of wildlife animals found in Indiana.

2.      Pull up account of pictures through on projector for students.

3.      Tell students purpose and description of lesson.
         *Example: "While using the pictures for inspiration, I want you to write a story about the animals in the picture. Don't worry too much about spelling, just focus on creating a detailed description."

4.      Allow students to write for 15-20 minutes.  

5.      Ask a few students to share stories.

6.      Continue to follow procedure as many times as time will allow.


-This lesson covers standard five writing application for second grade students in Indiana.

-This lesson also incorporates standard two design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assements of NETS.

**This lesson is great for journal entries, and is easy to make variations or to apply to different topics.




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