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Signing up.

It is very easy to get signed up on REMEMBER THE MILK. After reaching Remember The Milk click on the blue box that says "Signup Now!" Then a page like the one below will load. Proceed to fill in the requested information, including a unique user name and password. RTM offers some suggestions. If you want a more interactive planning system, you can sign up for RTM Pro which has a $25 annual fee.[4]

If you want to learn more about RTM without getting an account, check out the different topics on their website. They have a blog and forums that allow you to see how other people use RTM and have Frequently Asked Questions that include descriptions and some demos.[6]

Overview Page.

Once you have signed up, the overview screen will appear. This tab always appears when you first log in, although you can change it so that it loads your task page first instead. The overview page also contains a link to print off a weekly planner. The overview screen organizes your tasks into three categories shown by the three tabs:Today, Tomorrow, and Overdue. It is a view only page of your tasks and there are not any changes that can be made.

Adding Tasks.

In order to add tasks or make changes, click on the tasks link in the top right corner. This is the screen where you can enter all of your tasks. The default tabs on the tasks page are Inbox, Personal, Study, Work, Sent, and All Tasks. These are the lists in which you can organize your tasks. Once you choose a list to add a task to, click on "add task" or type "t". This brings up a new row to add your task. After adding your task, a box to the left of your list allows you to get specific and edit information such as due date, location, etc.  If you need to add even more information about a task, then you can also add a note.
Go to for a tutorial.

Changing Your Lists.

If you don't like the default task lists, you can personalize them to better fit your needs. Click on the settings link in the top right corner. Then choose the Lists tab. Here you can add as many lists as you would like and delete those you don't want. The only ones that are permanent are the Inbox and Sent lists. The nice thing is if you have a task in a list that you delete, it automatically gets sent to your Inbox list.

Inbox and Sent Lists.

The permanent lists, Inbox and Sent, are useful if you want to use a contact list. On the contact list you can add email addresses or other users on RTM. Then you can send tasks to or share tasks with your contacts, if they have also added you as a contact. You can also organize your contacts into groups if you would like.

The Inbox can be used for different things. It can contain tasks that other users have sent or shared with you, tasks you've emailed to your own Inbox, and tasks that you have sent using Twitter. Tasks off of lists that you delete also go onto your Inbox list. If you add a task while viewing All Tasks, then your task gets added to the Inbox list.

Tasks that you have sent to other RTM users will automatically be put on your Sent list.

Mooore Organization.

There are many more ways to organize your to-do lists. Not only can you have them categorized by subject through your different lists, you can create tags to specify tasks even more! If you need to organize your study tasks into more specific terms, you can tag them with "engl 241", "reading", "online", or "research".  This can help you search for tasks more easily and organize your to-do list even more! By setting priorities you can also organize your lists.  RTM color codes them so you know which ones you need to focus on.


Get reminders sent to you through email, Twitter, or your cell phone.  Change your reminder settings under the settings tab.

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  1. Unknown User (jallison)

     Remember the Milk is a free service that can help you manage your daily tasks.  Getting started is very simple.  When you first arrive to there will be a blue box in the middle of the page that says "Signup Now!"  After clicking on this you will be promted to enter in some personal information.  The only information needed to sign up is your first and last name, and you also have to create a user name and password.

  2. Unknown User (millerla)

    you can get reminders sent to your phone. (under settings and then reminders)    you can change the type of 'task' or add as many as you would like. (under settings and then lists)

    you can search for specific tasks.

    your tasks never get deleted, instead once checked as cmpleted, you can see what you completed and when.

    also if you are a pen and paper type, you can print off their weekly planner.

  3. Unknown User (jallison)

    Once you have signed up for the free account and logged in the home page will come up and it will consist of three tabs that say, "today," "tomorrow," and "overdue."  You can view all that items that you have added for those particular days.  Here you can also view a weekly planner that can be printed off. 

    When adding task, you first need to click on the tasks link at the top of the page.  Once you have clicked on it a new page will appear.  Here you will see new tabs that say "personal," "study,"and "work."  You can organize you task into these catagories.  To add a task, just click on the tab you wish to list it under, then click on "add task" or just click "T" on your keyboard.  Enter in your task and then click enter.  A new box should appear on the right hand side so you can descriptive the information.  You can edit such things as due date, if you want it repeated, location, etc.  In this same place you can also click on the notes tab and add more information such as important deatails you need to remember about your homework assisnment. 

    One thing to note is that Remember the Milk automatically add a task under the personal tab.  "Try Out Remember the Milk" is marked an top priority.

  4. Unknown User (jallison)

    Prioritizing Your Task:

     You can edit how important each task is by clicking on the task, then typing 1, 2, or 3.  Remember the Milk will change the priority and the color beside each task. 


    There are several shortcuts that could help with the process of navigating through this website.  To view these shortcuts go to

  5. Unknown User (jfoegley)

    For the presentation one of us should add tasks to our account and show people who come to our table exactly how they can add tasks, prioritize, move information, and organize their plans. This will allow them to see how easy the site is to manage and keep everything in one source. (instead of using many different materials to stay in tune with post its, etc) Remember the milk puts everything together and is easily accessible...aspects we need to emphasize. Showing them how simple it can be will encourage more to sign up.

  6. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    when you want to add lists that apply to you can select "settings" tab and then the "lists" tab.  You can also have task reminders sent to you via email, text message, and instant messenger.  you can use it on different services such as an iPhone and instead of making that list to take to the grocery store you can bring it up right on your phone.  other services that you can use it with are google calender, twitter, and Gmail.  you can add contacts, make groups, and invite people into your group.  you can also make all of your lists and tasks public with other people.  it is in 18 different languages.  It also allows you to print out weekly planners.  you can prioritize your tasks by just typing 1,2,3 and so on.

  7. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    there are a lot of shortcuts that you can use to make things easier.

     t-add item to list                        s-change of tags             l-priority of tasks             h-switch tabs

    c-completed task                       u-URL change                a-select all tasks             m-multi-edit

    p-postpone a task by one day     l-change the location       n-select none                                                       there are a few more but this is just examples.

    d-due date change                     y-add notes                    k-move up cursor

    f-repeat change of task               r-rename tasks               j-move the cursor down

    g-time estimate change              z-undo tasks                  i-select an item

  8. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    with using the help toolbar it will allow you to find something that you are having trouble with and how to use it or set something up.

  9. Unknown User (jdisne00)

  10. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    Remember The Milk for Gmail is a Firefox extension that allows you to manage your tasks in Gmail (complete, postpone, and edit tasks), add new tasks (and connect them with your emails, contacts, and Google Calendar events), automatically add tasks for starred messages or specific labels, and much more!

  11. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    sends updates via sms, im, website, you can send direct private messages to your friends

  12. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    click on the Settings link on the top right of any page in RTM, and then click on the "Lists" tab. Here you can select any list to delete it, archive it, or set it as your default.

  13. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    Quickly search for tasks from RTM's search box, located on the upper right hand side of any RTM screen.  By default RTM only searches the main task line of currently undone tasks across all lists, not notes, completed or archived tasks. To extend your search (or narrow it by date or list), click on the "Show search options" link, which offers several input fields for narrowing your search results, as shown.

  14. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    it shows you if your name is okay or if someone has used it or its not allowed. 

    1. Unknown User (huang101)

      Great job! My suggestion is put a link of "back to home page" here.