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What Are the Uses of Facebook Chat?

Facebook is a social networking website that is free to anyone who wants to join. The users are organized by city, workplace, school, and region in order for them to connect and interact with others in their area. As a member of Facebook, you can utilize the feature called Facebook Chat.  With Facebook Chat, you can send other users messages in realtime rather than leaving them a message on their wall or message inbox.  2, 3

What Does It Do?

Facebook Chat can be used to communicate in real time with friends online instead of communicating through sending messages or writing on their Facebook walls. It is a free application on Facebook and only requires a computer with an internet connection. Facebook Chat is an instant communication device implemented to make Facebook a more user friendly environment.

Who Uses Facebook Chat?

This communication medium is used by more than ninety million active users everyday for the purpose of communicating with other. People around the world chat with each other. Teachers and students chat with each other. Family members and friends chat with each other. 4, 9

Table of Contents


   I.1 Development
   I.2 How Does Facebook Chat Work?
   I.3 Additional Information About Facebook Chat


How Does Facebook Chat Relate to Other Applications?
   II.1 Comparison to Competitors
   II.2 Unique Uses


Real World Application
       III.1 Educational Lesson Plans
           i. Elementary
           ii. Secondary
           iii. Post Secondary
       III.2 Business/Industry


Demonstration of Educational Value


How is Facebook Chat Used Internationally?



">I. History

">I.1 Development

Facebook, the site in which Facebook Chat is located, was launched on November 4, 2004.  On August 23, 2008, Facebook announced the upcoming feature of Facebook Chat. Mark E. Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, the popular social networking website estimated to be worth upward of $1 billion.  Facebook was originally created by Harvard University students as a way to quickly connect with friends and share ideas. There has been much controversy as to who actually came up with the idea of Facebook. It was originally called Connect U, and was used by several thousand Harvard students for a variety of online college related tasks.  For more information on the origins of Facebook and its creator please go to 2, 3

">I.2 How Does Facebook Chat Work?

Facebook Chat is an application within Facebook that allows users to communicate with other users in real time.  Facebook Chat is very easy to use!  The following is a step-by-step list of how to use Facebook Chat. 7

  1. Go to and sign up for Facebook for free.
  2. Log into Facebook with your username and password.
  3. At the bottom of your window, there will be a menu bar.  At the right hand side, it will say 'Chat' and click it.
  4. A list of your friends that are online will pop up.  Pick a friend that you would like to chat with and click their name.
  5. The rest is simple!  Just type your message and hit 'enter' on your keyboard.

">I.3 Additional Information About Facebook Chat

While Facebook can be a safe and wonderful educational tool, it can also be a security issue with some teachers, students, and parents.

A feature of Facebook and Facebook Chat that pertains to security is the privacy setting one can set on their profile. By adjusting the privacy settings, schools can create networks that only their students and faculty can access. This means that a user who is not friends with a student in the school cannot become the student's friend without the student approving them. Facebook and Facebook Chat can be safe and great educational tools if they are used correctly. 10, 11

For more information about Facebook Chat, visit

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">II. How Does Facebook Chat Relate to Other Applications?

">II.1 Comparison to Competitors

Facebook Chat could be compared to chat programs such as AOL Instant Messanger (AIM), MSN Messanger, and Google Talk. What makes Facebook Chat stand out is that it is integrated into a social networking site and is not just a program that runs on your computer. Facebook Chat is always available during your social networking ventures and while the Facebook internet window is present. Another feature of Facebook Chat that makes it stand out is that you may chat with your friends that are on Facebook instead of creating a separate friends list for one of the other chat programs.

">II.2 Unique Uses

When Facebook first launched, the only way to access it was through the internet on a computer. Now, with the advances of cell phones and the internet, one can access Facebook Chat anywhere. Facebook Chat can be used as an application on any cell phone that has wireless internet. It is very similar to texting, but through Facebook.

Not only can Facebook Chat be used on Facebook, but with the help of an opensourse chat client, it can be integrated into other chat programs and have more features. Pidgin, used by Windows, allows you to combine chat programs such as MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Facebook Chat, and others. Adium is another program that is essentially the same as Pigdin, but for Macs. Finally, Digsby is a program that allows you to combine chat, email, and social netoworking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 12

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">III. Real World Application

">III.1 Educational Lesson Plans

">i. Elementary Lesson Plans

(1) High-Tech Pen Pals

In this lesson plan, students will use Facebook Chat to communicate with international pen pals in a high-tech fashion.

The students will have to learn how to use Facebook Chat and then will write summaries based on each conversation they have with their pen pals.

High-Tech Pen Pals (PDF)
High-Tech Pen Pals (DOC)

(2) Neighborhood Safari (S.T.E.M.)

In this lesson plan, students will use Facebook Chat to compare their observations with a group in a corresponding class.

The students will have to learn how to use Facebook Chat, observe animals in their neighborhoods, record their observations, and chat with their corresponding group to compare observations.

Animal Safari (PDF)
Animal Safari (DOC)

">ii. Secondary Lesson Plans

(1) Virtual Tutor (S.T.E.M.)

In this lesson plan, students will use Facebook Chat to tutor each other in math.

The students will have to learn how to use Facebook Chat, complete their math assignment, receive or give help on the assignment, and write a brief summary explaining the tutoring.

Virtual Tutor (PDF)
Virtual Tutor (DOC)

(2) Job Interview Experience

In this lesson plan, students will use Facebook Chat to practice job interview skills.

The students will have to learn how to use Facebook Chat, interview their partner, be interviewed by their partner, and evaluate their partner based upon their answers to the interview questions.

Job Interview Experience (PDF)
Job Interview Experience (DOC)

">iii. Post Secondary Lesson Plans

(1) Virtual Science Tutor (S.T.E.M.)

In this lesson plan, students will use Facebook Chat to tutor each other in science.

The students will have to learn how to use Facebook Chat, complete their science homework, receive or give help on the homework, and then write a short summary explaining the tutoring.

Virtual Science Tutor (PDF)
Virtual Science Tutor (DOC)

(2) Literature Peer Review

In this lesson plan, students will use Facebook Chat to chat about the peer review they completed.

The students will have to learn how to use Facebook Chat and peer review a partner's literary analysis of a novel.

Literature Peer Review (PDF)
Literature Peer Review (DOC)

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">IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Facebook Chat has many possible uses in the classroom as a means of increasing learning and bettering education.  Facebook Chat is an instant messaging tool available to anyone who has set up a Facebook profile. After you have done this, you are then able to chat in real time with your friends through the Facebook website. As a note to teachers: this does require you to have a Facebook profile if you are going to monitor or be involved with the online discussions between students in your class, and even you if you wish to be involved.  Therefore, it is very important that when creating your profile, you make sure to keep it as professional as possible. Your students will be able to see and read anything that you post on your profile.  As a professional, it is important that you follow any rules or guidelines about language use, conversations, or inappropriate pictures and postings just like you would in your classroom at school.

Facebook Chat can be used as a way of getting groups to communicate outside of school, when working on research projects, lab write ups and other activities that require members of a group to communicate with one another to get the project done.

Facebook Chat could also be used as a tool for answering student's questions even after the class has let out.  As a teacher, you could set up a time each night when you would be logged in and free to answer any questions about that days class or the current homework assignment.  Facebook chat provides a way for you to be more available to your students.

In addition, Facebook Chat can be used in the school between teachers as a quicker way to communicate with one another instead of sending emails.  This means that you do not have to check your email during the day to find important announcements and other postings.  All correspondence between teachers, administration, and tech will be done in real time using an instant messaging tool like Facebook Chat.

Using Facebook Chat in an educational setting has brought up positive and negative criticisms. The following lists are examples of each.

Positive Criticism

1.) School corporations can set up networks for just their students allowing student and teacher communication at any time and any place not just in class.

2.) Teachers and administration can be in real time communication at all times which increases response time and crisis management increasing security and the safety of the students.

3.) Teachers can answer multiple questions quickly and from home, during a time when other wise the student would not be able to ask a question

4.) Provides a good way to increase social networking in the school among the students in a safe and controlled environment.

Negative Criticism

1.) Facebook has been designed as a social networking tool, and for that purpose it works really well.  It was not designed to be used for education so all of the possible uses for Facebook chat we have listed above are exactly that; probabilities.   

2.) Students have been using Facebook for such a long time as a way to communicant with their friends about everything except topics covered in class, and well old habits die hard.  You may find it difficult to keep them on task and focus when using Facebook.

3.) Safety, Safety, Safety, Facebook has been referred to as, leaving many parents fearful of letting their children use the site and therefore many schools have completely blocked any access to Facebook or MySpace through school servers.  If this is the case at your school then Facebook Chat will be of no value as an educational tool.

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">V. How is Facebook Chat Used Internationally?

Facebook Chat is an international application that is used by millions of people all over the world, and it is available in over 70 different languages.

Facebook Chat is the new and innovated way to write to international pen pals. Originally, the idea of having a pen pal was to communicate with an international student by means of writing letters back and forth.  Generally how it would work is a teacher from the United States would find a teacher in another country and then they would assign each student in the class a student in the foreign class to be a pen-pals. 

Facebook Chat can be used in the same way, except instead of sending letter, each week the partner classes would set up a time to go to the computer labs in their respective schools and talk to one another via Facebook Chat.  This would be a new and innovative way to have a pen pal because each student could talk to their international pen pal in real time. 

The following is a YouTube video presenting information gained from a survey of students in Korea that use Facebook Chat. 13

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">VI. References

The following are references that were used while compiling information about Facebook Chat.


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  1. Unknown User (bdhanson)

    Hey everbody, welcome to the group. Feel free to start adding info, references, or hyperlinks. Use the disscusion board. talk to each other

  2. Unknown User (lawrencn)

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  8. Unknown User (blaggett)

    I am VERY expierenced in facebook...just think i have been spending half the class "researching' our topic. (wink) any way i have not really been paying attention to whats going on. Do we have to do anything besides talk onthis until next class?

  9. Unknown User (tjhahn)

    That is pretty much what it sounds like we are supposed to do until next time so it shouldnt be too hard. I know a bit about facebook so I will try to help in anyway I can. Welcome to the group!

  10. Unknown User (blaggett)

    what are we doing right now?

  11. Unknown User (tjhahn)

    Here is the page for the founding and funding of facebook....hopefully this will help our group a little bit

  12. Unknown User (abalzer)

    Ways that facebook can be used educationally:

    1. Have a set time for students to get on to facebook to ask questions about things that are not well understood from homework.

    2. As a professor or a TA be online whenever is possible for students to ask questions

    3. Have groups talk via facebook chat to complete a project

    4. Way to get quick and fast information, encourages getting to know people outside of class like networking

    5. You can use it as extra credit for asking questions

    1. Unknown User (tjhahn)

      Ways that facebook can be used educationally:

      1. Upon the start of class, students can confer with each other over a quiz that will be given at the beginning of class if they are unsure how to perform. Sort of like a discussion and learn time frame

      2. T.A.'s can stay online during the entire class period and answer questions that any of the students may have during project time without leaving her seat at the head of the room

      3. Students can add each other on facebook, and then chat towards one another to make sure that each of them will know where and when group meetings will be held

      4. Teachers or T.A.'s can keep in touch with everyone in the group through facebook chat to make sure that every team member is doing their job and that the team's project, as a whole, is coming along swimmingly

      5. Groups can help each other during group quizzes throughout the classroom procedures without getting out of their seats or making much noise

      Hopefully these help. After reading the above 5 I couldnt really think of many more.

  13. Unknown User (lawrencn)

    Presenter- they will be in charge of over seeing the presentation of the project at the show, and project design

    brittny King, Ashtin Balzer

    Writers- they will be in charge of creating wiki text and flyers.

    Nathan Lawrence 

    Researchers- They are in charge of researching the project of facebook chat

    Kyle Mccallum, Brittny Laggett, Jacob Bacon

    Developers- They are in charge of creating flyers, websites, and other important programs

    Tom Hahn, Ben Hanson

    1. Welcome !

      I hope you can get a lot experiences with these fabulous students about how to apply Web 2.0 application in the educational setting. For example, you can create wiki texts for teachers who want to apply emerging technologies such as Web 2.0 application (facebook, youtube, myspace, or other blogs) into their classes for better teaching strategies. Or it is possible that a business training coordinator can recommend his learners(employees) to use facebook chat for sharing some ideas or references to develop a brand-new business item/strategy which was the final assignment of the competency development training program. For this, the coordinator should make a manual on how to use 'facebook chat' with your colleagues for this training assignment. S/he might try to put mentor's video, checklists, or some successful cases about using this application in the real business situation.

      Please make sure that this group is creating wiki materials and strategies using FACEBOOK CHAT.

      If you're not familiar with this program, please research this first and share your opinion as much as you can.

      Hope to get a great time with us ! Thanks !

  14. Hello. I'm Damji and i'm from Ewha university.(smile)

    I'm new to facebook, and i don't know what to do with this. What should we do for our project with this?

    1. Welcome !

      Please read my answer for Jeonghyeon above. (smile)

    2. Unknown User (jbacon)

      Do you or jeonghyeon either one have facebook?  If so what is your name on facebook so we can friend you on there?

  15. Unknown User (jbacon)

    Here are some ways that facebook chat could be used for education:
    1. Allow the students to better know the each other and their teachers.

    2. It would allow students who can't get together to work on a project to talk to each other and collaborate about it.

    3. It is a good way for students to create networks with each other to help each other with work when they have questions.

    4. It allows students to contact the teacher outside of class time, or even outside of school.

    I don't know if you guys would want to, but maybe we could write about how facebook could also cause problems for your future if you post pictures, videos, etc. that possible employers could see. It also could be used against you when it comes to college, if you have pictures of you doing something that is grounds for expulsion, such as drinking in the dorms.  I know ours is just about facebook chat, but that might be something to put down as just as a warning for using facebook for eduction in general.  Just throwing that out there.

  16. Unknown User (bdhanson)

    Welcome to the group Heo, Damji and Ji, Jeonghyeon. We are researching the chat application on Facebook. If you can create your own Facebook profile. We can communicate through Facebook and it will give you a better idea of what we're working with if you do not already have one. Right now we are trying to come up with ways to utilize Facebook chat as an educational idea. Feel encouraged to add imput into discussions, or to comment on someone elses idea. I should be e-mailing you both soon, but if you have questions before then my e-mail is Welcome again!

  17. Unknown User (bdhanson)

    Everyone make sure that if you add a picture or written documentation to cite the source that you got that information from. If you add a hyperlink that does not have to be cited if that is all you add.

  18. Unknown User (bdhanson)

    1. Facebook chat is an application that is currently used by students. it would be much more convienient for students to utilize this source of communication rather then giving them a new application with disscusion board.

    2. Students can network each other so that it is easier to talk to other students who are using the Facebook chat function for educational purposes rather then just socializing.

    3. Educational personal like Teachers, Professors, or T.A.'s can keep in touch with students over this social network that they already use.

    4. Teachers can assign a period of time outside of school where they could be online to help students with paticular homework assignments.

    5. Teachers could network their students during class if they all have acess to a computer to dicusss an online assignment or a quiz that will be taken later that class.

    6. Teachers and students can speak to people outside  of class such as guest speakers, international students, or students who can't make it to class.

  19. Unknown User (jagilmor)

    Do we necessarily have to make this project about the positives of Facebook Chat, or can we show that it is not necessarily the best way for students to communicate or be taught?  I just have a feeling that there are more negatives things about this application than there are positives, we will be able to show that there are many other forms of communication that are better than Facebook Chat.

    1. Unknown User (bdhanson)

      i think we're only supposed to talk about the positives. but ill ask

  20. Unknown User (kmccallu)

    hey welcome to the group. do you all have any more ideas on how facebook chat can be a positive teaching tool?

  21. Unknown User (abalzer)

    Just an idea for the researchers, google "Facebook as an educational tool" it may help to spark ideas for how facebook chat can be used as an educational tool

  22. Unknown User (lawrencn)


    Phone: (814)860-6753

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    Phone:  (317) 626-7709

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    Phone: 502-345-1092

  25. Unknown User (jagilmor)

    Here are several links that are related to Facebook Chat:

    Also I have started writing, tell me what you think:

    Facebook was launched on November 4, 2004 ( ; On August 23, 2008, Facebook announced the upcoming of another feature included on Facebook, the Facebook Chat ( ; This Chat is to openly communicate with friends online, instead of trying to get a hold of someone by sending messages, or writing of their walls.  Chat is an instant communication device implemented to make Facebook a more user friendly environment.  This communication medium is used by more than ninety million active users everyday for the purpose of communicating with others ( ; As a group of teachers, we have taken the initiative to promote the use of Facebook Chat as a Web 2.0 Teaching and Learning tool.  In particular, Chat offers a discrete form of an educational learning environment.  In order for this promotion to succeed we must establish the specific uses for this teaching tool, and develop many other uses for this simplistic and limited application. 

  26. Unknown User (blaggett)

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    facebook me!

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     on wiki we need both a PRO and CON list

    secondary roles

    writers and researchers---> roles are interchangeable<-----along with developers and presenters.

    NOTE- even thought facebook chat may have more cons than pros we HAVE to focus on the pros...get detailed.

    The pages that ben postes.....get rid of them or add new ones at your own will


    • brochures
    • flyers
    • wesite
    • brain storm ways to be creative with the presentation             

    REMEMBER WE HAVE 2 international students...use these people as resources!!


    should we create a facebook group for EDCI 270 proj 2 facebook chat. so that we can stay connected via facebook and use it in our presentation and already have stuff posted!


     someone needs to go to the itap center and ask for help on contacting facebook. boys are you going to do that on saturday?? If we dont have time for that someone as newby to do that! (smile)

    but it would be easier for us to just go there.


    MEET ON SATURDAY 830 AM in Beering basement!!!

    what to research.

    • how to use fb chat
    • pro and con list
    • what subj you can use fb chat for
    • define who our audience is (college students)post secondary edu)
    • how many profiles can fit on the bar..
    • Java script base?
    • how to contact facebook
    • get detialed with everything
    • philiophy..socarties,Aristotle
    • what can we intergate it with
    • copy and paste in to fb chat?
    • can we print off of it?
    • networking with
    •  other colleges...lecutres

    KEEP all your info SOLID

    ok its a long post but yeah...we talked about alot today

    sorry about my horrible spelling not my best subject! 


    Monday stw 530 computer put everything together! everyone should try and be there esp. writers and researchers.  

    1. Unknown User (kmccallu)

      what did we bring up socarties and artistole for? i forgot and just wanted to know what i'm looking for.

  28. my email address is

    and i'd like to know Ji Hyun YU 's email address

    1. Unknown User (kmccallu)

      we can't copy and paste into facebook right? because facebook can't read it. Do you know how we can get into contact with the creator of facebook chat? We are having trouble locating his email and other personal information.

  29. Unknown User (bdhanson)

    her email address is

  30. Unknown User (jbacon)

    This website has information about the features of facebook chat and when the chat was created:

  31. Unknown User (jbacon)

    Here is a site that has a little on how facebook began and from where:

  32. Unknown User (jbacon)

    Here are a few pros and cons, i think mainly cons though:

     I can see there being problems with the new IM feature. People or stalkers will have an easier path to harassing others. Also, don't you think we already know enough about people and when they are online? Now you are going to let us follow people and contact them at free will! Anyways, any move you make on Facebook will be shown to your network and those outside of your network, so try and set privacy and be careful of this new IM feature.

    Here is a little review by Josh wiseman, the creator, or one of the creators, of facebook chat:

  33. Unknown User (jagilmor)

    Where are you guys meeting at this morning (Sat Nov 8).  I went to Beering, but they have Super Saturday going on.  So, if someone does not mind emailing or calling me or just post your location in the discussion.  Thanks  ~James

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      I cannot be there.  I will be working at that time, but email me the stuff you guys went over.  I will have time tomorrow to work on writing it.  Sorry.

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    thanks damji for your imput on cons for facebook

    1. Unknown User (jbacon)

      It's ok Jeonghyeon, what we are working on right now is just trying to get information such as the pros and cons of facebook chat, how it was created, how it could be used for education.  If you find anything, just let us know and I'm sure we will be able to use it.  I'm not for sure about this, but I think our group was going to have you and Damji make a video with a question/answer interview about how you two would use facebook chat in Korea, again I am not for sure, but I'll find out and let you know.

        1. Unknown User (jbacon)

          Ok, you and Damji, if you have access to a video recorder, and computer, answer the questions off of confluence (they are under one of the children pages) and record you two answering them.  You could then post it on youtube and let us know what the video is called.  That way we can use it in our presentation.  So, if you can, you two can work together and record each other answering the questions, then post it on youtube and we'll use it.  Thanks

  42. Unknown User (kmccallu)

    I need more ideas of things to research. i;m going brain dead. throw something out there if you can think of anything. (wink)

  43. Unknown User (kmccallu)

    when are we getting together to work on the poster? We had mentioned Monday at Hick's Undergraduate Library @ 5:30. Do we need to bring anything... poster board, colored pencils, markers, tape, rulers, pencils, etc...........?

  44. Unknown User (ggoetz)

    Hey facebook, just writing to say good job you seem to have a lot of information, one helpful hint it seems as you guys are very unorganized, it may help to create different pages for each question that you need to cover.  In doing that all you have to do is click on the page and see the research for each question, my group is Thinkfree if you would like to see how we did it.  Keep up the good work!

  45. when is due for pasting videoclip?

    1. Unknown User (jbacon)

      The sooner you can post the video the better, so we can get it incorporated into the showcase and the wiki page.

    2. Unknown User (bdhanson)

      Hopefully sometime this week Damji. If you could, it would help if you posted the video on

      1. I think it'll be difficult to make it witin this week. But anyway we're gonna post it ASAP.

  46. Unknown User (jagilmor)

    check it out i added stuff, i still need more general applications using Facebook Chat

     please make you comments about what should be changed

    oh, and can you guys look at the sections you worked on and put in the references, if you don't want to put it in there your self just post it after the section and i will insert for you

  47. Unknown User (scallina)

    hey guys, I have found on my computer that facebook chatting slows everything else down and I cannot type anything while the other person is.  Did you guys find, is there a way that this could be prevented?  It's very frusterating.

    1. Unknown User (jagilmor)

      It would help to know what kind of computer you have, also what browser you are using, and your internet connection

  48. Unknown User (kmccallu)

    hey should we make a reference page?

  49. Unknown User (kingbm)

    Go to

    The login is:

    password is: password1

    -Go check it out...just like facebook only it can be a lot more private (good for HS students and businesses!)

    1. Unknown User (jagilmor)

      I think this is a great idea, we can show through your video that in other countries outside the U.S. that Facebook is not prominently used, so it would give another perspective on the popularity of Facebook according to U.S. and Korea.  Obviously, the popularity is much higher in the U.S., but this gives a little twist to things when attempting to use Facebook chat as an International Application.

  50. Unknown User (bdhanson)

    if you can go to the meeting on tuesday were  meeting at 330. if you cant make it post your name. you wont lose points if you cant go. if you go at a different time let me know

    1. Unknown User (jagilmor)

      Could you send me the video file of it?  My email address is

       Thank you.

      1. I sent the video file. I'm so sorry for being late.T_T

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    hey ben,

    I am pretty sure i cannot make it around 330. i will be able to stop by at 2. it starts at 2 correct? i will do my best to make it at 330 though.

  52. Unknown User (blaggett)

    Ji, Jeonghyeon

    the video is really well done. thank you so much for taking your time to complete that. When we meet as a group next we will incorporate it in our wiki. As of right now, i dont think there is anything else for you to do but we will keep you posted.

  53. Unknown User (jagilmor)

    How are the other applications for Facebook Chat going?  High school, business, etc...

  54. Unknown User (jbacon)

    Just so everyone knows, guys should wear dress pants and shirts with ties, girls should wear business casual/suit on thursday for the showcase.

  55. Unknown User (kmccallu)

    we are so ready for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! james were u able to get the business or industry applications child in the table of contents? Ben and I just finished that up.

    1. Unknown User (jagilmor)

      yes i got it all in there, it is under applications of facebook chat

  56. Unknown User (rherr)

    I frequently use Facebook chat and I absolutely love it. Its pretty addicting and that's probably not a good thing, but it really is nice to be able to catch up with friends and family that you rarely see. I never knew that facebook started because of Harvard students, I never would have thought that. It is a really good way to do group discussions and keep in contact with your group members, so the Harvard students had the right idea of making up something like this.

    I think if Facebook Chat were to be integrated into the classroom, the age group shouldn't be in elementary. I think Facebook is more of an adult website. I know many younger kids use it, but I personally think it should be more for adults.

    I really liked how the pictures explained exactly how to do certain things on Facebook Chat. I never explore Facebook chat very often, so I actually didn't know that you could set yourself to be offline so others can't talk to you.

  57. Unknown User (npajon)

    Facebook Chat is an application that can be utilized by memebers of the Facebook community. Students and teachers can use Facebook Chat to communicate outside of class. Facebook Chat has over 90 million users making very competitive to other web chats like MSN and AIM. Facebook Chat is a very useful application, because it allows the user to have real time conversations. On Facebook Chat Students can chat with their classmates in an out of school discussion. Teachers can also take part in such activities. Facebook Chat brings many people together making it one of the best chat applications around. Facebook Chat has a lot of great qualities and few drawbacks. I use Facebook Chat and enjoy using it on a daily bases. Facebook Chat also allows its user to set privace setting to keep unwanted people out of their conversations. That is a very important tool in my opinion. Facebook Chat can also be combined witrh other chat programs allowing you more usage than before. Facebook Chat is also mobile making it easily accessable to anyone with a smartphone or I touch.

  58. Unknown User (wilcox10)

    This application allows us to be able to communicate with others instantly through the social network of Facebook. It makes communicating easier between people because it is a type of direct interaction between people even though there is no direct line of physical contact between them. This can be used by groups such as businessmen, students, educators, and more. Facebook chat does have some slips however. Every chat is stored in your messages which could make it more difficult to find a particular message if need be. Other than that it does not have much wrong with it that I can tell other than positioning on the screen but that is just a personal preference.