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Created by: Kathy Irvin, Ae Ran Jang, Chae Hoon Jeong, Ja Hyea Ju, Rhiannon Keener, Hee Joon Kim, Katelin Muesing, Benjamin Powell, Kristy Weston, and Robert Woerner 

What are the uses of Flickr? What does it do? Who uses Flickr?

Flickr is a Web 2.0 application that offers both free and paid accounts for photo and video sharing. This application is relatively free; however, if the user creates more than 3 albums of photographs or organizes the photographs into more than 3 groups, then the user will be required to upgrade to a Pro account that includes a cost. Flickr has thousands of photograph collections, which users can view or add comments and annotations. Through its many features of groups, contacts, and The Commons, Flickr facilitates the growth of connections and relationships with fellow users by sharing not only photographs but also the experiences and stories behind the photographs.[1]

Flickr is growing steadfast in its usage in the educational setting. One student described social networking as the "possible exploration of education," so Flickr can be used effectively and efficiently in the educational classroom to actively involve students in their learning. With more than two billion images [8] available for photo-sharing, this Web 2.0 technology is becoming more popular in higher educational settings. Flickr has the ability to connect classrooms globally and provide the opportunity for students to see other cultures. According to Educause Learning Initiative, "students who are engaged with content demonstrate better learning outcomes and visual media facilitates that sense of connection to subject material.1

Flickr is all about sharing content with family, friends and people from all around the world. But how does this apply to you? As a teacher, this innovative application allows the usage of new technology in the educational classroom to promote social learning. In one setting, multiple classes can collaborate with each other through the use of pictures and videos to enhance the students' learning. Not only will the students gain knowledge of usage of this new technology in today's world, but also will connect to cultures all across the globe. In the business world, corporations can share photos and videos to enhance the accessibility to global business partners.


I.1 Development 

In February 2004, Flickr was brought to life by Ludicorp, which is a computer-based company that is also known for creating the Game Neverending. In March 2005, the Yahoo Company acquired Ludicorp, and Flickr became one of its many applications.3 When the Flickr application was created, the co-founders, Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, had two main goals in mind. The first being to help people share their creative abilities with their friends and family as well as people all over the world. This goal is achieved through photo and video sharing, e-mail, and blogging. The second goal is to help people organize their photos and videos in an innovative way. This can be done by arranging the photos into sets or groups as well as being able to add tags, notes and comments by others. 12
The masterminds behind this Web 2.0 application are Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake. When Flickr was started, Stewart Butterfield was the president of Ludicorp,and Caterina Fake was the vice president of marketing and community. We had the unique opportunity to correspond with Caterina Fake, who is a world renowned web designer. According to Caterina Fake, Flickr is "an infinite National Geographic, a family photo album, a place to meet, a place to show off, a creator of world peace and mutual understanding, a thing of beauty, a social network, a brilliantly designed piece of software, the original web 2.0 site, a wonder, a source of inspiration, a mirror of the world".2 

Table of Contents

I.2 How Flickr Works

Getting started with Flickr is just as easy as entering a user name and password. All that is required to obtain a Flickr account is a Yahoo! account, since Flickr is a division of Yahoo!. Once logged on, using the Yahoo! account information, the screen to the right will appear.  From this screen, the user can then set up a profile, upload photos and find fellow friends. These are only the basic functions of Flickr besides simply uploading photos.

Flickr has many unique applications throughout its site that helps categorize it as "certainly the best photo management and sharing application in the world" according to Caterina Fake, one of the co-founders to Flickr. The special features that Flickr has to offer to each user enable the user to successfully share their creative abilities with the world and to organize the photographs in a set manner. The following discusses the unique applications that Flickr offers:

FlickrMail - In today's Web 2.0 world, electronic mail is a universal aspect of the internet. However, any email that is received on your Flickr account is also sent to your Yahoo! account. In addition, you do not need to remember the email address of your recipient. Instead, you select who the email is being addressed to from your list of contacts. This is very beneficial in the way if the email in the Flickr account is deleted, then there is another copy of it in the Yahoo! account. 1
Groups - Although Flickr is known for its photo-sharing capabilities, it has a unique feature of building networks and relationships with other users who share a common interest. This feature offers a search engine where you simply type in keywords that describe the interest, and within a few seconds, hundreds of groups are found that have this common interest. The group feature offers the ability to browse photographs from other users, add comments or annotations to the photographs, and has a discussion board for members of the group to chat with one another. 1

Contacts - With this feature, the user can search for family or friends that also have Flickr accounts, can list who is in the user's network, or the user can personally invite other friends who have yet to create a Flickr account. In addition, the user can be notified when any contact has recent uploads of photographs for the user to browse and comment on. 1

Privacy Settings- The user has the option for any photograph to be either available to the public eye or only available for the user to view. In addition, the user can select other privacy settings of who can view the photographs, meaning the user can allow only certain users to view the photographs. 1

The Commons- This is one of the newest features that has been recently added to Flickr to allow the public to view archives of historical photographs. Flickr has created a partnership with the Library of Congress in which 3,100 images are available for the public. The public has access to these collections of historical photographs, and can add any comments to the photographs that may enhance the knowledge about that time era 8

Table of Contents

II. How Flickr relates to other applications

II.1 How to Join

Table of Contents

II.2 Comparison to Competitors

Although Flickr is "almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world 1, there are other Web 2.0 applications that are quite similar with a few differences.

One such Web 2.0 application is Picasa, a photo organizing and editing application owned by Google. Picasa has many similar features to Flickr, such as creating web albums, sharing photographs with friends, family or for anyone to view, add tags to each photograph, and search through photographs of public albums. However, the main difference between Picasa and Flickr, is Picasa is completely free to download and use. This application has 1 gigabyte of free storage, which can store about 4,000 wallpaper-size photos. With Flickr, a user can only create 3 photo albums for free. If a user wants to create more albums, then the user must upgrade to a FlickrPro account for $24.95 a year. In addition, Flickr is more of a social networking site than Picasa. 15

Another similar Web 2.0 application is CyWorld, which has been in existence since 1999. Currently, this application is used frequently in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States. Eventually, CyWorld will be introduced in Europe, South America, and India. Cyworld has very similar features to Flickr by being a social networking site that offers connecting with friends by joining clubs, uploading and sharing both photos and videos, and personalizing a profile. 9

Table of Contents

II.3 Unique Uses By using Flickr teachers can post pictures of project that they have arranged for their students to complete.  Flickr provides teachers with an opportunity to share information in a whole new way.

Table of Contents

III. Real World Applications

Below are more specific examples of ways to use Flickr in your occupation. For teachers particularly, there are four separate categories of elementary, junior high, high school or college level. Within those sections there are sample lesson plans of how to use Flickr in the educational classroom setting and Flickr in their daily studies.

Table of Contents

III.1 Educational Lesson Plans

i. Elementary
(1) English: Writing a Narrative

Description: 3rd grade students will search for different animal pictures on Flickr, and then use the pictures that they found to create a story.  Each student will then be able to present their story to the class along with the different pictures that they found.

Objective: Students will work on a computer to find different pictures of different wildlife that inhabit Indiana.  They will use Flickr, an online site to find their pictures and create a narrative based on their newly acquired pictures.

Writing Narrative (DOC)

^Lesson Plans- Flickr_Elem_NonSTEM.pdf

(2) Science: Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Description:Students will observe how a butterfly eggs transform to caterpillars, and then into a butterfly.  Throughout the process students will take pictures each day of the progression, and write their observations into journals.  The journals will then be discussed in class so if anyone has questions they can be answered.

Objective: Each student will be able to better understand how a butterfly evolves from being a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Butterfly Life Cycle (DOC)

^Lesson Plans- Flickr_Elem_STEM.pdf

Table of Contents
ii. Secondary
(1) English: Wuthering Heights

Description: Students will read Wuthering Heights, discuss themes and characters.  After finishing the novel students will get into groups and create posters with pictures that they have uploaded to Flickr, and present their posters to the class.

Objective: Read the novel Wuthering Heights, review summary of the novel's plot, and major characters, analyze a theme, and teach the theme as a unit to the class.

Wuthering Heights (DOC)

^Lesson Plans-Flickr_Sec_NonSTEM.pdf

(2) Science: Compost Pile (STEM)

Description:Students will be able to create their own compost pile after making their on in their science class.  Students will also photograph organic material that is being put into the compost, and continue to photograph how the compost decomposes.

Objective: Following this activity, students will be able to describe the process of composting, explain why composting is important to the environment, and obtain knowledge to set up a composting program at home.

Compost Pile (DOC)

^Lesson Plans-Flickr_Sec_STEM.pdf 

Table of Contents
iii.Post Secondary
(1)Science: Chemistry (STEM)

Description:When students first start taking chemistry in order to learn more about the periodic table, teachers or professors can create a project using flickr so that students can upload pictures of elements in their natural state.

Objective: Students will learn about the first few elements and discover how they look in their natural form such as helium in balloons, oxygen in air tanks, etc.

[Periodic Table (DOC)|^Flickr Freshman Periodic Table.doc]

[Periodic Table (PDF)|^Flickr Freshman Periodic Table.pdf]

(2)Language: English, Spanish, etc

Description: When students take a language course such as english or spanish, many times they read stories or discuss places in countries that have those languages.  A teacher may make a project where students are able to upload pictures that they have taken which conencide with what they are learning at the time in their class.  Such as spanish food for a spanish class, or sushi food for watching an anime movie.

Objective: The objective is to help students relate what they are learning in class to things that then encounter everyday.

[Language (DOC)|^Flickr Freshman English.doc]

[Language (PDF)|^Flickr Freshman English.pdf]

Table of Contents

III.2 Busines/Industry

Flickr is a useful application in the business setting that allows access to the world through both photographs and videos. For example, if an employee is in another part of the world, then they can easily upload photos or videos to share his or her progress with the company. In addition, information that needs to remain private can be uploaded onto Flickr by changing the privacy settings to limit who can view the information. Any information that is uploaded onto Flickr is copyrighted by the creator. Thus, if the creator feels any information that has been used without consent, the Yahoo! Copyright Agency can be contacted.

Here are links to view examples of how companies are currently using Flickr in the business setting:

Table of Contents

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Many times when students are able to express themselves through photographs or drawings they open up more, and become more involved in the class subject.  By using Flickr teachers are able to present material to their students in a different visual way.  Many times visual aids help students understand subjects better than any other type of teaching method.

Table of Contents

V. How Flickr is Used Internationally

Flickr can be used for many global uses. It can be used in both schools and the work place to share photos throughout the world. It allows one user to upload photographs in one part of the world, and another user to view them on the opposite end of the world. For example, photographers can upload pictures on one side of the world and their boss or editor can view them right away.  This is an excellent asset for companies with branches all over the world or with field agents. 

Flickr is currently being used in classrooms all across the world to gain a further insight into different cultures and to enhance educational learning by being a teaching tool. In Japan, a class is currently using Flickr to learn the English language. The teacher has students upload photographs onto their profile, and then describe each photograph in English. By integrating Flickr into the curriculum, this allows the students to link the English language visually.[2] In New Zealand, a class is using Flickr to study structures from around the world. With this project, the class shares the photographs with students who are doing the same project in other parts of the world. To learn more about this specific example of global usage of Flickr, follow the hyperlink to view the New Zealand class:[13]

Although Flickr has been in existence since 2004 and has become a popular photo-sharing application, Flickr has yet to fully develop in certain countries. One specific country is Korea. Until a year ago, the usage of Flickr was blocked. Since Flickr was just introduced in Korea, it has yet to gain in popularity, as other photo-sharing applications such as CYWorld. [9] However, other countries have completely banned Flickr due to controversial photos of religious or political views.[11]

Table of Contents

VI. References

[1]. ^Flickr

[2]. ^personal email from Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr

[3]. ^Flickr on Wikipedia

[4]. ^Flickr: Search for a group - teacherFlickr: Search for a group - teacher

[5]. ^The Commons of Flickr

[6]. ^"Setting Up Flickr," Instructional videos by Robert Woerner

[7]. ^"Setting Up Profile," Instructional videos by Robert Woerner

[8]. ^7 Things You Should Know About... Flickr

[9]. ^Cyworld

[10]. ^Flickr: Tell a story in 5 frames (Visual story telling)

[11]. ^Media Shift. YouTube, Flickr Become Forces for Cultural Change 

[12]. ^About Flickr

[13]. ^Pt England School, Auckland, NZ - Around the World in Eighty Day

[14]. ^My students on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

[15]. ^Picasa

Table of Contents

VII. Search

Didn't find what you are looking for? Search confluence!

Table of Contents


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    ----I would like this section by Friday,November 14th because the FINAL draft is due next Wednesday, November 19th (that does not give you much time to find information about this)

    Secondly, roles. I know you guys have chosen the following roles:

    Designer--go through the confluence pages and create the project into one wiki chapter. You will notice that there is a new page titled" Final draft". Our wiki chapter of Flickr has to look like a Wikipedia page (if you do not know what Wikipedia looks like, search it on the internet).

    Presenter---as much as I would love for you to be there for the presentation, I was thinking that you guys could make a video talking about how Flickr could be used in a Korean classroom and show examples. This video would be played during the showcase night. I know earlier I had talked about having you guys there via computer but that is going to be too difficult and very early for you(smile) If you don't know/want to make the video (even though I would LOVE having it) please let me know as soon as possible.

    Evaluator---this role is to go through the final draft of the Flickr chapter and look for grammar errors, clarity on the ideas, and organization. If you found any of these things, you would fix it. This would be done next Tuesday, November 18th.

    I hope this cleared up some things. Let me know if you have any questions(smile)

    Project Manager

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      thanks for your kindness.

      I'll do my best.

      Have a nice day *^^* 

      1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

        I am glad that you like my humor(smile)  Can you let me know by Friday (USA day) if you are going to make a video or not?  I need to know because I have to get the equipment to show the video.

         Thanks for doing a good job so far(smile)

        Also, if you decide to create an account on Flickr my contact name is pu7crew.  From my profile, you can add all the other US group members as contacts as well.  Also, you can enjoy some of the photographs I have uploaded.

        Have a GREAT day(smile)

        1. Contact on Flickr is a good idea!!! actually I created on Flickr but I was not familiar with that website so confused little bit. If we all contact on Flickr, it would be helpful to Korean member because we're not familiar with Flickr. I'm gonna add you as a friend!!

    2. Hi ^^ katelin ~

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  18. Hi~ Katelin (smile)

    I saw our team's final draft and I'm sorry that I didn't helpful TT

    We(Korean students) will discuss about making video and I'll tell you soon.


  19. Unknown User (knweston)

    Can anyone give us new ideas about how flickr is used globally...  We have a good idea about it but need some more imput on it... Thanks for your help!


    1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

      hey kristy....i just put an email on the global outline page...check it out. It is from an email I just received(smile)

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  21. Hi!

    after our discussion,we made conclusion that we should fix our plan cuz korean don't use flickr as well.

    you told me to search how the flickr is used in korea.

    ( there are similar system in korea such as 'cyworld' or something else.)

    so we have open mind how you think.

    plz help manager T_T

    1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

      Hi Rebecca! I did receive some information on how Flickr is used (sort of) in Korea. IN addition, we found some other information on where it is found globally. I don't know what you would like my help on. However, I was wondering if you guys were going to go ahead and make a video or not? If so, it needs to be completed by the end of this week (Friday, USA day) in order to get it here in time for the Showcase.

      let me know if you have any questions(smile)
      Have a great weekend!!

      Project Manager

      1. hi manager

        so we could make videos about cyworld that is similar to flickr in korea?

        then what we should put in the videos?

        1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

          Hi there! In the video, you could first talk about why Flickr is not well known. Then show/explain other applications that are similar to Flickr (such as Cyworld). I think interviewing fellow students who use these applications would be very interesting. Ask the students what they use the applications for, why they like it, and is it used currently to do class projects. If so, how? These are some interesting questions that you could answer plus more.

          Does this help any??

          Project Manager

          1. Hi Katelin !

            We all checked your mail from Erin, finally we got it ^^ Thanks ~

            We have one more question.

            How long will it take to play video we made in show case?

            We promise to send you a video until this friday. (american time)

            Don't worry (smile)  Bye !!

            1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

              We will be playing the video continuously throughout the showcase.  The video can be how ever long as you want to make it.  I was thinking between five and ten minutes long.

              Can't wait to see it(smile)


  22. First of all I would like to say I like your wiki a lot. I was wonder how were you able to put all that text next to your photos like that. Every time I try it, it wont let me put any text next to the photo, only underneath and above. Thank you!!

    Tumblr Group

  23. We sent e-mail to you .

     Please check it .

    1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

      Hi! I received your email but I was unable to view the video.

      I did receive your information about other applications like Flickr. THANKS(smile) Can you maybe send the video in a different format/program?

      Thanks for doing it(smile)


      1. Hi Katelin !!

        We don't know what is a problem exactly, but can you try to change the file name to ewha-purdue.wmv?

        I think 'ewha-purdue.avi ' has the problem.

        If it still has a problem, we try to look for other ways as soon as possible.

        Sorry !!

        1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

          Hi there! I tried to upload the video in a different program but I could not. Perhaps ask your professor/teacher a good way to send the video to me. Thanks for making it though!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!

          Just so you guys know, from this Wednesday through Sunday (USA days) Purdue University is on Thanksgiving Break. So, I will be at home and will have limited access to the internet/communication with you guys. I did not want you to think I was ignoring your emails for a few days.

          Hope your weekend is going well!!(smile)


          1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

            If everyone could double-check the "Credits" section to make sure I spelled their name right, that would be great(smile)

            1. Names are right so don't worry about them,

              I'm really worried about whether video file could be availalbe or not.

              TT anyway hope you have great Thanksgiving day.

  24. Hi, we're trying to solve playing video problem. we don't know what the problem is exactly but we're asking my professor now so we can get solution as soon as possible.

    We were really happy that we made it though but I'm sorry to hear the error of playing. I hope our video can be played even there! we will give you another version of video using different type program. we're gonna send it to you soon. bye =))))

  25. Hi~ Katelin,

    I sent e-mail to you and I attatched video which use the other file name extension (wmv.)

    please check it and answer to me as soon as possible.


    1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

      Hey guys! I tried to open the video with the wmv program but was still unsuccessful. I have also asked my teaching assistant about this. So hopefully we will be able to watch the video soon(smile) Thanks for putting the video together!! I bet is is awesome(smile)

      Just so you know, I will be unable to have access to the Internet until this Sunday, November 26 (USA time) due to being on Thanksgiving break and not having Internet at home. Hopefully by Sunday, the video has been figured out.

      Thanks for all of your hard work(smile)


      1. oh no~ we just hope our video dosen't make any error in playing. =) The video chaehoon sent was short version. we wanted to know whether the wmv program works or not. If it works, we would change avi video to wmv video file. Just let me know if it works! I wish you guys saw our video(smile)

        One more, I got your email. actually we're supposed to present in our Korean class about our project on Dec 8. so we want to use some of your pictures. is it allowed to use them? =) If you want, we would send our ppt file for presentation after we finish. =)

        1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

          Hi Erin!  Sorry, I haven't gotten back to you sooner.  Right now, I am still having trouble opening the video up but my teaching assistant is helping with the situation.  So as soon as the video works, I will let you know!  Can't wait to see it(smile)


  26. Hi manager. How was your holiday?

    we're gonna have a presentation at 12/8 Mon. about what we did with you guys.

    1. we MUST make sure of you to see the video.

    so we'll send you the file with various player programs as much as possible until you could see it.

    It would be very helpful to tell me what player program is used in US.

    2. I want to know whether cyworld is popular in US.

    I heard cyworld US is not used so much compared to that in korea and I 'd like to know why it is.

    (like very few people in korea is using/knowing Flickr)

    we're gonna make a presentation by comparing Flickr and Cyworld.

     3. Did we create some ideas about how the Flickr is used in educational way?

     I guess we need this part to make better project so how about thinking of that?

    I hope you perfectly get what I want to tell you.

    If you have any questions or something else, please reply me without hesitation.

    Thanks (smile)

    1. Hi !! katelin (smile)

      I add another things.

      If you can't see the video in the end, we can post other datas(photos and material that we have) about Global Usage.

      Please tell us what is happening as soon as possible.

      I really really hope you can see the video.

      Thanks (smile)

      1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

        Hi Ja Ja and Kim!  Right now, the wiki chapter about Flickr is completely finished.  We have been reviewed/evaluated by a class in Canada and have already made those changes, so the wiki chapter is good to go.  You do not need to add any data about the Global usage due to we have been review for that section and was told it was good.

        In addition, my teaching assistant has been able to open the video, but I have yet to view the video myself.  In answer is CyWorld popular in the US--no, it is not.  I have never heard of CyWorld until you guys mentioned it to me.  As to the reason why, I am not too sure but probably due to the fact that there are over 500 Web 2.0 applications available.

        Hope this helps.

        Katelin Muesing 

        1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

          Hi! So, I just wanted to let you know that I watched the video, but I only saw the first 30 seconds of it.

  27. Hi thank you for answering me.

    and It's very HAPPY to us that you could see the video (smile)(smile)(smile)

    we sent a part of the file

    so if you could know

    how to open the video, we'll send the whole file tonight.

    please check it ASAP

    1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

      I got the whole video file and watched it. I really like the interviews and the ending about the results. Overall, you guys did a GREAT job!!! I am going to try very very very hard to use it tonight in the presentation(smile)

      GOOD JOB(smile)


  28. Unknown User (kmuesing)

    To the international partners:

    I just wanted to let you know that our presentation on last Thursday, Dec. 4th went very well. We had lots of people come and talk to us about our presentation and many found your video very interesting!! It was great idea to have both your language and the English language subtitles; it helped people follow along with the video(smile) Just so you know, we were one of the few groups that had a video from our international partners.

    Thank you for all of your work on the video(smile)


    1. oh that's good.

      We're gonna make a presentation 

      from 3:30p.m. today.

      I just want you to know that it was a great experience for all of us .

      The hard process to make the video, and waiting for you guys to see it

      and using english with poor fluency .

      there are so many things during this project and so we(juja, heejoon, erin and rebecca) could be

      closer than ever and I believe it'll be defintely precious thing to my life.

      Thank you.

  29. Wow!!!! awesome!!!! was it sure we did great job? wow!!! (smile)  and.. also I told u our purdue members would have great presentation in showcase! (remeber I wrote the mail hahaha) so ALL we did good job!!!!!!!!!

    I wish all our members were in showcase!! hahahahahahah

    Finally, we will have presentation what we've done on wiki with you guys in class today! I'm very excited!!!!!

    1. Unknown User (kmuesing)

      Well, I hope your presentation went well(smile)