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Flypaper (Click link to return to the main WIKI page)

Brief Project Description:

This project was developed for the following reasons:

  • To get students to examine, explore, and investigate various types of Web 2.0 technologies, as well as discover ways to use those tools to enhance teaching and learning.
  • To have students work on a real-world, team-based problem where they need to develop skills of communication and cooperation in order to create and deliver the needed wiki repository outcome.
  • To have students gain a more global perspective, by including team members from universities around the world.
  • To develop a practical tool that helps anyone at any time and location review, compare, and select effective Web 2.0 tools.

Group Member Introductions:

*Please provide a brief introduction about yourself. Feel free to include a picture!

<Insert Introductory Information>

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  1. Unknown User (hogan)

    Hey i'm Ben Hogan. I'm from Richmond, Indiana and currently attend Purdue University. I really dont know what to put on here so just feel free to ask me any questions.

  2. Unknown User (jsteuer)

    Hey. I'm Justin Steuer. I am from Milan, Indiana. I have recently graduated from The Art Institute of Cincinnati-Ohio for graphic design and now currently attending Purdue University for Art Education with emphasis on design. Feel free to email me any questions.

  3. Unknown User (efaggett)

    Hi, I'm Emily Faggetti.  I'm from Thorntown, Indiana.  I'm a Freshman at Purdue majoring in Elementary Education.  If you have any questions just send me an email. 

  4. Unknown User (kstrause)

    Hey, I'm Kira Strauser. I am from Wolcott, Indiana and commute everyday. I am currently attending Purdue University for Early Intervention which is for newborn-3 year old kids (so this class is pretty pointless for me). Feel free to ask me any questions.

  5. Unknown User (kfaulkn)

    Hello all! I am a freshman here at Purdue. I grew up right outside Lafayette, Indiana and come from a long line of Boilermakers. I am pursuing a degree in Elementary Education but could see myself working in many vocations, not limited to an actual school. I love children and could see myself working in an orphanage someday. I’m trying learn Spanish, hoping to study abroad, and enjoy trying new things.

  6. Unknown User (bsboyer)

    Hi, I am Brian Boyer. I see you all figured out how to introduce yourselves on the wiki. If you didn't know, I will be your project manager for project 2. I am from Bloomington, Indiana. I am easy to get along with, so don't be afraid to ask me anything. If you do have any questions, just send me an email or find me in class. I hope this will be a successful project and that it will go smoothly :)

  7. Hello,I'm FuShirong. I am in China. I major in educational technology.And I like to explore novel things, such as the  emerging technological applications. I am happy to attend this program.