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What is Fotoll?

Fotoll is a website where you can create your own opinion polls and surveys, and then share them with everyone who surfs through the site. You can find polls on anything from [ Important historical figures ] to [ Are miracles possible?]. After creating a poll, people can vote and comment on them making it easy to start interesting discussions and to see what the world thinks. A great thing about the polls is the fact that you vote by clicking on a picture. This gives users an easy understanding on what they are voting on and a feel of interaction within the world.


Table of Contents

History of Fotoll 

Development and Purpose

 Fotoll was developed in August 2008. It was created by EJ Beard, Holly McGraw, Ashley Arnold, Bryce Burgess, Kelsey Bonewit, Kayla Kerker, Su-ji Lee, Seo Eun, Seulbi Lee, and Yejeon Kim. It was purchased through and is currently owned by Yinan Wang (6). There are several purposes for the development of this application. It was developed to allow people to express their opinions towards certain topics based on other people's pictures and polls. Members can also gain feedback from others by creating their own poll. It was also designed to be easy to use, in which case it certainly is. It takes no time at all to set up an account, and the voting process for the polls is done by simply clicking on a picture, which saves time and hassel. The website itself was also designed to be very simple. It is easy to naviagte through which makes the whole process much smoother.h4.

How Fotoll works

Creating an account on Fotoll takes about less than a minute. All you need is an email address, a password, and a creative username and you have an account. When you go to the website,, there is a link at the top right hand corner that says join. Once you click on that link, just enter in the appropriate information in the text boxes and click get started. Now you are ready to start creating polls and voting on others.

Members will log into their accounts and upload pictures to represent their polls. Let's say you wanted to create a poll to see what people thought about Italian food versus Mexican food. All you would have to do is upload pictures based on these two topics to create your poll. Once this is done, other members can see your poll and then they are able to vote on their favorite by clicking on the appropriate picture (Italian or Mexican). They may then also post their opinions about their decision in the comments section for you to read. If you need immediate feedback on something, Fotoll is a great application to use. It is also very easy to use and free! 

Below is an example of one of the polls. Users are voting on which internet browser they prefer and leaving comments about their decision.

Educational Lesson Plans

Here are some examples of how to incorporate Fotoll into your classroom for all ages.


What's your favorite color?

Animal Kingdom (STEM Based)

Significant U.S. President

Introduction to American Sign Language

Introduction to American Sign Language


Leaves (STEM based) 

Famous Artwork Emulation

Student Government Election

From Sheep To Sweater

From Sheep to Sweater

Post Secondary

Genetics (STEM based) 

Artwork Critique

Current Issue Discussion

Countries and Their Famous Documents

Countries and Their Famous Documents

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Fotoll vs. Other Applications is a website new to the internet that offers a new use for digital images.  Unlike websites like,,, or, not only shares photos, but it allows its users to make polls based on photos.  Contrary to other websites that often use a data base, this website keeps track of the most recent polls as well as the most popular. Again, the polls are very unique because not a lot of the editing and sharing websites have created a forum based operation. This allows issues to be addressed not only in pictures, but in current events.  One example from the website is the poll "Mac or PC." This does not necessarily require the use of the photo, but allows easy and almost instantaneous results of a survey that would be very time consuming to conduct. It opens avenues for expeirments and curiosity. 

Many of the popular picture sharing and editing websites are very interactive.  For example, gives the users the option of creating a slideshow with the photos on the website, and backs up digital images for the user (2,5). is unique because it is a website all about getting other people’s opinions about the photos posted on the website.  There is also a neworking system to invite your friends and ask their opinions.  Your name is also listed next to the poll, so you get credit for the polls you create. This is useful because if you are familiar with one of the users, or just like their polls, you can follow the polls he/she specifically created.  This website is innovative in the way it allows users to interact.  Its applications are comparible to those of myspace or facebook, in that not only can the website be used for poll taking, but as a tool for social networking.  With the option of leaving comments, exceeds its pictoral limitations and becomes multidimensional.

Unique ways to use Fotoll is a way to vote by simply clicking on pictures. Fotoll can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used in the fields of education, entertainment, business, and personal use. For example, in the educational field, a teacher could post a poll of two different textbooks that he or she wants to use in their classroom, but is unsure which book is better. Other teachers could get on and vote for which textbook they think the teacher should buy. In the entertainment field, someone could post which artist gives a better live performance. In a business aspect, a company wants to sell a new product and wants to get feedback from consumers. They can post two pictures of their top two products to see which one gets the most votes. And for personal use, someone could post two pictures of hair styles they want to get. They want their friends to vote on which hair style looks the best.  

Here are a couple of examples of completely different topics used on Fotoll to demonstrate that there are endless ways to go about using this website.                                      

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Using Fotoll Within Your Business

 ----Fotoll has its unique ways of being used. Fotoll could even be used in a business setting. Suppose you have five different design plans for a building that needs to be built, but you don't know how your fellow co-workers feel about it. By using Fotoll, you can put up the five pictures of the desired plans and layouts that need to be asked by your co-workers and they can vote on it. They can then add their comments on why they choose that business design and then you can proceed from there.

In 1999, Crayola Crayon Company wanted to rename the color “Indian Red” (8). They conducted the survey for the new name by asking the question on the crayon box. Another way the company could have gone about the situation was posting the color on Fotoll and have the public comment on what they thought the name should be. By posting the question on Fotoll, the company could receive the opinion of the entire world. Although at the time Fotoll didn't exsist, this is a very good example of how it could have been used in business setting.

Fotoll would be an excellent way for companies to gain feedback from either the public or from co-workers if they were planning to change their logo or slogan. The new ideas could be posted onto Fotoll in a picture format and anyone could look through them and pick their favorite and also post comments as to why they  chose any particular one. Here is how Google used Fotoll to recieve the opinion of the world for their logo during the Olympic games.

                                              Choose your favorite Google Logo for the Olympic Games



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Using Fotoll Internationally 

Fotoll is easily accessed over the web and anyone can become a member. Fotoll has many international possibilities, 39.8% of U.S. citizens access the site while 4.9% residents of Puerto Rica use the site and the rest of the world accounts to 56.3% of the users (6). Making voting easier considering all the different languages members vote simply by clicking on a photo.  Most of the polls are the type of polls that are asking the question, which item, style, or plan is better. So someone can still vote even if they are unsure of what the questions are asking and by that statement, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  A second way that Fotoll can be used internationally is by posting questions that involve current issues.  An example would be global warming, given the fact that is an issue concerning the entire world.  Fotoll is an easy tool to use when you want a wide variety of opinions over any given topic.Click here to view statisitcs that our international partners gathered from their fellow students at EWHA Women's University in South Korea: International Research  These are two videos made by our international partners from EWHA Women's University in South Korea. They will show how Fotoll can be used in the classroom as well as how to use the website for this particular lesson plan.   ||


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Relating Fotoll to Current Events 

The strongest impact that Fotoll could have on current educational value would be that it is a very easy tool to generate classroom discussions over any given topic. Because of the way it is set up, users are able to post comments about why they voted on some things rather than others, and this could be integrated into a classroom setting on currents topics such as the war in Iraq, or even the presidential election of 2008. This would probably work best in a high school or college setting. Teachers could post two opposing arguments about a current event and students could vote on which they are in favor of and post their reasoning and explanation of their choice. Once all of the students had completed this task, a classroom discussion could be generated using all of the votes and comments that were made.Below is an example of people voting on which Presidential candidate they wanted to win from the 2008 election. This is also a great example of how teachers could use Fotoll to generate classroom discussions.                                          

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