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How to Begin Using Picasa:

      Picasa is very simple to start and work. To start using it, one has to dowload Picasa from Picasa. It is a free download and will only take a few minutes. Once downloaded, Picasa will automatically search the users computer for all the pictures and videos that have been saved onto the computer. Picasa then will organize the pictures and videos by the date they were uploaded and store them in the photo library. Once Picasa has all of the pictures and videos, the user then can edit, organize, and share the photos with little to no trouble at all. Picasa takes care of everything, but leaves the creativity up to you. 

Video Showing How to Download Picasa

Video Showing How to Import Pictures into Picasa

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    Google has a very helpful Picasa Help Center that answers a lot of questions. I looked and found that it tells you all of the keyboard shortcuts, how to change the language, and the different types of files you can use.

     Go to this link and Click the links under "Using Picasa"