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How are EduBlogs used?

     Edublogs illustrates current educational value or potential value. As far as educational use, EduBlogs has a great deal of value.  EduBlogs can be used in many ways. Here are a few examples of how EduBogs are being used: 


Montmorency Primary School uses EduBlogs as a school website.  Included is their statement, curriculum, news and events, as well as informational blogs about how the school is doing. By using EduBlogs as a school webpage, the traditionality of a homepage is transformed.  Students and parents are able to be more involved in what is going on by commenting on blogs and giving their own opinions on what is going on.

Mrs. Gallant, an eighth grade English and Reading teacher at Saco Middle School, uses EduBlogs to help organize her classes.  Her students go onto the website and she places a question about the class that day.  They students add comments and discuss the question in detail.

This page was made by Jennifer Crowell Stomberg a teacher of music, but is not in a school.  She has created her own buisness of teacher any age how to play an instrument.  She uses her website as a way to get new students, instrument rentals, and lesson times.  Even though you are not teaching at a school you can still use edu blogs for your own education of others.

This site is a gifted and telented site.  The creaters use this site to give any 7th or 8th grade students the chance to go above and beyond what the norm is.

 This page was created by Mrs. Greene a third grade teacher at Washington-Lee Elementary.  She uses this page to organize her class, curriculum, and events going on.  The parents of students can look at this web page and find out exactly what their child is learning and doing in school.

Anyone of these sites and more are great examples of how edublogs is a valuable educational tool.  You can use it to organize and lead your students in duscussion, using it as a way to help students become more with gifted and talented programs, make a website full of information about your school, or to help you educate children outside of the school. Edublogs has unlimited potential in the field of education.

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