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This is the poster that will be used for the presentatin. Just click on the link below to see it. I know it does not look its best but I still do not know what will be avaliable for us, I will make changes accordingly to make it look its best! If you have any comments please let me know. I also mixed the pictures so hope you like it!
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  1. Hi Juliana, first of all  I hope you will be better soon! and thank you for your hard working. really your performance is wonderful.poster is very good but I think it can be more attractive if you can accept and need I can help you for this.I think the text which you covered by rectangles can be in a talking balloons and photos of group members may be arranged in different shapes of course if there is not a certain format of these.

  2. the poster seems ok but it can be better. I agree with nihal. it is a bit simple. pictures are all on one side like a basketball players on the field. we can associate pictures with other written information. for example every member can be together with one written information like he or she says it.

    and most importantly there is selcan's name under my photo (smile)  can you fix it please

    if you need help, just let us know

  3. hi Juliana,

    firstly, the poster looks good but i think it can be better! if you need help, I can do it please verify me if you need. the poster should be more attractive, interesting, colorful, good in my opinion..? agree with nihal and omer...

    and there is a problem, there isn't my picture, only my name is there.. also, my name is under the photo of Omer... I wonder why there is no my picture.. I sent my picture to you? is there any problem ? 

  4. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    SOOOOO SORRY! The poster is still in progress!!!! PROMISE it will look better once its up! Selcan i just sent you an email and sorry about mixing your names. Your picture will be eidited and put on the poster, with colleen's. Its been really hard working on it because I have no idea what type of poster board they are going to give us at the show case. On tuesday I am going to go an check it out and then and stuff to the poster accordingly. I want the poster to look as professional as possible... so do not worry this is NOT THE FINAL ONE! We just had to put a poster by yesterday, so I kind of did it in a hurry. SO SORRY about all the confusion!!!

    1. Good job Juliana , thanks (wink)

  5. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Thank you Emre! there is still much of it that I still need to work on, but its getting there!!!

  6. Hey Juliana! I have a suggestion! If it is possible I think we can put some pictures (related with google docs' properties) to poster. I'll give some picture links. I think with pictures poster will be more effective because in today's world visuality is more efficent than writings. dont forget it is just a suggestion (big grin)

    some links;

    1. Unknown User (jcaldero)

      Hey Ahmet! Thank you! I have already printed some picture for the poster, and I will print these one and see which one looks the best so our poster looks good!!!! Dont worry I will make it look pretty, and I will post a picture of how it looks at the showcase. And if you want to be present during the showcase we will try to work that out. I have a laptop, but I'm not sure what program you would want to use for the broadcast. Just let me know and I will be the arrangements!!!!

  7. hey Juliana, thanks for puting my image to the poster....

    also, i think the edited version of poster is better than the first one, it seems more professional and better, thanks!