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  • Examples of Survey Monkey being used illustrate its current educational value
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  1. The website Amy posted is an example of using SurveyMonkey to gain background knowledge on what information students had learned, in this case, in using the resources in a library.  I think this could be related to any subject such as a pretest in math or a practice vocabulary quiz in english, or one that we have done for this class, a questionnaire asking how comfortable we are with computers and technology in general.

  2. This woman uses SM as a way to get feedback about the new technology she is using in her classroom.  The thing that caught my eye is that she is using the same program taht Purdue is using:  Blackboard.  Adding to what she uses it for, in primary and even secondary schools, assigning a survey about teaching techniques and methods used in the classroom as extra credit would be a great way to improve yourself as a teacher and give the students a little boost in their grades.

  3. "Survey Monkey can be a very useful tool for classroom use.  Teachers can use it to learn more about student interests or find out what topics students are having trouble with.  Teachers may also use it to schedule an event when the most people could attend."

    1. Unknown User (krowe)

      This is perfect! It will be great to use for our lesson plans!

  4. SurveyMonkey has many different applications that would be practical for a classroom and educational purposes.  In the past, some teachers have used it for gaining background knowledge on what information students had learned in previous classes, or even used one of the surveys as a multiple choice quiz.  Another great use in the classroom would be to pass out a survey to gain knowledge on the students as to what their interests are, what activities they are involved in, and what they hope to gain from the class.  One woman used SurveyMonkey to understand how technologically literate her students were, and how easily they were able to navigate the machines necessary for the class.  Creating a survey to find out each person's availability and plan a group meeting would be another great use of SurveyMonkey within the classroom.  Other uses in the classroom could include:  student/teacher evaluations, practice exams, anonymous classroom reports, project grading points sheet, and more.