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Hey Guys! I added an attachment (click on the paperclip above!) with a table to better visualize what the roles of everyone. If you're on a primary role and feel like you are getting bogged down with stuff to do, ask the people on Secondary roles for help! IF YOU DON'T HAVE MICROSOFT WORD 2007, THEN BE SURE TO OPEN THE .DOC FILE, NOT THE .DOCX ONE.

Here is the general summary of what everyone from Purdue has done for the project:

Matt: research, some writing, presentation creator/ main presenter, making changes from peer evaluation

Joey: writing everything provided by researchers, presentation creator/ main presenter, coordinated peer evaluation of ZohoWiki, making changes from peer evaluation

Krista: researcher, monitoring other groups, secondary lesson plan, 3 post secondary lesson plans, map for board

Jennifer: planning/ making presentation board, brochure, collecting materials and making shirts, review of final wiki, changing turn-it-in similarities

Jessica: editing (writing new paragraphs and correcting grammar), helping with brochures,planning/ making presentation board, collecting materials, map for board

Stacy: editing wiki, made 3 lesson plans, made PowerPoint slides for presentation board, helped with Australian connections, made name tags

Krystal: website design, screen captures, creating links, Don Quijote lesson plan and creating Lit Trip, Night lesson plan, formatting lesson plans (converting to PDF and uploading to wiki), designing and printing business cards and stickers, PowerPoint of Lit Trips books, collecting display items

Emily: 1 elementary lesson plan, helped with PowerPoint slides

Lauri: everything else (smile)


Here is what everyone volunteered to do. For the most part, we'll assume that whatever is listed first will be your primary role, and anything else will be secondary roles.
Jessica Clusserath- Brochures, Editing, Writing

Emily Norton- Editing

Matt Bennett- Research, Writer, Editing

Krystal Zimmerman- Website Designer, Poster, Lesson Plans

Krista Mehl- Research, Evaluator

Joseph Gardner-Writer, Editing, Presentation

Stacy Baute- Lesson Plans, Research

Jennifer Wilson- Posters, Brochures

Emma, Africa, Cathy- Work on the International Use Question; See how you can apply this application to Australian literature.

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