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Hey everyone!! This will be the new spot for our Internation Partners to share their comments. We are doing our research on FreeScreencast, so any information you find about this application, please post it here with a brief summary of why it is important and useful.

Team 19 members are:

Ronnie Slavens (Project Manager)

Justin Dinius

Wesley Powell

Nathan Riley

Amanda Glotzbach

David Sutkowski

Zack Zerbee

JiHye (Veronica) Park

Jieun Yoon

Seul Ah Jung

Minseon Kim

I have given everyone a certain role for this project and I emailed you all a copy of what each role consists of. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!

I look forward to working with all of you!!! :)

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  1. Ronnie want us to use skype or MSN so that we can make on-line conference

    i think using MSN would be better

    you have to make id at

    and this is the site you can download MSN messanger :)

    if you have language problem, plz contact me or send me an e-mail. this is my e-mail address :)

    i check my mail everyday

    and 010 2288 4223 this is my phone number. text me anytime this is my id at nateon

    jhp819@hotmail.comc this is my MSN id

    you should have reply to my text today,(two of you) :(

    EVERYONE in this class IS BUSY

    you have to manage you time wisely !

    be active here

    reply to Ronne's mail right now.

    and make an introduction of you.

  2. For Prof.Park

    JiHye Veronica : V
    MinSeon : M
    Seul Ah : S
    Ji Eun : J

    Usually V and Ronnie communicated via E mail about this project
    11/3, 11/5, 11/5, 11/6, 11/9, 11/13, 11/14, 11/17, 11/19, 11/22
    V sent some opinions that are come up in her team. We shared someinformation,ideas and files on this project.

    10/30-11/17 S mailed to Ronnie 3 times and got replied 4 times about this project.

    11/3 V said hi on Wiki (but erased because of the Q&A session)

    11/5 V said hi again and questioned about a flv file on Wii

    11/5 V said about skype or MSN communication on Wiki Int'l page

    11/9 V checked that we can write in Korean on Intl page

    11/7 S said hi on Wiki

    11/7 M said hi on Wiki (cannot find the date correctly, but you can find on Wiki)

    11/7 J said hi on Wiki (but erased because of the Q&A session)

    11/8 V replied to S's writing

    11/12 V said sth about the Q&A on Wiki

    11/12 S said sth about the Q&A on Wiki

    11/20 J had a conversation with Ronnie on Skype and solve the problem about a video file format.