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How Can Picasa Be Used in the Classroom?

Picasa can be used many ways in the classroom through means of presenting information through pictures. When giving a presentation, one wants their information to have a clean and professional look. By having pictures of low quality in a presentation, it makes the presentation look unprofessional. Picasa can edit photographs to one's desire. They can be cropped, rotated, and retouched. One can also change the colors of the photos and add captions.

                       Powerpoint Slide with Standard Picture                      VS.               Powerpoint Slide with Edited Picasa Picture

  It is noticeable to the viewer how different the two pictures from the same website look.  The Picasa-edited picture has better color, sharpness, shadows, and it is in closer view.  The second picture gives the viewer a better idea of how the pyramids really look and the different depths that are incorporated in them.  Additionally, the second slide has wording on the top of the picture, that was used in Picasa, that specifies exactly where the pyramids are.  In the first picture, the audience would have no idea where or what these pyramids are.  Picasa enables the creater to get a more vivid view on the objects that are in the picture.   

What Special Features does it Have to Assist Teachers in the Classroom?

Picasa also has the movie maker feature, which could be used by both teachers and students to make a slideshow of photos that can be played throuhout a lecture or presentation.
Picasa has a Screen Capture feature which allows teachers to take a picture of what is on their computer screen. If teachers are introducing a website or software to students, they can see what their screens should look like, making navigation easier for them..

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  1. Unknown User (cgass)

    That is a link to a website that talks about how google plans to pay money to make more stoarage space for Picasa users.

     That is a link showing that Picasa is now open to use by more than just windows users. It will have good potential value because it will be more readily availiable for all students to use.

    This is a link to a document that talks about Picasa Templates, which is a part of Picasa that they are trying to get out there and thier business plan to do so. I have also read a few articles about how it failed so we might not want to focus on it but I though I would throw it out there!\\

    This site probably has exactly what we are looking for in terms to the future of Picasa. If you scroll to the bottom it talks about Picasa Beta 3 which is going to be the newer version they will be coming out with. Once we figure out what we want to focus on with its new features, we can then decide how to relate that to educational use.

    Sorry I wont be in lab this friday guys! Let me know if there is anything else I can do for the project!

  2. Unknown User (tgille)

    This site offers great examples of how Picasa can be used in the classroom. It suggests that teachers download the program on the classroom computers so the students will have access to Picasa at school too. Teachers could use Picasa to organize pictures of the class and classroom or school events; if the time and money is available the teacher could make each student a CD of the years events.

    Teachers can also create Web Albums that students would be able to access from home if they are using Picasa to complete a class asignment or project. The website says to, "integrate photography into your courses by having kids take lesson-related photos, post them to their Web Albums and present oral reports."

    Another project involving Picasa could be for journalism students. "They can keep all photos for each edition of their newspaper or magazine in one location, so they're easy to see and find. And students of all kinds can use Picasa and Picasa Web Albums to supplement their research and presentations in almost every subject they study."