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Here, we need to include examples (such as web sites) that show how Google Talk Video currently has educational value and/or how it could potentially have educational value.

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  1. Unknown User (mbeard)

    Google Talk Video has a variety of educational uses.  It can be used by educational institutions to stay in touch without using expensive equipment.  Students, faculty, and staff could all interact using Google Talk Video.  Documents and files can also be shared online while you are chatting, allowing you to share your work for review with others.  Google Talk (without the video) is accessible using your mobile phone, so you can send and retrieve messages from virtually anywhere. 

    Google talk is also very user friendly, so people with little experience communicating online can use it.  The video portion of it requires a bit more knowledge of computers, but it can be used with the help of a technician if necessary.  Many students use an internet instant messaging system like AIM to communicate with their friends online; Google Talk Video is a lot like AIM, but it has a lot more potential for educational uses.  Being able to see who you are talking to and share files make it more school-friendly.

    Google has taken several measures to ensure the privacy of its users.  However, safety is always an issue when you are dealing with students using computers.  Monitoring the students closely is the best way to assure that they are talking to who you think they are talking to.  Google Talk Video is safer than AIM, because in order for another person to talk to you, you have to accept them.  Every user also has to have a gmail account, although that may change in the future. 

    Allowing students, faculty, and staff of educational institutions to talk and share online is the main attraction to Google Talk Video in the educational realm, and it can be used for a variety of projects or lesson plans.  For example, it can be used as a pen pal system to students in a foreign country in a foreign language class.  Instead of writing letters, the students talk to each other in a foreign language.  This would help improve their speaking skills and allow them to interact with someone accross the globe.  It can also be used by teacher and other staff to talk to each other and share ideas or make plans of action.  There are many uses of Google Talk Video, and the longer it is around, more lesson plans and ideas will be adapted for its use.

    1. Unknown User (robertam)

      What sources did you use to find this information?  You need to cite them!

  2. Unknown User (mbeard)

    Information from