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The Purpose of Voo2do

Voo2do is a program designated to keep one organized and helps to use time more efficiently. With this program, not only can one make to-do lists for themselves, but also they can write notes, view projects, and keep track of important deadlines. Voo2do can be thought of as the next generation of personal planning. The Voo2do program was made for those who may have many projects to work on at once, those who constantly jot down ideas so they can later work on them, for those who need to prioritize, and finally for those who need to knew where projects stand in completion aspects. (empty line) Voo2do can be convenient for those of all ages. For parents, Voo2do can be used to keep their child's schedule in line. With keeping track of rides to school, sports, grades, parent-teacher meetings, etc., it can be easy to become flustered and forget a simple PTO meeting to attend. Not only will Voo2do help in assisting keeping plans organized, but also remembering deadlines. Remembering deadlines can also be helpful to a worker in a business setting. Falling behind in work for a major corporate job can be detrimental to one's profession. Voo2do allows in helping one avoid simple mistakes. Voo2do is not only available to older citizens, but to younger ones as well. A student can use Voo2do in a helpful manner when learning to manage and keep track of their own schedule. Each can use Voo2do in an original way. For example, a football player may use Voo2do to keep track of important practices and games, while the valedictorian of the school may use Voo2do to remember important tests, papers, and meetings that must be completed.

Options Provided by Voo2do

There are many options when working with the program of Voo2do.

View and Edit Tasks

You can click on view and edit tasks. This allows the user to track each task with project, description, due date, priority, and time estimates. Just click and type to edit.

Keep Notes on Each Task

Voo2do also allows one to keep notes on each task. You can here log time-stamped notes with any tasks to track your progress.

View Next Actions at a Glance

Voo2do allows the user to see the next actions at a glance. The dashboard shows the highest-priority tasks and their due dates, highlighting overdue tasks in red.

Organize Tasks

The program lets users organize tasks into projects and contexts. Contexts, previously called views, let one see a group of projects together. It's like having a separate voo2do account for home, work, or any other context.

Review Deadlines and History

Also, Voo2do can review deadlines and history. The deadlines tab shows you what needs to get done this week. The history tab shows you what you've done, making status reports, invoices, or reviews easier than ever.

Assign and Publish Tasks

Finally, Voo2do allows the user to assign and publish tasks. With this, one can make an area for active collaboration. Tasks can be assigned and the publishing of a project can be viewed. In the following picture a collaborative group has been formed.

Incorporating Voo2do in Project 2

In order to become more aware of the purpose of Voo2do, our group has agreed to become better organized in the development of our project, by utilizing the program of Voo2do. Because this program allows so many options for keeping on task, we have decided to use Voo2do to plan our project 2. By using and interacting with this program, our group has learned the true purpose of Voo2do; that is to aid in the organization and efficiency of project planning.

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What does a person have to do to start using it?

To start using Voo2Do, all that one has to do is get a free account. To get a free account, on the home page you click on sign up for free. You will then get redirected to the registration page. You only have to fill out is: your name, e-mail, password, your time zone and  which date looks right to you. The site will send you a confirmation e-mail and you have to click on the link that Voo2Do e-mails to you and you'll be officially confirmed and registered. You can then log on and start organizing your life!

voo2do simple, beautiful web-based to-do lists.htm

 How do you add a task?

To add a task you click on the tasks tab at the top of the page. When the page comes up there is a gray button that says "New Task". You click on the "New Task" button and you fill in the fields that it asks for. You have a field for Project, Task, Notes, Priority, Due, Original Estimation, Current  Estimation, Elapsed Time, and Remaining Time. After filling in all of the required fields, you click save. After you complete one of your tasks, you click on the white box next to your tasks so there is a check mark showing that you completed that task.

 What if I want to sort my tasks into groups or projects?

To sort out your tasks into projects or groups, you have to create a new project. To create a new project, you'll have to go to the project tab at the top of the page. There is an empty field so you can enter in your project title. After you fill out what the name of the project is, you will click create and the project title will then appear below underneath the heading Active Projects. To organize your tasks into the projects that you created, you have to go back to the tasks tab and then in the field for one of your tasks you can type in the name of your project. Then it will be added into that project folder that you can access in the projects tab underneath the heading Active Projects. If you do not want to go to the projects tab to just see the projects and then click on the projects to just see those tasks associated with that project, you can then just view all of your tasks on either the tasks tab or the dashboard tab.Do not forget to always save everything after you edit the field.


What other features does Voo2Do offer?


 Under the collaboration tab you can create a collaborative context or a public task list. The collaborative context is where you can view your projects together. With this view you can assign people a task. Voo2Do is working on improving this feature so when you assign someone a task it will show up in their task list, but just for now, it's just so you can see who is working on what tasks so your project it well laid out and you know what else has to be done to complete everything that needs to be accomplished in a timely matter. The public task list is for if you want others to be able to view your tasks. To create a public task list you click on public task lists under the collaboration tab. You'll then be taken to a page where you can choose if you want to publish a project or a context. After you choose which one you would like to publish, you then choose the location, which is the url that others will use to view your project or context. You can protect it with a password so only those that you give the password out to knows it or you can not protect it with a password so everyone can view it. You can also add notes about your project or context. You will then click publish. You now have a published context or task list!


The notes tab shows all of the notes that you add to your tasks. To add a note to a task you will go to the task tab and then you will find the task that you want to add a note to. Once you find the task that you want to add the note to you will then follow it over to where the note icon is. The icon is a little notebook. You'll click on the notebook and it'll pop up in another window, if it doesn't you might want to turn your popup blocker off. In the space that it provides you type in what you want to write in the note. You will then click add note. Once you add the note it will refresh that window and show it on the top along with the space the write another note about that task if you want to. If you do not want to write another note about that task you can click the close button which is next to the add note button and it'll close the window and take you back to the tasks tab. To view the note, you find that task again and you click on the note icon and it'll open up in a new window and you'll be able to read the note that you attached to the task. You can also view all of your notes in the note tab. 



The deadlines tab shows what tasks are due or overdue. If you completed the task and you forgot to put the check mark in the box you can then add the check mark to the box and the that task will disappear and you'll be left with the rest of the tasks that you have due or overdue. Make sure that you always save the page.


The history tab shows you what you've completed and when you completed them. 

What if I need help?

If you ever need help while you are accessing this website, there is a help link located in the top right hand corner. You click on the word help and it'll bring up the help page. The help page has faq's, why I created Voo2Do, Voo2Do features, Voo2Do's API (Application Programming Interface), privacy policy, using contexts, sharing and collarboration support, and keyboard shortcuts. When you click on each heading it takes you to pages that contains information about each of the headings. You can also e-mail the creater or Voo2Do if you have a question that you can't find the answer for on the help pages.

What are the features of my account?

To see what features you have for your account. You click on the my account link that is also located in the top right hand corner next to the help link. It'll take you to a page where you can see your features. The first thing that you see on the page is the usage summary. It shows you how many tasks you have/had, how many you have completed, how many you have left to complete and how many projects you have. Located on the left side of the screen is the links to the options that you have. You can choose from: usage summary, adding tasks by e-mail, name and e-mail, password, localization settings, backup/restore your data, close your account and request help. When you click on the links it'll take you to their respective pages as well. 

How do I log out?

When you are finished, make sure that you have saved everything! You don't want to lose your tasks or else you'll think why did I switch from paper and pencil lists to an online list when I lose the information both ways? To log out you click on the link that says logout. It is located in the top right hand corner as well next to help and my account. When you click on logout it will log you out and return you to the main page where you log in at.

When I return how do I log in?

When you return to Voo2Do and you want to log in to organize your life, you look at the top right hand corner and click on the link where it says go to your dashboard. It'll take you to the log in page. You will then log in a start creating or finishing tasks!



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Teachers across the United States are encouraging the use of  Voo2Do by their students, to help them get their assignments organized.  For this reason and others, Voo2Do is being recognized across the globe as a valuable source of education. 

Current Uses:
  • Forest Park High School lists Voo2Do on the school's website as an online education resource.  The school recommends that students and teachers use the application for time management. 1
  • Teacher, Tony Whittingham, is making his students complete a project using Voo2Do to organize the tasks of their project. This is his lesson plan for the project "2
  • In a 2006 article called,  "Seven Things To Watch in 2006 And Beyond," Voo2Do is rated as number two on the list. This shows how Voo2do has been around for the past three years and the recognition that it is currently receiving for its educational value. Making it number two on a list like that is quite a feat. 3
  • A man named Chris Brogan, was trying to create an Online Workflow.  He wanted to make it so that a person could manage their projects and give them a network for collaboration, as well. He also wanted this system to be absolutely free.  One component of the design that he created included using Voo2Do to plan this Workflow and keep the project organized. 4

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How could Voo2Do be used within an educational/learning situation?

a) Elementary

  • A teacher could use Voo2Do to organize her lesson plans, projects, tests, and when they give out a worksheet. 
  • For a elementary school classroom Voo2do could be used to introduce students to using computers and planning at the same time, An example could be an assignment using Voo2do to plan out their after school activities. It would be evaluated on correct completion.
  • Objective

    Students will be able to plan activities and budget time using an online planner effectively using Voo2do.  Students will receive 100% for completing the application.

    Learning environment

    The students would be in a grade school computer lab, with every student having access to their own computer.  A gym for play is optional.

    Description of students

    Students grade four through six.






    1.       Instructor will lecture students on the importance of planning and organization.
    2.      Instructor will familiarize the student with the Voo2do software


    Students will be asked to make a list of fun activities for the remainder of the class period using Voo2do.  As activities are completed, students will record the amount of time spent on each, and mark them as complete when finished. 


    Teacher will review the students' schedules with them, discussing what they did right and wrong.

    Here is what a students plan from the application might look like:

b) Secondary

  • A teacher could ask a student to create an account and make them add so many tasks, notes, and projects. They can then ask the student to make it a public task page so they can visit the page after the student sends them a url of their public task page.  The teacher can then grade them on completion or whatever they choose to.
  • Voo2do could be assigned by a instructor as a means of coordinating a group project; This would be especially effective if the class had an emphasis on familiarization with technology.

c) Post secondary

  • In college where most students own a laptop.  Voo2do could replace a conventional student planner, to organize when they have exams, homework, work, and extra curricular activities. 
  •  Not only would it keep a college students reminded of oncoming exams and assignments. Voo2do could also help him or her use their time in study more efficiently by organizing and prioritizing tasks, as well as timing the work performed on each task.

d) Business/Industry

  • A Business/Industry could use Voo2Do to organize a large project that they have going on inside their company. They can use the collaborative context to assign a task to everyone who is involved in the project. They could also make the task list public and set a password on it so only those who are working on the project can view the project and its tasks and who has to do what. It will keep everyone on task and make sure that the project gets completed in time.
  • In the world of business and industry, Voo2do could be used as an interactive planner for the individual worker in much the same way that it could be utilized by a college student,  as a simple tool for keeping track of their personal work and deadlines for the company.

e) Home

  • Voo2Do can also be used at home for various tasks.  Or if you work at home and are trying to get more organized, you can use Voo2Do to manage your tasks and hobbies like this man did.
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