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Examples Using Google Notebook for Educational Value

  • Google Notebook is a tool that is very helpful for teachers and students alike.  Teachers are already using this program to create, organize and save lesson plans.  One teacher explains in a blog online that Google Notebook makes it simple for him to organize class discussions. He is also impressed that he is able to save a link on one computer and view it later from a different computer. After reading this teacher's blog, other teachers from different areas commented on how they also use Google Notebook. One teacher said that almost every teacher from her school now uses the program to organize lesson plans.
  • In another blog, a High School teacher explains an alternate use for Google Notebook. She explains that she also uses the program to create lesson plans, but in addition she uses it in her own classes in which she is a student. She claims that Google Notebook makes it convenient and easy to keep all of her research in one place. She also says she plans to have her students use Google Notebook to document research they do in class. 


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    Please, if anyone can find any other sites with examples of educational value. Just let me know or add them.