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This page has been created and edited by Kevin Cross, Libby Weldon, Juliana Calderon, Jana Szabela, Colleen O'Keeffe, Nihal Erler, Selcan Kilis, Omer Aydin, Emre Golcek and Ahmet Levent Cakmak.

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This page has been created and edited by Kevin Cross, Libby Weldon, Juliana Calderon, Jana Szabela, Colleen O'Keeffe, Nihal Erler, Selcan Kilis, Omer Aydin, Emre Golcek and Ahmet Levent Cakmak.


Table of Contents">Table of Contents


I.1 What is Google Docs?
I.2 Purpose of Google Docs
I.3 How Google Docs Works


How Google Docs relates to other applications?
II.1 Comparison to Competitors
II.2 Unique Uses


Real World Application
III.1 Educational Lesson Plans
i. Elementary
ii. Secondary
iii. Post Secondary
III.2 Business/Industry


Demonstration of Educational Value


How Google Docs is used Internationally




Show Case



I.1 What is Google Docs?">I.1 What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a merging of Google and Tonic Systems. Tonic System, located in San Francisco, California, is a company that "develops automation products and solutions for document managers [2]. Both Google and Tonic System want to help people work together on projects online, for free. Tonic System is no longer accepting new customers or selling products, but will maintain their already existing accounts with their partners. Both teams have a lot to offer to Google Doc, Spreadsheets, and Presentation, we can look forward to seeing great things from this team in this new, free online tool. [2] They will be both working on Google Docs and making it better for student, teachers, and business people. [1]
Table of Contents

I.2 Purpose of Google Docs">I.2 Purpose of Google Docs

Why Google Docs?

Users have a chance to save, share and edit documents online using Google Docs; giving educators advantages by allowing them to collaborate with peers, save important documents online, access files universally.


Google Docs is a service supported by the search engine Google where anyone with an account can create, store and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This service allows people to work on their own or collaboratively, with the ability to import documents from MS Office or Open Office if needed.
"Google Docs is a Web 2.0 technology tool that enables collaboration." Says Rick Lillie, an Accounting Professor at California State University. [3] "A great feature is the ability to save a document in a variety of formats including Adobe Acrobat's .pdf format. It's free and can be used with other Web 2.0 tools to empower the collaboration process."

Beginning in February 2007 all Google users had were allowed access to Google Docs, which has many of the same abilities as MS Word or Writer. Due to advancing capabilities Google Docs has made a huge impact on internet communication and collaboration. The goal of Google is to consolidate the knowledge of the World Web and make it reachable for everyone. The creation of Google Apps has been a large step in that direction, Google Docs is even beginning to be seen as the most effective web applications for communication and collaboration [4].

Google Docs is a web based word processor that has the same capabilities as MS Word, and uses the internet to operate. Using Google Docs people can create and edit documents online, collaborating with other users in real time. Accessibility to Google Docs is not limited to the creator of the document but the creator has the option to make their document accessible to everyone the web, or the creator can choose to restrict access to any documents that you do not want others to viewing or editing.  Google Docs has the capability to allow international communication by allowing multiple people to collaborate on the same document in real time, no matter where they are in the world. [4].

Through Google Docs anyone can produce documents, spread sheets and presentations. Google Docs also allows you to email your work, and like a wiki will automatically save your work to the Google server so you can be assured that data loss will be prevented, and all history of corrections will be saved on the server. The ability to tag documents to save them as archives is also available. You can view, edit and create files by yourself, with a team, an organization, or just for personal use [4].

Google Docs has become an international tool used all over the world to establish better work efficiency and easier collaboration. It is becoming ever more popular in educational fields, becoming more fashionable with students and teachers giving them the ability collaborate on homework and study without leaving the comfort of their own homes. [4].

Google Docs has become a major help to small businesses, giving them a resource that can be used for inexpensive and easy communication. Google Docs helps teams of co-workers collaborate on projects and increase their information on presentations in an inexpensive and easy way, helping them to save  time and increase their work efficiency [4].

Table of Contents

Great Useful Features!

Auto save for forms

Any changes made to the document will automatically be saved every minute, saving the writer time and energy and eliminating the possibility of lost work.

Insert videos into your presentations

Through the "Insert Video" button, you can easily add any video to a project. 

Offline access

 With this feature, you can edit your documents without an internet connection. The changes are automatically saved to your browser as offline and saved by Google Docs the next time you connect to the Internet.

Most of Google Docs now in 40 languages

Google Docs is universal, supporting 40 different languages, including Arabic and Hebrew.

Save presentations as PDF

You can save and copy your documents in PDF format.    

Renaming docs and folders

Through the "Rename" option, you can easily rename your documents.   

View Google Docs on your mobile phone

To view your documents on your phone, you can access the website through your phone's web browser.

Table of Contents

I.3 How Google Docs Works">I.3 How Google Docs Works






In order to use the free web-based documents and tools in Google Docs you must have internet access. Once you have established an internet connection you can utilize Google Docs' word processing, spreadsheet and presentation capabilities. The biggest advantage of Google Docs is that the users can create, share and edit documents online in real time sending documents via email and edit through the web interface. Another advantage, Google Docs uses common file extensions such as '.doc' and '.xls' so these documents are accessible using MS Word or Writer.                                                                                                    

">Let's start to use Google Docs
  • Enter "" in a web browser.
  • If you already have a Google account, you can login immediately.                                                                       
  • If you do not have a Google account, you can create a new Google account simply by clicking on 'Create a new Google Account.'
 ">Creating a new document  
  • Just click on the New Document tab.

 ">Saving documents  

Just click on File in the top left corner, then click Save from the drop down menu or you can use the "Save now button on the top right of the screen or use the "CTRL + S" key combination. 

 ">Renaming documents  

Click on File in the top left corner, from there choose Rename in the drop down menu. 
Enter the new name for the document and click OK. 

 ">Basic Editing  

There are all sorts of formatting tools located within the Edit tab. 

">Tagging documents

Google docs uses tags to describe a file. You can use more than one tag to describe a file. Tags are at the right side of the File Name.

Click the Check Box next to the file which you want to tag. 

From the Tag menu, you click a New Tag or Existing Tag. Choosing Multiple Tags would make for easy organization amongst your files.  

Collaborating and sharing a document.

To share a document open the document you wish to share. 

Click Share in the top right corner and select an action, you can add people, e-mail your document as an attachment, or publish your document. After choosing an action you can also choose whether you want to invite people as viewers or collaborators, giving them the ability to edit the document.

Choose whether or not to write a short message and then click Send. 

 ">Publishing documents  

You can make your document open to the world by publishing it.
Click the Share button at the top-right side of the screen and select "Publish to the Web" from the drop down menu. 

 "> Printing documents  

To print a document click File in the top left corner of the screen and choose Print from drop down menu.

You can also print the document using Adobe Reader. To do this:
Click File, select Download from the drop down menu and PDF from the menu that appears.

Click OK, when you see the dialog box.

Then you can proceed normally in Adobe Reader to print the document.

 ">Copying documents  

Click File and choose "Make A Copy" from the drop down menu.

Click OK, when you face the confirmation dialog box.  

 ">Chatting with other users  

When more than one person is logged into Google Docs and viewing your document the users name will appear in the top right of the document, click on their name and the chat will drop down under their name. The dialog box will appear at the bottom of the screen and your conversation will appear above that.


Here's a quick introduction to Google Docs.

Table of Contents

II.1 Comparison to Competitors">II.1 Comparison to Competitors


Google Docs is quickly becoming a common alternative to Microsoft Word and Writer because it enables people to work together on the same document at the same time,  without being in the same place. The most important thing making Google Docs so popular in comparison  to other applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel) is that the program is more accessible and dynamic. For instance you can open and edit "doc" files just by uploading the document to the Google Docs (without using Microsoft Word)! [6] 

Google Docs and Microsoft Word 

Although Google Docs works similarly to Microsoft Word there are some disadvantages in Google Docs. It's key feature is accessibility, and so it does not contain all of the tools that you might find in an expensive program like Microsoft Word. Disadvantages include not being able to add text boxes, frames, macro support, proofing tools, and a good find/replace feature. [7] In Google Docs complex tables may look different than they do in Microsoft Word because of the difference in formating. You can however, copy and past your document that is, for example written in "Lucinda Handwriting" font and keep the document in that font, though Google Docs does not have the font itself. [6]
Google Docs has all the basic features you would expect from a word processor, including the ability to bold, italicize, and underline text, create lists, insert tables, align text, and change font size. There is a spell check tool for over 30 languages  and Google Docs allows you to open and edit Microsoft Word format online, giving users the ability to open a Word document attached to an e-mail without having to down load it first. [9]

Google Docs and Microsoft Excel 

Google Docs is also compatible with Microsoft Excel. Google Docs spreadsheet has almost the same interface as Microsoft Excel. Menus include many of the same items and using Google Docs Spreadsheet, you can perform calculations and create charts similarly to the way you might in the Microsoft Excel.  You can copy and paste fields from an Excel document to a Google Docs Spreadsheet without creating errors.  You can add charts like the snake type chart  that are not included in Microsoft Excel and by adding gadgets to a spreadsheet, you can have a Google Map or another gadget incorporated into your spreadsheet. For instance, if you have a document that includes an address, you may use the gadget "Google Map" to illustrate the visual version of the written address. However, Google Docs Spreadsheet does not have the complex features of Microsoft Excel.  This can be viewed as a disadvantage, but one must remember that Google Docs' key feature is accessibility, which makes the disadvantage seem as unimportant. 

Table of Contents

II.2 Unique Uses">II.2 Unique Uses

There are many uses for Google Docs, and if you have enough time we recommend playing with all the different options. We feel that is the best way to really learn how to use this application. If you are not familiar at all with Google Docs here are some unique uses:                                                                                                                          
You know how for Microsoft Office you can make tables, list, add or remove bullets, and do other organizational techniques? Google Docs offers the same options, and the best part is that it is completely FREE! 1 Many of Google Docs options work similarly to Microsoft Office, making the switch from Microsoft Office to Google Docs an easy one. Since this is an online program, Google Docs gives you the ability to share your documents while protecting your privacy. You can share your files with friends, family and co-workers [7], post your files in a blog [4]. The document is immediately available to everyone and any changes made to your document you can view who did them and when the change happened [2], making it possible for multiple people to work on a document at the same time. Using the chat feature you can chat with them while working on the project, making nbsp;collaboration on a project that much easier. [2] With Google Docs you can choose to share or publish your documents as a web page, making it easier to make your work more accessible to others. [6] 

These unique uses help us see how Google Docs could be used in education or business. Sometimes because of communication problems, businesses are unable to operate as efficiently as they would like. GoodnessDirect Company representatives say that by owning Google Docs it has helped all the photographers add the pictures, and allows them to easily add comments to each of the pictures. Maybe you don't own a big company - but with Google Docs you can make communication between people easier and a less a frustrating and complicated process.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

III. How Could Google Docs Be Used In Education?">III. How Could Google Docs Be Used In Education?

The unique features of Google Docs lend themselves to Educational and Business use!

Multiple users on different computers can edit the same spreadsheet at the same time, with changes appearing on users' screens within one second - group work made easy! [11] Communication between teachers and students/colleagues is enhanced through the built in Google Chat technology, which allows users to chat about assignments or projects while they work. 1 Users can share their documents, spreadsheets, or presentations with more than 200 people anywhere in the world allowing student the opportunity for international collaboration on projects! [2] Google Docs performs the basic functions of Microsoft Word, and users can access their documents from any computer connected to the internet. [12]

We have many ideas on how Google Docs could be incorporated into Education or Business in an easy and effective manor. We have organized our information into four groups; Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Post-Secondary Education and Business.

Google Docs for Elementary Schools

As technology becomes increasingly more advanced and universal, so should the classroom. Incorporating Google Docs into school assignments, projects, and even every day use will not only allow students to practice their computer skills, but increase teacher and student communication, make class time more efficient and motivate students to learn and participate more frequently.

Teachers can create a document or spreadsheet with students' homework assignments for the night giving parents the ability to access their children's assignments, encouraging them to become more involved in their child's school work. Students could keep a "reading log" where they record how many pages and from what book they have read that week, and teachers would be able to view this easily on Google Docs. Teachers/Staff can work on projects together(upcoming choir show, upcoming field trip information, developing new lesson plan ideas) in real time with coworkers, [14] cutting down on the number of meetings Teachers/Staff have to attend in a week. Students could collaborate with other classrooms anywhere in the world to create a project or stories from prompts, as Elementary School classrooms did with the "Mysteries if Harris Burdick" project. [15]

Document:GoogleDocs Elementary Lesson Plan
PDF: GoogleDocs Elementary Lesson Plan
Document: STEM GoogleDocs Elementary Lesson Plan
PDF: STEM GoogleDocs Elementary Lesson Plan

Google Docs for Secondary Education 

Incorporating Google Docs into the lives' of Secondary schools students and teachers will make teaching and learning a technological blast! Google Docs offers many tools that would cut down on meetings, improve communication between coworkers, parents, students and teachers and most importantly, motivate students to learn and create their best work while making the system more time efficient and allowing for unique communication opportunities. Here are some of our ideas for the middle school and secondary school systems around the world:

• Teachers do not have to grade papers in the traditional way, eliminating  worry about losing assignments,  while giving them the ability to make comments on documents that students can see immediately. 1
• Students can share their documents in class. 1
• With all students and teachers participating on a document discussion will be easy and more likely to involve all of the students. 1
• Teachers can have students use Google Docs by writing a science hypothesis about an experiment, recreate an historical event, develop word math problems, etc. [2]
• Teachers can have students create articles for the school newspaper, write a script for a play or debate a current event. [2]
• Google Docs allows teachers and students to get to projects from any computer connected to the internet. [3
• Students do not need to email their teachers, but can instead just add the teacher as a collaborator to a document. [3]
• It makes sharing and working collaboratively easy and fun with the discuss/chat window which allows communication while working on assignments. [4]
• Schools can work with other schools around the world using Google Docs. [4]
• Data can be displayed onto a spreadsheet from all students for any class assignment. [4] 

Document: GoogleDocs Secondary Lesson Plan
PDF: GoogleDocs Secondary Lesson Plan
Document: STEM GoogleDocs Secondary Lesson Plan
PDF: STEM GoogleDocs Secondary Lesson Plan
Document: Google Docs Colaborative Poem Lesson Plan

Google Docs for Post-Secondary Schools 

Students in college or other types of Post-Secondary Institutions  are perfect candidates for Google Docs users, because at this point in their careers  they are usually further along in their technological experience and are able to perform more complex tasks with greater benefits.  Experience with Google Docs will be a major asset for students going out into the workforce, as well as enhancing their educational experience while attending a Post-Secondary Institution.
• By using Google Docs students eliminate the need for flash drives, having the ability to save their work online and access it from any computer with internet access.
• Students can peer edit each other's work in real time. Google Docs makes collaborating on group work and information easy. 
• Not only is Google Docs available all over the world, but it also supports over 40 languages, making it a source of international communication for students.
• When doing group work group members can chat online and access each other's documents as they discuss while at home or at school, eliminating the need for group meetings.
• Student's have the option of publishing their work online, giving family, friends, professors, and even future employers access to their documents.
• Professors and teachers can keep the communication open with students and coworkers posting meeting information and assignments online giving access to anyone they choose.
• Lab partners can exchange, merge, edit, and chat about their reports using Google Docs.
• Because Google Docs is a web-based program any worry about computer comparability or hassle with backing up documents is eliminated.

Google has come up with Google Docs Education Edition that is universally accessible. By organizing knowledge resources and making them effortlessly available to all. On Gmail interface, faculty and students can come together, add meetings and classes to their calendars, interact of IM's and send and receive e-mails anywhere they go. More and more schools and universities are making use of Google Docs for educational purposes. You can team up with others online and edit documents and presentations together. Google Docs is a helpful resource in bringing together the campus society to share ideas and information anytime anywhere. [16] 

Document: GoogleDocs Post Secondary Lesson Plan
PDF: GoogleDocs Post Secondary Lesson Plan

Document: STEM GoogleDocs Post Secondary Lesson Plan
PDF: STEM GoogleDocs Post Secondary Lesson Plan

Table of Contents

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value">IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

By allowing teachers and students' the ability to access, share, and edit their documents Google Docs' has helped to increase group work effectiveness and peer editing skills. In addition, Google Docs supply the stated goal of The National Council of Teachers of English, which support writing as a process and advocate multiple reviews and peer edits.

Teachers use Google Docs to both announce upcoming assignments and check the students' performance and progress on current assignments. The revision history can show which student edited the document and when, while the auto save feature eliminates the possibility of losing work. Because Google Docs is internet based, students can access files from any computer with internet access, allowing for international collaboration on projects and easy, immediate feed back from the teacher.
Google Docs is being introduced to schools all around the world, with great success. It has increased the interaction and collaboration among students and their support systems. By being able to share ideas and information anytime and anywhere, Google Docs' users claim that it is very useful tool that brings together the campus communities. Google Docs provides easy communication among the users through the chat feature, while working on a document, encouraging even more collaboration between students' and their teachers.

To hear some teacher and student opinions about Google Docs click here.  

Table of Contents

VI. How Google Docs is Used Internationally">VI. How Google Docs is Used Internationally

                                     "What is new and upcoming for Google Docs around the world? Here are things you can do with Google Docs around the world."

Add a table of contents to your documents 

From the "formatting" heading, you can style your documents' titles.  If you want to add a table to your documents click on "Table" in the menu at the top of the page, choose the size you would like and click.

Slide Zooming 

To view slides as smaller or larger, you can zoom in and out. 

The Big Advantage: Language Options 

Google Docs provides approximately 40 language options,  allowing for collaboration even among people speaking different languages. Students do not need to be in the same place, or even speak the same language to work together anymore, every group member is able to do his job and easily share their work with others. Since most users are familiar with the Microsoft Office interface of Google Docs does not seem like a strange application, which helps make users more comfortable when using Google Docs.  

My Experiences With Google Docs 

The first time that I used Google Docs, I felt that Google docs seemed so complex. Since I use many applications and software, I thought that I could quickly learn how it works.
I have researched Google Docs in order to be able to use it. When I upload a word document, I see it in Google Docs in the same format. Then I learned that it can be used without Microsoft Word Software. It is very helpful to the user. Thanks to this feature (viewing a word document without Microsoft Word); I won't have trouble with Microsoft Word. I think many people in my country will like this feature of Google Docs. I learned that more than one person can work on a word document on Google Docs. This is very useful. In our university classes, we work as group and most time we write reports about our project. When writing a project, we divide the report for the group. After every group member finishes his or her part, we combine group members' parts, and we finish the report. However, we can not see the whole report until each group member is finished. For this reason, it is sometimes unsatisfying. By Google Docs, this problem is eliminated and the report works much better.

Before working on this project, I did not use Google Docs! For this reason, Google Docs is a good topic for me. This project has inspired me to learn more.
When I opened Google Docs for the first time, I faced an interface like Yahoo mail as Emre said, so I was not afraid, in contrast, I was glad.
As Emre said, in our university, we study generally as a group and we do projects and write reports. We divide the reports into parts for the group members. Google Docs is very beneficial and useful for us since we can see and complete the reports in Google Docs easily. Everyone can see the whole report through Google Docs. In brief, I like it.
In addition, everyone who wants to change the documents can make these changes to the documents. For better studying, this is very good feature of Google Docs.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

IX. References">IX. References

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Table of Contents


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    Welcome to Project II! I know this has been a long awaited assignment, but I believe that this project will be fun, exciting, and very educational. Thank you all so much for your dedication to completing this Project.

    For all of us at Purdue, I am pleased to announce that we will be working with international partners! Listed below are all group members for Team 27.


     Juliana M. Calderon

     Colleen D. O'Keeffe

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     Libby F. Weldon

    Middle East Technical University

     Nihal Erler

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    I am looking forward to working with all of you. I will post some initial pages that you all can look at, and I encourage you to research Google Docs. Also, please go over and learn how to use Confluence. For Purdue students, we will work a little more in lab tomorrow.

    I also encourage all of you to post comments here! This will be a great way to stay in touch and collaborate ideas!

    Thank you and I look forward to working with all of you.

    Kevin Cross

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     I finally got the main pages uploaded (you will see the links). On a few of them I have some sub points. Please look over these, and please post a comment explaining what page you would like to be involved in making. (Please pick two). It would be A-M-azing if we could keep in touch through these comments.



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    Hello, we better get a superior rating on this so let work hard!!! I would like to work on "What are some unique uses of Google Docs?" and "Who developed Google Docs?" Looking forward in working with all of you!!! (big grin)

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    Hello again all international partners!

     All of us here in the US are very excited to be working with you! When you make your initial post, please tell us a little about yourselves. We are very excited and want to get to know you.(thumbs up)

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    To all US partners: Please post something interesting about yourself also! We are all friends know!!!!!(big grin)



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    In this post I am listing potential research assignments, and for those of you not able to be at our short meeting this afternoon, I have included topics discussed.

    At our meeting we discussed potential research assignments. Here are the initial assignments:

    Juliana--unique uses & who developed it

    Libby--how can it be used in education

    Jana--how can it be used in education & how is it related to other applications

    Colleen--purpose and how is it currently used in education

    Kevin--how do you use the application

    All METU students--please remember that these are initial assignments. Please post a comment concerning what research assignments you would like to help with. PLEASE DO NOT BE AFRAID TO REQUEST AN ASSIGNMENT THAT SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY HAS. All of the research subjects have been posted next to the names above. The only other research assignment is "how is google docs used around the world?" I encourage some of you to take charge of this topic because you all have first hand experience in being international (the rest of us are in the states!). However, please request what you want.

    Purdue Students: please make a post addressing if you would like to stay with the topics we discussed today.

    Also, we discussed today a little about what we want in the presentation, and what roles we are all going to have in this project.

    If at any time during this post you get confused, but make a post expressing your confusion, or e-mail me at I know that I can talk (or write) in circles and be unclear.

    Thank you all again, and thank you for your commitment to this project.


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      about the project I want to say that I am very happy to work with international students.this will be great experience for me.and I promise this will be great experience for you (smile)

      I wanna work on

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    I'm really excited!!!! (blue star)  

    Colleen O'Keeffe

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    I also excited for being in project. And I wonder very much the process of project. I want to say something about me, I am 22 years old, I am 3rd grade student at CEIT, METU. I think this is a great experience for all of us to be in this project. I want to work about the topic "purpose and how is it currently used in education".

    that's all from me.thanks..

  11. Hi my great team  (smile)

     Firstly I wanna say that now I'm so happy and excited to be here (smile)

    I'm Emre and I'm 22 years old. I am third  grade student at METU in Computer Educational and Instructional Technology Department.

    My hobbies : football, reading, listening to music, cinema, swimming

    I also like group working my friends.

    About our project, I hope we will do our best , I believe it becasue working with group is much better working alone. I will like to hear  your own ideas and I will mix , evauate them with mine.

     I reallt want to work about these topics:

    - how can it be used in education

  12. hi all friends, i am also happy to work you, i think this project is a good chance for all of us.

    i am twenty years old, third grade student at METU in Computer Education and ?nstructional Technology.

    I chose the topic :

    purpose and how is it currently used in education...

  13. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Hello! I am very excited about this project because I get to work with so many of you!!!! I'm really excited about working with international student, and I think this would be a great learning experience... as I can already see my topic is becoming pretty popular... I have to say that I am more than willing to work with all you of. (big grin)  I'm gonna start my research this week so if you have any cities that you already have visited and found good info PLEASE send them to me. Or even if you just want to write a summary about it I can proof read it and then post it on our website!!

    Now about myself, I am 20 years old. This is my first semester of my elementary education program, but this is my third year of college. I've lived in 3 different countries (Colombia where I'm from, Mexico, and USA). That is pretty much my life... oh and I speak spanish and english fluently, I've been a translator before. Nice to meet you all!!!!

    1. Hey Juliana! you look very hardworking and this is very beneficial for our group (smile) (smile) First of all my english is not very good like yours (smile)  so I'm very sorry for possible writing mistakes (smile)  but dont worry my friends! in the computer area probably ?'m preety good than language (smile) (smile)   I've already visited some sites about "What are the unique uses of google docs?" topic and I think these links can be beneficial for you. If you visit any sites which are different from them please send to me. take care Thank u!,139023437,339291966,00.htm?omnRef=

  14. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Thank Ahmet!!! Wow I will certaintly be looking at those pages. Once we start adding to our wiki feel free to put some information that you think it might be beneficial. After all I can go back and edit if there are some spelling errors, and do not worry about your english I used to be pretty bad not to long ago... and I still make mistakes all the time. You catch up really quickly so I think you'll be fine. I'll just make you my international project partner for my section (wink)  Thank you for all your hard work and interest!!!

  15. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hey guys!

     I am planning to have the roles listed this evening, so we can get going with the research/posting.

    Keep looking for updates!


  16. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hi Team!

    Okay, I hope everyone is ready to do some intense reasearch. I have posted all the research topics below with names beside them. YOU MAY BE WORKING ON MORE THAN ONE TOPIC. Also, you may notice that there may be more than one person assigned to each topic. Please work with the individuals in your topic when you post information. You may also notice that I have not put my name next to any topics. Trust me, I AM NOT trying to get out of any work. I think it would be best if I did research and applied it to everyone's pages when needed. Also, if/when any of you need help, I am the guy to see. I will be monitoring the pages and adding/helping on everyone's topics. Be aware: I tryed to match everyone up to to a topic of interest, but given a limited amount of topics, I had to (in some cases) go with the "first come, first serve" rule.

    How could google docs be used in education?--Libby, Jana, Omer

    Hows does google docs relate to other applications?--Jana, Emre

    How does one use google docs?--Nihal, Selcan

    How is google docs currently being used in education?--Colleen, Nihal

    How is google docs used around the world?--Emre, Selcan

    What are some unique uses of google docs?--Juliana, Levent

    What is the purpose of google docs?--Colleen

    Who developed google docs?--Juliana, Levent

    So there they are. If any of you have any questions, please email me at Remember, I tried to match everyone up the best I could. Thank you all so much.

    Here's what we need to do:

    Please start posting information as soon as possible. We need a lot of information by THURSDAY NIGHT (Friday morning for our friends in Turkey!). Don't be concerned with making the information look pretty. Just put in information, and we will format later.

    To post information, click on your topic at the top of this main page (called children--there are eight links at the top of the page). When you open the page, click "EDIT" on the right hand side, then start typing! Please remember to cite all of your sources.

    Thank you all so much for participating in this. Remember, if you have any questions, please post a comment or email me. I want everyone to know for sure what is going on.

    You guys rock! Thanks for being the best team in the world!!


  17. I have a question (big grin)

    I could not understand "Hows does google docs relate to other applications". What do you mean Kevin? Can you give me example of "other applications" ?

    1. Unknown User (crossk)

      Hi Emre!

      Great question. Anothe application would be "microsoft word" or "microsoft powerpoint" or any that is similar to Google docs. The applications can be really compatible or not so compatible. The research is to determine what is good and bad. Thank you so much for asking! If you are still not clear (I know I can be confusing!) please post again.

      Thank you!


      1. Thanks Kevin , I got it (wink)

  18. Unknown User (crossk)

    Omer and Levent,

    Great job guys! Way to jump in and start posting information! You guys are awesome! I was looking over the information you posted and I have a few suggestions:

    Omer: Great Job! Lots of information is great! You will notice that there is no more information the page in which you posted. I promise that it is still there! We have a few "sub-topics" under your subject, and I thought that the information you posted fit very well into "business and industry". There is a link on your topic page that says "business and industry". Click on that link, and all of the information you posted is there. Keep up the great work!

    Levent: Great job! Thanks for getting that information! Since we are creating a wiki, I'm pretty sure Dr. Newby wants us to steer away from wikipedia. Maybe a different source is better. However, this is a wonderful start! Maybe you could take the information you found on wikipedia, and try to find the same information on another "non-wiki" site. That would be great. Please don't get the wrong idea--wikipedia is a great place to get initial information. I did the same thing! Great job!

    Omer and Levent: Thank you for citing your sources. Great job!


    1. thank you kevin.

      this is our duty and we always try to do our best.I  posted new information a couple minutes ago.and the site at the bottom consists a lot of information about google docs. I think everybody can benefit from it. by the way I wonder about my other coworkers libby and jana(smile) 

      secondly, we made a metting with our instructor,Prof.Dr Yasar Ozden. He wanted us to make a video conference with you if it is possible. what is your opinion ?

      this is the site I talked about above.


  19. hi,
    I have a problem when editing the page "how does one uses Google Docs? " I also wanted to add images and I tried to do this by clicking the insert/edit image button but it did not work. However, I cited the reference. so you can see the pictures at there.

  20. Unknown User (abellisa)

    Hey Google Docs Team!

    You guys are doing great, keep up the good work!

    Make sure all members post an introduction by friday to be on your way to a superior rating (smile)

  21. hi friends,

    I have a problem like Nihal, i cannot upload image (sad) i tried to upload, however the button did not work

  22. Hi Kevin , I have one more quesiton (big grin)   . When we editing our pages ,do we make copy paste form the resources  or we  should use our own words . Which way is the correct  for this assignment.

  23. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Hello, finally! This has been an extremely rough week for me and I apologize for not commenting sooner. I will be more on top of things in the weeks to come. My name is Libby Weldon.(smile)  I am 19 years old and a freshman at Purdue University. I am an Elementary Education major, which makes me WAY excited to be working on the "How can Google Docs can be used in education." It is nice to meet you everyone, and I am excited to be working with Jana and Omer.

    I think it will be important to stress these key features as much as possible b/c they are basic and fast bits of information that viewers can pass by and notice. 
    -"Upload from and save to your desktop
    -Edit anytime, from anywhere
    -Pick who can access your documents
    -Share changes in real time
    -Files are stored securely online
    -It's FREE! " - information from (These are basic things, but so true!)
    People that are researching any of the two education questions - Watch this you tube video : Teachers and Principles Talk about Google Docs
    And also go to this: googledocs/
    Good information!
    Omer and Jana - I will put tons of brainstorming ideas into the "Children" section with our question!

  24. Unknown User (jmszabel)

    Hi everyone! (big grin)  I'm sorry it took me so long to comment I have had a very busy week! I am very excited to be working with all of you, and I think it will be very exciting to be working with international students! I am excited to be working with Libby, Omer and Emre and will post information sometime today! Now about me...I am 19 years old and am a sophomore at Purdue University. I am in Elementary Education and think it is great that I get to experience using Google Docs so that I may use it in my classes someday. Thank you all for your hard work so far yay!

  25. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hi Team!

    I give my thanks to everyone for posting! You all have been working very hard, and I am glad that I am working with such devoted individuals! Here's some answers to a few questions I saw:

    Can't upload images? I'm not sure what is going on. I'll ask someone soon, but for right now, text is good.

    Emre--Eventually, we will have to write everything in our own words. It is okay for now to just copy and paste (since we are citing), but this weekend/early next week we will have to rewrite if needed. Great question!

    Thanks for all the help everyone!


  26. Unknown User (crossk)


    You have done a great job on posting information! Keep it up!


  27. Unknown User (cokeeffe)

    hey there everyone

    I made comments on the actual page that i edited, but i dont know how many people will actually rea those, so i'll rewrite the comments here. First off im just copying and pasting for now but over the weekened I will rework throughmy information and reform my posts. And secondly i know that my spelling is terrible, but before i acually post things for really I will put them through a different application for a spell check

    Thanks everyone keep up the great job

    Colleen(blue star)

  28. hi everyone;

    Colleen, be cool,  we understand what you mean, okay(wink)

    also I posted my studying with only copying and pasting with its references, however in the next weeks, I will also change and arrange those information..

    Thanks Kevin to be interested not to upload images, etc. also I want to congratulate Kevin at first, and everyone. we are studying very good.also, Kevin organized very well...

    thanks everyone...

  29. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hi Guys!!!

    First off, everyone is doing a great job! You are the best team EVER!

    Secondly, I'm sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I promise I haven't forgotten! I will be posting some instructions and suggestions soon to get this project ready! Please remember: this Friday we must have our initial draft of the wiki and the presentation done. I will let you all know about what needs done before Friday..........stay posted!!!



  30. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Hi Everyone (smile)

    Just wanted to let everyone know I'm working on the brochures/handouts about Google Docs for the presentation and theyre looking good! (smile) I'm stressing out a bit because of the EXTREME deadlines, but just do your best to work one step at a time. I was wondering who else was doing lesson plans? Kevin, I was going to start formatting our "child" but Im not sure how you were instructed (or if you were instructed) on how to do them? I assume from looking at other wikis, just to make it very professional looking?

    Stay focused everyone and be creative! (smile)

    1. Hi Libby, What you want us to do? can you make it clear?

      1. Unknown User (lweldon)

        Hi Emre! I dont have anything to tell you to do because your arent in my group - I know that a lot of people (including myself) havent put thier information in their own words yet, or formatted their "child" (with correct font and pictures). I would just wait on word from Kevin because he might have news from the meeting to tell us.

  31. hi Kevin,

    when I read your post, I was very anxiety about deadline because Friday is so close. And I want to know what we should do for the project like Emre. we are ready to study(smile)


    1. Unknown User (crossk)

      Hi Nihal!

       Don't be anxious! I promise you are doing great!!!


      1. Unknown User (lweldon)

        Hi Kevin (smile) - do we know who all is creating the lessons? I only heard of Colleen doing the Elementary school lesson plan. So far I am working on the brochures and Juliana is working on the you have any other ideas of things that need to be created for the presentation? Also, did you learn in your team leader meeting how to format the wiki? I feel like I should start formatting my "child" question, but Im not sure how to make it look.

  32. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Hey guys!!!! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am in charge of the poster board for our presentation. I thought it would be a great idea to put a picture of all of us so they can see the awesome people that have been working on this project. For our international friend I'm gonna ask you to please send me a picture of yourself to my email ( ). For the picture it would be great if you were standing infront of the camera so we can see your whole face, and part of the chest.... I have no idea how I can word that differently. So just like a "professional" looking picture. For our friend here in the USA I will be taking pictures this friday so look your best!!! My dad will be retouching all the picture so if there is something specific that you want him to retouch just let me know!!! Like seriously don't feel bad about it, this is our project and I want it to look good!!! (big grin)  let meknow if you have any questions or concerns. Please send them asap so my dad can start working on them this weekend.

  33. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hi Team!

     Okay guys!!!! Initial drafts are due Friday! I know you have been working very hard! You guys rock!!

    Here's what needs to be done:

    • Don't worry about formatting a certain way. I just learned at a meeting this morning, that we will be formatting later. Just let the information look the way confluence does it!
    • We need to make sure that ALL of the information is in our own words. This is very important because we will be checking for plagiarism, and we want a very small percent of "copying". However, if a source says something "perfectly", just put quotation marks around it, and be sure to cite it.
    • Be sure to cite EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!
    • For those of you working on "how's can Google Docs be used in education": remember that we need lesson plans for each of the areas (except business and industry). You can find lesson plans online, just be sure to adapt it to incorporate Google Docs. and cite it!
    • We also need to do some more brainstorming (here in comments) about the presentation.

    You all are awesome. I am honored to be working with such fine, hard-working individuals. If you need any help, information, clarifying, or anything please let me know!!!! My e-mail is          if you would rather e-mail me. Thank you all so much. I am looking forward to the finished product.......You guys have done a great job!!!!

    Thank you all so much..........seriously,


    1. Unknown User (lweldon)

      Hahaha. Sorry Kevin, I didnt know you were in the process of ansering ALL my questions. Disregard the last response I made to you!

      Thanks for the update!! (smile)

      1. Unknown User (crossk)


        I just edited my comment. I meant to say "those of you in 'how can it be used in education' ".

        I'm sorry! I didn't want to confuse anyone, so I changed it! It think you are in this group. Way to stay on top of things!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Unknown User (lweldon)

    If anyone has a lesson plan (that we made for a workout) they can incorporate Google Docs into, let either Jana or I know! We would appreciate it (smile)

  35. Hi Kevin,

    I have  quesiton again (smile)))

    How is Google Docs used around the world? 

    what am I supposed to do for this topic? What should I research ? Can you help me for this topic?

    1. Unknown User (crossk)

      Hi Emre!

      Great question! Here is what I would do:

      You have first hand experience being out of the U.S. Have you ever used Google Docs? Do you know anyone that has used Google Docs? If you answer yes to either of these questions, just write some information that you know first hand. Otherwise, if you don't have any experience using it, or don't know anyone that uses it, please ask me again and we will search for some information!!! Again, GREAT QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks Emre,


      1. Thanks Kevin for great explanations.

        Yes I have  started  to use google docs wit this project. I'll write soon there my experiences about google docs .

        1. hi everyone

          I have a question about my topic , How could Google Docs be used in education? , for my topic there 4 of them is for business but others are for education. our target groups are secondary,elemantary and post- secondary level students. at these age computer using is not so common.I mean students do not use computer for education at these age. therefore,  ? had difficulties to find information about these titles. why don't we researh collage students. for example In Turkey we use google docs for one of our course. I believe that this application is more suitable for older students.

           I think we can find more article about our level and we can write our experiments easier. am I wrong?

          1. Altough it is not  my topic, I want to say somthing. I agree with Ömer. I think college students use or will use google docs much more than others.

          2. Unknown User (lweldon)

            Hey Emre -

            I agree with you that Google Docs is better suited for older students -- "Secondary" Education refers to High School usually, and I have found examples of high schoolers using Google the video - "TEachers and Principles Talk about Google Docs." Also, "Post-Secondary" Education usually refers to college, so put the college information you find using Google Docs there!!! (smile)

  36. Unknown User (abellisa)

    Hey Google Doc-ers!

    You guys are doing an outstanding job again this week! Keep up the good work!

  37. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    Libby, Thank you so much for posting the information on twitter that you happened upon in your own research. That was so very sweet of you and we appreciate it!

  38. thank you libby because of making everything clear. ? misunderstood the school definitions.

  39. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hi Team!

    You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up! Remember: initial draft of everything is due tomorrow in lab! I just have a couple questions:

    How is the brochure coming?

    How is the poster idea coming?

    Please let me know what I can do to get this thing in tip top shape for tomorrow!!!!!

    You guys rock. Thanks!


    1. Unknown User (lweldon)

      Hey Kevin!

      The brochure is done and I think it turned out really great. We can all look at it tomorrow and see if anything should be added or changed. Im getting really nervous because it looks like most of the sections are still not in peoples own words. Also, Im working on my lesson plan...can we verify that all the lesson plans are being complete? Also, do we need one for Business?

      1. Unknown User (crossk)


        Thanks for being on top of things. I'm so glad the brochure is done! We do not necessarily need a lesson "plan" for business and industry. (Refer to my comment on the education page). Have you communicated with the others to see who is working on secondary and post-secondary plans?



        1. Unknown User (lweldon)

          Libby - secondary lesson plan

          Jana - post-secondary lesson plan

          Colleen - Elementary lesson plan

          Remember we can use a lesson plan we find online and make it so Google Docs is incorporated.

          Kevin - do you know whether these need to be in the format we did workout 6 in? I would assume they would, but if not that would make things easier! (smile)

          Also, do you know if they should be attached as a Word document or just edited into this wiki?

          1. Unknown User (crossk)

            I would keep them in the workout six format. Create them in word, then copy and paste them into the wiki text.



            1. hi Libby, can you show us the brochure, I wonder it and I think my friends also wonder it?

              1. Unknown User (lweldon)

                sure! ill try to figure out how to attach it you have an email i could send it to?


  40. Unknown User (jmszabel)

    Hey libby-are the lesson plans over workout 1? Workout 6 is not really over lesson plans.

    1. Unknown User (lweldon)

      Oh dang it -- yeah I think it's workout 1, not 6. I dont know what I was thinking.

  41. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    USA people remember I'm taking the picture tomorrow!!!! (big grin)  and if i forget please remind me.... sometimes i have the memory of a fly! (tongue)  Also our international student... well those who havent dont forget to send me a picture!!! I have only received one from Emre so please do it as soon as you can if you want to be on our poster board at our presentation!!!!

    1. Hi, Juliana

      I am sorry for being late to send you photo. I sent it to your email address.

  42. hi Juliana, how are you?

    I am so sorry for being late to send my picture. i cannot check my email for several reasons, I sent it to you, okay

    1. Unknown User (jcaldero)

      Hey Selcan! I am doing good! How are you??? Just send me you picture as soon as you can!!! If you want you can also post it on here, if you really can't check your email!!! Thank you for you help!

  43. hi friends,

    i want to say something about the topic "How could Google Docs be used in education?".

    although  this topic is not mine, i think if you work on the college students and research them, this would be better! i say this according to Turkey, but i do not know there... however, in Turkey, college students use more...okay...have a good studying...

    1. hi selcan,

      there was some misunderstanding about this topic and schools(smile) friends work on the topic"How could Google Docs be used in education?" already research and works with college students."Post-Secondary" education refers to college. thanks to Libby for information about it(smile)))

  44. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Hey Kevin! I saw that you looked pretty stressed out last Friday, and you've been working so hard!!!! I can look through all the pages and make sure the look similar, also I will be working on our table of contents. If you want to change anything or add go ahead! Any help that I get for the best that would be great!!!! Hope you get better!!!!

     For the rest of the team! I will be editing some of the presentation of each webpage. I wont change any information that you have put in it so I dont mess up your work, but I will be adding headings and formating the webpages. I will be leaving some comments at the end of each page. If you have any question please dont hessitate to do so! I would like to stay on top of our project so we wont have anything to worry about during our turkey break!!!! (big grin)

  45. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    So, I alread finished editing some most pages, and did the table of content. There are some issues that I found in some pages and I will be posting them late. Also, tomorrow I will be working on making links on each page so they can go back to the previews page, on in the case of most of them go back to the table of content. If you find any erros... or anything that I messed up let me know!!!! Thank you everyone!!!!

    1. Unknown User (lweldon)

      Juliana!! You have done an awesome job with the headers and Table of Contents!!!! You are great (smile) I actually am feeling good about our project now...we are on top of things!! I will be editing some stuff and adding pics tomorrow (smile)

      Good work!

  46. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    So here is whats up with our page so far. As you might already noticed we have a table of contents now!!! and most of the pages are already linked to each other, but there is a lot of work still to be done!!! I made a little summary of what need to be worked on, and if you will want to fix it go ahead! Please read through this. I am only listing what needs work so if your topic has not been listed it doesnt need any change, but if you want to imporve it go ahead. Also, try to include some picture or graphics on your site, this will make the wiki a lot more fun to look at! So here there are:

    • How is Googe Docs currently being used in Education?
      1st example link is not working right now
      There are some "personal" notes in there... maybe its a reminder to do something, but lets finish that up!!! This way we can keep it looking professional
      The second reference in the reference list is not working. So who ever has working on this and used that reference please look into that. We will want all our reference to actually go somewhere.
    • How does one use Google Docs?
      The first reference in the reference list is not working, again please look into this!!!
    • How is Google used around the world?
      Kevin might be able to be working on this but I can not getting to format how we have the other pages. I will really do not wish to retype the whole thing, so any one that has an idea of how to fix this problem please help!!! All we need are for the subtitle to be "heading 5" and the information just in paragraph form.
    • How could Google Docs be used in education?
      Lets try and make the Post-secondary lesson plan like the elemantary school lesson plan!! We will want our wiki to look even!!(big grin)
      There is no information on Secondary school section, or a lesson plan. If you are having trouble with this or just dont know what to do please let us know! We will want to see some information in this page even if its just some thoughts.

    Everything else is looking wonderful and thank you for everyone's great job!!! I see this project almost being done. We just need a little more hardcore and I bet it will be awesome!!! Let me know if you have any questions concerning what I just wrote. Sorry for this being so long!!!!

    1. Good job Juliana. Special thanks to you (smile)

  47. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Just to clear up any confusion -

    Above me, where Juliana refers to the "elementary school lesson plan" --- this is actually the secondary education lesson plan. I added my lesson plan (secondary education) to the wrong hyperlink. Refer to the secondary education lesson plan if you are reading Juliana's comment.

    Where is the elementary lesson plan? Has anyone talked to Colleen?

  48. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Im extremely busy working on finishing "How Google Docs can be used in education" and will be inserting info, editing and adding pictures throughout this evening. Everyone should be doing the same for their own "child." We need everyones help to tie this all together. Make sure the questions are answered efficiently and start adding pics to make things look appealing!! Also, we should all be thinking about how we will contribute to the presentation and be reviewing ALL the info so we know whats going on for all aspects of Google Docs.

    We are almost done, so do all that you can to contribute these last couple of days. (smile)

  49. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    So for "How is Google Docs used around the world" I already fixed it! So if anyone was trying to wokr on that or wanting to dont worry about it, its all done! Thank you everyone! Most of the project is done! We only have two more things to do and that is Some more info on Secondary Education, and a lesson plan for Elemtary Schools. Looking good team!! Keep up the good work!!!! Going to be busy making the poster. If you have any questions or anything else please contact me! (big grin)

  50. Unknown User (crossk)


    You guys are doing so great! I have been watching/waiting to see everything, and I AM SOOOOO IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all are amazing! You are the best team ever! Thank you all so much for your help. It is truly wonderful. A big "thank you" goes out to everyone for being so dedicated!!!!!!!


  51. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hey Guys!

    I just got word about using logos last night: because we are using logos for "educational purposes" we are good as gold for using any logos. However, we can not manipulate logos in any way (add funny pictures or something to make the logo look different).



  52. Unknown User (jmszabel)

    Hey I was wondering if it was ok to add a picture to the post-secondary page from google images or if we had to ask permission to do so. So I added a picture and cited it then deleted it because I did not know and did not want to get into trouble! I would appreciate input thanks!

    1. Unknown User (lweldon)

      Hey Jana (smile)

      Yes you can add the image because we got permission from Google. I would still cite it though, underneath with the references. Can you fill out the bullets in Secondary Education? I did the pages for Elementary and Post-Secondary and the main Education page. If you can, just look at the pages I did as a reference.

  53. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Juliana --- in the Table of Contents, could we rearrange the links so that Secondary Education and its Lesson Plan are above Post-Secondary Education and its Lesson Plan? I think it would make more sense in that order. (smile) Youre the links whiz though...I dont know how to change em!! (smile)

  54. Unknown User (jmszabel)

    Yes I'll try my best (big grin)

  55. Hi guys. I wonder our poster. Can you send it to me via e-mail. my mail adress is or

    Also I wonder what will happen this friday. Our project will be end this friday or not?

  56. Hi again huys (smile)

    I see that some of groups put a picture of the main topic like facebook, youtube , before table of the contents. Why dont we put a picture?

    1. I am confused Kevin help me (smile)

      You said logo. Logo is thing that I mention above as a picture? 

      1. Unknown User (crossk)

        Hi Emre!

        Sorry it tooke me so long to get back with you. Yes. By logo I mean the company's picture or trademark!



  57. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Juliana - I have to ad a link on the table of contents for the brochure, and sarah said we might do the same for the poster (i guess take a picture of it?). Can you add  a link for me or tell me how to do it? It should have been on here awhile ago I think. Thanks!! (smile)

  58. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Hey Libby! I changed the links, and I also added a part for the brochure and poster. If you want to change the title of that table go ahead. Just made it simple

    Emre I will send you the poster! I've been super SUPER busy with school. Soooooo sorry, but I'll have it on this site by tomorrow! I also added a picture of Google docs!

    Kevin, I know that Libby has been pretty busy and she is proof reading the sites. If you could help her with that, it would be GREAT! I'm a terrible writter... so i dont think I should be in charge of that part.

     Thank you everyone!!!!

  59. Unknown User (cokeeffe)

    Okay so i know you probably all hate me an think i ruined the project or haven't been a very good team member and I havent and I'm so sorry

    My granpa went into the hospital last wednesday my family drove to Memphis thursday night and i had no computer down there to work on. Im so sorry

    my part will be done tonight. I dont know what else to say and i completely understand what ever grade you give me on the evaluation.

    Kevin just tell me what i can do to make it up

    Again so sorry(sad)


    1. Unknown User (lweldon)

      Hey Colleen (smile)

      I understand, we just didn't know what happened to you or where you were. None of us hate you! We will just have to hurry to get everything done in time (smile) I hope everything worked out and welcome back to our wiki! We will do awesome.

    2. Unknown User (jcaldero)

      I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa!!! but hey last friday i took pics of all of us for the poster and I was wondering if you could send me one of you just like we discussed like two weeks ago. if you dont have a camera i'll take it on friday just let me know soon!!! Oh and you can help Kevin and Libby proof read everything. I'm trying to make everything look even and pretty.

  60. Unknown User (cokeeffe)

    Hey so on accident i made the elementary lesson plan another child on the elementary education lesson plan page. Does anyone know how to fix that? I tried for like 30 mins but maybe im just a little retarded.


    Ps you guys are awsome(big grin)

    1. Unknown User (jcaldero)

      Hey Colleen! I put all the info in the correct spot but I think Kevin will have delet that child. I havent been able to do it. But you can't get to detel it. Thank you!!!!

  61. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hey Guys!!!

    Great Job with everything!!!!!! You all Rock!!!

    Juliana--Thank you for putting the logo on the first page.

    Libby--Thank you for editing. I have been trying to post comments on the pages that I have edited. Thank you for doing the same.

    Colleen--I'm pretty sure that I never deleted anything with information. However, if you think that something is missing, you may look into the "history" of each page.

    Again, YOU GUYS ARE SO AMAZING! I will be looking over everything one last time late tonight. Thank you all so much for your untiring help, and all the hard work. I know that this will be rewarding. Thank you all so much. I know this may sound strange, but "I am proud of you all". So many groups have way more people than we do, but our page is just as good and BETTER than others. You guys are so amazing. Thank you so much.



    1. Unknown User (cokeeffe)


      I wasnt saying that i though something was deleted its just that when you go under elemenetary education lesson plan theres a child page to get to the lesson plan I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix that so when someone was to click on elementary education lesson plan the actual lesson plan appeared and not just another link that would take you there.

      Sorry about the confusion


      1. Unknown User (crossk)

        Hey Colleen!

        I'm sorry I misunderstood! So, you want the child page gone? I know there is a link to get to the lesson plan, but I guess a still a little confused----not your fault, I'm just a little slow (smile)

        Let me know!


        P.S. I am very sorry about your grandpa. PLEASE do not feel bad about anything. Family comes first. You and your family are in my prayers.

  62. Unknown User (crossk)


    You guys are AMAZING!


  63. Unknown User (cokeeffe)

    Thanks so much for understanding

    and the web page thing dont worry about it apparently Juliana fixed it so its all good.

    I just finialized my elementary educatin lesson pla so someone should probably edit that and make sure it all makes sense

    Keep up the awesome work (star) most amazing team!!!!!(star)


  64. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    So.... I totaly have the worst cold/flu ever so I'm under the influence of a lot of medicine! The poster is up if you guys want to check it out I know Emre wanted to see it so I will still send you the poster. Right now is still under construction, but I will also send you the final one. I will be working on changing my websites to APA style, and then I'm of to bed... sorry guys, but if i dont I will probably die tomorrow! (smile)

    1. Unknown User (crossk)


      Please get better!!!! Just tell us what needs done, and we will get it done. We are all in this together. You need a lot of rest!

      Please post and tell us what to do.

      Get Better!


    2. Thanks a lot for the poster juliana. I have got your mail and I saw the poster. It is ver nice but I could not see the photo of Selcan ? is there any problem ?

      Also I think you may mix the photos of the guys   that is dont allign the photos of Turks and Americans  separetly(big grin)

      Shortly I want to say that You can allign the photos  ignoring  the nationality. just mi it (big grin)

      Finally if you need any  about poster I can help you . Take care (smile)

  65. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Haha! awww I'll try to be my best by tomorrow! The only thing that I can think of right now that needs to be done is change all websites to APA format... which is going to be some work by itself. I think if everyone does their own page it would go a lot smoother because they will know when things happened and all that. Also I am not changing anything for citing pictures, I have no idea how we are supposed to this part. So here is how I found to do APA if anyone was wonder:

    example: Schillace, Sam. (2007, April 17). We're expecting. Retrived November 7, 2008, from URL....
    Meaning: Author if stated, date published if it has one or at leas the year, Title, Retrived date, and URL.

    Hope this helps everyone!!!!!

  66. Hi guys everything is great. And I am very very happy to work with all of you (smile)

    Guys do you know Jana ? I wonder why she does not reply my comment or question in our page? Is there any problem?

    1. Unknown User (jmszabel)

      Hi Emre!!

      Sorry that I have not responded to you!! We are all very busy working on Google Docs making last minute changes!! Thanks for all your help! I will respond again as soon as possible to you on our information pages..Thanks!

      1. OK Jana. I just w?ndered you so that I wrote here . anyway  just keep working 

  67. Thanks a lot for the poster Juliana. I have got your mail and I saw the poster. It is ver nice but I could not see the photo of Selcan ? is there any problem ?

    Also I think you may mix the photos of the guys   that is dont allign the photos of Turks and Americans  separetly(big grin)

    Shortly I want to say that You can allign the photos  ignoring  the nationality. just mi it (big grin)

    Finally if you need any  about poster I can help you . Take care (smile)

  68. totally I agree with Emre (big grin) (big grin)

  69. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    so sorry about everything! first when i was doing the poster i was pretty much dying sick! but feeling much better now!!! I will take in consideration mixing all the pictures. Just thought it would be much easier to present both groups if they were seperate because we will only have around 3 minutes to explain EVERYTHING! but I will consider all of your conserns I promise!! and sooooo sorry about mixing all this stuff up. I REALLY REALLY feel bad!!!!! I do appreciate all you guys have done for this project!! On tuesday i will be checking out the poster all the information will be put on. So please be patient and I will also take a picture of it!!! PROMISE IT will look better!! I WILL try my best!!

  70. Unknown User (cokeeffe)

    hey guys

    so i added the lesson plan and sent my picture to juliana i cant remember if i was suppose to do anything else so tell me if you think of something

    And our page is excellent

    1. Unknown User (jcaldero)

      Hey Colleen just make sure all the lesson plan's have the similar name. I already change the main page names but make sure they all match on the other pages. Right now I'm working on that long page..... i have no idea how i'm gonna link things... so ya....

  71. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    This message is for EVERYONE!! please do not edit "How does one use Google Docs" without letting me know! there are some codes that I used for that page to work, and it took me some time, so I would really appreciate it if you guys told me what you wanted to do with that page. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Also, if someone wants to try all the links on that page and make sure that they work correctly I would love it!!!!

     Also, who is going to the thing on Tuesday???? and at what time??? I'll need to ask time for work on Monday so if anyone could please let me know that would be great!!!

    1. Unknown User (crossk)

      Hey Guys!

      I'm sorry, but I will not be able to go to the practice showcase. I have doctors' appointments all afternoon. Thank you all so much for all your hard work! I promise that this will be rewarding in the end!

      Thank you all so much!


      1. Unknown User (jcaldero)

        Hey Kevin! that is fine!! Totaly understand!!! I was wondering if you could look at the turnitin report and make sure everything is cited!!! I know that is a lot but if you could leave a comment in each page that needs that to be done i think that would be a great help!! Thank you so much!!!

  72. Greatings from Turkey to everone (smile)) you all are the best group members workers I have evet had.

    I wonder that when the presentations will be held? and also what is the timeline which shows what time what work will be done?

  73. I really liked this project. I hope we 'll make fantastic finish...and I also wonder the timeline. Kevin if you inform us I'll be happy (big grin)

  74. Unknown User (jmszabel)

    Hey I should be able to go to the showcase tuesday. I was wondering who was going to bring the "just in case" kit to the presentation on the 4th if something goes wrong...??

  75. I had many many project until this one. But this is the first project I worked with international people. I think we all did great job. thanks for everyone. I am waiting the presentation to show our perfect project to everyone.

  76. Unknown User (jmszabel)

    Hey guys!

    I have been workin a little on citing everything within the paragraphs. We DO need to do this correct? I just have not noticed it anywhere else and did not know if that was because nobody was doing it or if we do not need to do that?? I was pretty sure that is what Sarah said we need to do on friday but just wanted to make sure!

  77. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Hey Jana,

    Yes we have to cite everything using APA style. I havent done mine yet, but I see that there are only 2 (maybe 1) pages left in our "child" that need to be changed with citing and stuff. Everyone should make sure the pages are in APA style ---atleast for your own "child" by tonight! ( I know it stinks!!!)

  78. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Hey everyone! I told the Purdue crew I would be able to come Tuesday -- change of plans!! I will actually be leaving for home Monday evening and will not be in town Tuesday!! I will ask whoever goes what we are up against for the showcase.

  79. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hi Everyone!

    You are all doing a great job! Thank you for all of your help.

    I am looking at the report. I have gotten at least one page fixed, but I will get it done tonight.

    METU friends: Here's the scoop. As of right now in Turkey, we will not be making any changes. Those team members in the US may make a few minor changes before we go to bed. However, I will be letting you know this weekend if we need to make any changes. The showcase in on December 4 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Purdue University time. You all are ahead of us about 7 hours (i think?) So, we will be doing the showcase during your bedtime, however, if any/all of you would like to stay up and be broadcast live at Purdue (about 1 to 4 o'clock in the morning in Turkey), you will need to let me know now. PLEASE DON'T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO. I am just giving you the choice. Nevertheless, your pictures will be shown at the showcase regardless. Please let me know.

    Thank you!


    1. Thanks for explanations Kevin. I really want to watch the presantation. But the time worries me. when you present  I may sleep  (big grin) (big grin)

      If I have time I want to watch...

  80. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    New poster is up! Remember that this is not exactly how is going to look at the showcase. I will add stuff to it once I know what I will be working with.

    Showcase peps- I know that Kevin and Libby are not coming, but I will keep you poster on what we will be up against and how we will get ready!!! I know Jana is coming, and I still havent heard from Collen! I totaly forgot the hours and room that we can go.. so if anyone has that info... please post it!!! I really hope this turns out well!!!!

    1. Unknown User (crossk)

      2-5 pm on Tuesday!

  81. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    So I am not going to print anything until Friday so we can make all the changes needed before the showcase.... thought it would be better to show the most updated version we could!!! I will also be working on the poster and I also got some pictures to make it more appealing!!!

  82. Hi everyone !

    I wanna watch the presentation and if I convince my friends (especially emre and omer (big grin) ) time is not important. but i am sure that at least 3 of us will watch the presentation. Emre? Omer? what do you think? am i right ? (big grin) (big grin)

    1. Hi Levent. You are speaking well (smile)

      but I am not sure whether I can watch or not the presantation altough I want to watch muchh.

      Becausethat day which presantation will be held  I would be in my home because of the holiday ...

  83. Unknown User (crossk)

    METU friends,

    I have not been able to talk to anyone about technology yet, but I bet if any of you would like to present, we would probably have to those of you in one place. Again, please do not feel that you have help present.

    Please let me know!


  84. Unknown User (crossk)

    METU friends,

    I have not been able to talk to anyone about technology yet, but I bet if any of you would like to present, we would probably have to those of you in one place. Again, please do not feel that you have help present.

    Please let me know!


  85. yesss ? also want to watch presentation too much. but ? am worry about date.If presentation will be after 3rd of december, this menas ? have no choice to watch it. because i will be in my hometown.i hope  presentation will be earlier than 3rd of december.

  86. hi Kevin, unfortunately,I will not participate the final showcase. I hope it will be good and I believe this you will make the best presentation!!!

  87. Kevin,

    if you have a chance to record the showcase? it will be perfect to watch soon for us.


  88. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hey Guys!

    The "previous page" link on the "lower elementary lesson plan" links back to the main education page. It should probably link back to the "elementary" page. I tried to redo the link, but I couldn't get it to work. Could someone else try?

    Everything is working great guys! Keep up the good work, and please relax and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  89. Kevin! I linked [Previous page] to [Elemantary schools]. I hope I did not understand you wrong (big grin) (big grin)

  90. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Hey Ahmet I know you wanted to be at the presentation. I am now aware that is during one of your holidays. It will be held on the 4th of December at 6:00 pm, but I think it your time it would be the 5th at 1 in the morning!!! Let me know if you still want to do it or if you rather get some sleep! Dont feel bad at all if you can't make it!!! All of you have helped so much towards this project and I am really thankful for everything you guys have done!!!

    Peps over here! so I went to see what we were going to have for our showcase so here is how it is: Its actually a normal room with a bunch of poster board things, and soem table. Little space to walk around, so I can already imagine how tight we are going to be in there. Now I can see why Sarah was saying that we can only have 2-3 people presenting!!! Colleen has what we are going to say, and the table arrangements! Message me if you guys have any questions!!!

  91. Unknown User (cokeeffe)


    Yea so like Juliana said the room is really crappy. basically the presentation table is going to be set u like this the computer with the website on the screen, the binder with all the pages in it and then on the end the brochures.

    Speaking Outline

    Introduce self

    Ask about familiarity with Google Docs make sure you tell them it was a merge between Google and Tonic systems

    Tell them about purpose google docs and why it was created

    Point out the unique uses of Google Docs

    Take them to the computer and go through the website

                   Tell them about how google docs applies to eucation

                   How its applied in education (lesson plans)

                   How its used internationally

    Tell them about the ease of making their own account and hand them a brochure

    So that was the outline we talked about tell me if you think there is anything you feel we need to talk about

    Colleen have fun everyone 

  92. Hey Team! last night I didn't sleep becasue of homeworks and exams (big grin) and at the end of this long night now time is 7:00 am in Turkey (big grin) I understand that I'm very stressed and uncomfortable, to be relax I decided to make some interesting things and I created this picture for our project may be it can be useful for our poster or another thing (smile) (smile) please look
    (big grin) (big grin) (big grin) (big grin) what do you think? (big grin) (big grin) (big grin)

    1. Unknown User (jcaldero)

      Hey Ahmet!!! Sorry about getting back to you so late, but I just wanted to let you know that we will be using this picture in our presentation. I'm gonna try to get some pictures before we present and email them to you!!! Thank you so much for you effort!!!

  93. hi friends,

    I would watch the presentation but the date is not suitable for me, becasue like Omer I will be in my hometown becasue of Bayram -holiday- .but I suggestto you if possible please record the presentation and send it to us since we want to watch too much. also, i hope it will be perfect... i believe you can do this! (smile)

  94. hi all,

    thanks to Levo! I think this picture is very good!it attacks the people' attention. it is interesting and good. I suggest it will be good that this picture is used in our project.

    how do you think about it?

  95. Are there any one who hear me? where are you guys ?

    (big grin) (big grin) (big grin)

    Especially Kevin , our  coach (big grin) ,  where are you ? How it is going on? what about the project, presentation? 

    Could you inform us about what will we do , what the US students will do ?

  96. hi team

     there is no news about what is going to friends and I really wants to watch movie.but I think most of us will be our hometowns. will you record the presentation for us ?

    if you can, this is great new for us. we want to see last version of our project on the presentation.I hope ,we will watch the presentation.please inform us about that.

    take care

  97. Unknown User (cokeeffe)

    hey team

    hope everyone that went home over thanksgiving break had a great time and to everyone else so sorry that we were all busy with family and things. So all i am wonderig now is when the canada evaluation thing will be available and if we should practice presentation speaking before the 4th



  98. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Hi Colleen. If you were not at lecture we were one of the groups that was not evaluated by the canadian people. Sarah will be evaluating us, so no worries! Can anyone be at the showcase at 4 on thursday!! I think that will give us some time to practice speaking because other than that I am really busy this week.

    To our international friend I am sorry we completely lost contact, but last week was our thanksgiving celebration, and some of us had to travel home. As of right now we are just waiting for our review from Sarah so we can make some last changes.

    DO NOT make any changes on thursday. so lets try to get all of our stuff ready by then. I will be printing the PDF files for all this and I would like it to be the same as our website. If you guys have any questions please let me know, and if I have forgotten to answer anything please ask me again (tongue)  hope everyone had a great break, and hope our international friends have a great break also!!!! Oh! and I am not sure if we will be able to record our presentation because the room we will be in is going to be extremely crowded, but we will see!!!

  99. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hello everyone!

    U.S. Friends: Sorry I wasn't in lecture today. I have been sick for about a week, and I just got some antibiotics today. Thank you for all of your help.

        Colleen: Nice outline! It looks great!

        I have labels and I will be putting our URL on them. I suppose I will just stick them on notecards?

        The presentation will be great. Please, let's keep in contact on this site. I agree with Juliana, I think it would be great to meet at 4 on thursday at stewart!

        I hop everyone's Thanksgiving was great!!!

    Here are some things to discuss:

      Who will be bringin computers?

      Who needs to print out brochures? (just one person or others?)

      Juliana: Thank you for the heads up. It is great that Sarah is evaluating our chapter. I'm sorry I didn't email everyone to let you know that we didn't get evaluated by Canada.

    Turkey friends: Thank you all so much for all of your help. As Juliana stated, the room for the presentation is very crowded, but we will see if we can record it!

    Everyone has done a great job! We are in the home stretch! You guys are amazing!!! Thank you so much for all of your help.......seriously.

    Thank you again,


  100. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Hey Kevin, hope you are getting better. I think it would be best to have one computer at our station just in case... because i knwo that the internet in stewart isn't the greatest. I will be bringing my laptop!!! Also, Libby and I already printed the brochures and mine are already folded and all!!!! So, I think the only thing left out be to make final touches on our website once we get the review back, do the presentation, and we are done!!!! (big grin) Please let me know if I'm forgetting something! (tongue)

  101. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Hello all,

    I believe ALL the brochures are printed and folded (smile)

    We are trying to all wear white and black.

    Editing needs to be done in the 'around the world section' - checkingfor spelling/grammar for Selcan's experience and the Languages section that was just added.

    Juliana - I think it would be nice to put all the print outs of the PDF files of the website into a binder. This would make it easier for people to see the information organized as if they were online looking at it. I will bring a binder to the showcase if you can hole punch the pages.

    I will bring the emergency kit (staple, hole punch, tape etc.) to the showcase

    4 works for me as well!

    See the US members Thurs!

  102. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    I will get that done! For everyone please get everything that needs to get finished asap!!! I will be printing the PDF files thursday morning!!!! See you all on thursday at 4!!!

  103. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hey folks!

    You all rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great work guys!

    I am on top of the "around the world".

    Also, remember I will bring the URLs.

    Black and pants, white shirt, and a tie? Sound good? (I know I'm pathetic asking you guys what to wear, but I want to match!!!)

    Thanks again guys!


  104. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Hey Kevin that sounds good!!! You are the only guy so you pretty much set the standard.... somethings that still need work!!

    All these page need grammar corrections according to what Sarah said:

    - How does Google Docs relate to other applications.
    - Lower elementary lesson plan using Google Docs.
    - How Google Docs is used around the world.

    I already made all the other corrections she asked for but PLEASE take a look at these pages. I know Colleen was in charge of the lower education lesson plan so if you could take care of this it would be great! Thanks guys!!!

  105. Unknown User (jmszabel)

    Hey guys!

    4 should work for me!! I will help look over things today on our website for any last minute changes as well!

    Thursday is my birthday and an awesome gift would be if this all goes as plan and I'm sure it will!! Let's do a great job because it's almost over!

    Thanks guys!

  106. Unknown User (crossk)


    Thank you! I will go through the three pages you listed and look for grammatical mistakes!



  107. Hi guys.

    I belive that you will do your best. just trust yourselves (smile)

  108. Unknown User (jmszabel)


    Is our wiki website located on the brochure? I looked and didn't see it.

  109. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Jana- yeah i did, i added the website before i printed them. ill attach the newer version to here tonight.

  110. Unknown User (cokeeffe)

    sorry about lossing contact for a little while right now is so crazy its unbelieveable but i'll be there at four

  111. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Hello international partners!!!!! Here I posted some pictures of the presentation  for you to look at. Hope you like them, and hope you had a great break!!! If you have any quesitons please email me. I do not know if we will be checking this website too much the rest of the semester so the best way to contact us is by email. The room we were at was extremly crowded so it was so hard to get good picture so this is what I had... at least you can get an idea!!!

    Poster board

  112. Juliana thank you very much for pictures! and team 27 thank you very much for your works and friendships !