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Post anything that you found that you could do with this program here. 

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  1. Unknown User (kmculy)

    The purpose of Google Notebook is to easily take notes while on the internet or to just organize your notes in a easy to read fashion that can be accessed from everywhere. I found it really interesting that you can make different notebooks, and sections. I think this would really be useful for high school or college students because they could take notes on a computer, and then be able to access them at home on another computer.

  2. Unknown User (tfoor)

    I agree- it's super easy to take notes and then you can organize them later on a different computer. I thought that it could work really well (in a classroom) if students had to complete a research project... Or , if a teacher wanted to export information they could with a notebook and the students could read/comment on it.

  3. Unknown User (cthofer)

    Just throwing out a reminder to everyone,

    In addition to the job you were assigned to make sure to make a post about question "e" on the Project II check off sheet, which can be found on blackboard in week 9

    For everyone who doesn't fee like looking, the question is "What are some unique ways of using this application (Google Notebook)?

    Thanks for your hard work and effort and keep it up!


  4. Unknown User (ekasch)

    I found a very interesting use for Google Notebooks.  You can actually share notebooks.  So for instance, you are working on a group research presentation or a group paper and you need to collaborate all of your research.  Someone can start a notebook and click the share button and add everybody in their group's emails (they of course would need to set up an account and use that email).  Therefore, that notebook will show up in with the rest of their notebooks and they can add and edit the research already in there.  Even if you wanted to you can write the paper in a notebook, so that everyone can see it, edit it, and add to it; then eventually copy and paste into a word processor.  I think this is great for college students because it can be difficult to get everyone in the group together at the same time.  The only issue with the sharing is that after you make any changes, you have to share it back with all the people in the group.  But in general, Google Notebooks is a good tool to use when dealing with large groups or extensive amount of research that is needed to be organized.

  5. Unknown User (kmculy)

    Google Notebooks can be very useful for high school students and teachers. For instance, teachers can use it when they are making lesson plans. When they are gathering information online for their lesson plans they can easily save that information and all of those sites with just one click of a button. This allows them to revist the sites they found interesting very quickly by just visiting their google notebooks. Also if they find more information then they can present they can save that in a notebook, and publish it so that their students are able to visit their notebook and find the sites that relate to the lesson. By being able to share notes teachers can put up information that might be helpful for students for a project, and they can get that information very qucikly. Also the information is available to you at any computer, so it is very accessable.

    This is also a great tool for students. They can take notes while studying at home on google notebook and get them the next day at school or work. They do not have to ever worry about having or loosing a flashdrive. Also the way that google notebook is set up, it is very easy to navigate. There are section headings that make it so your notes are very organized and easy to read. Also instead of copying down urls students can now just save that url straight to their google notebook. Google Notebooks also makes it so students can share information with each other. They are able to share their notebooks with others that may be working on the same project. This makes it group projects because everyone can have access to the information you have collected and you all can be in different places. Google Notebooks is a great tool.  

     I also found this other website that gives tons of info about Google Notebooks, some of my information came from there too. Check it out becasue it shows a lot that I didn't know about this program.\\

  6. Unknown User (jruegg)

    General use: The main use of this application is obvious - you can create a notebook with it. You can highlight parts of a website and save it, bookmark a webpage and create your own notes. One thing that I found very useful immediately was the use of the mini notebook, which you can use while you are surfing the web. The mini notebook makes access to it easy, and you can always close it back down so that it doesn't interfere with anything you are trying to view. The full screen google notebook, I like, for reorganizing everything you previously put into the notebook.
    Other obvious features include being able to create and name different notebooks, you can share the notebooks with other people and they can add to it, or you can upload them to other areas. You don't need anything in order to get started with the full screen google notebook other than a screen name. But in order to use the mini google notebook you need to download the google toolbar.

    At this point I don't see many uses for google notebook beyond the obvious... not that they don't exist, but that I just haven't thought of them. I think it would be extremely useful for us as college students if we used it to take notes off of powerpoints that were uploaded. I also think that google notebook, teamed up with an online library would be one of the best ways to conduct research.

  7. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    General Use:

    Personally, I think I would use Google Notebook to:

                    Organize recipes for dinner.  I chose recipes and pictures from different sites and was able to put them in one place
                    organize weekly assignments, almost like a weekly planner.  I took all of the online assignments I had for the week and put them in the order they needed to be done.  I could also put other assignments on the list.  I could delete them once they were completed

    In a classroom:

    Google Notebook can also be used in an elementary classroom to:

                    Organize lesson plans that involve multiple web components

                    Allow a teacher to select only the parts of a websites that he or she needs.  This way no time will be wasted when returning to the site to look for a particular quote or passage.

                    Save favorite lesson plan websites or instructions in one place.

                    Organize information by which class in which it will be used, or by semester, week, or subject.

                    Allow the teacher to share her notebook with students when in a computer lab. If the activity involves websites, they can simply click the link rather than typing in a long web address.

  8. Unknown User (nadunn)

    Question e has already been answered several times. Everybody knows the basic use of it: to bookmark webpages, highlight important parts of websites, and obviously, create a notebook.

    To answer question f part 4, how it can be used in business/industry, I would have to say that it is very similar to its use in secondary and post secondary education.  I think the main use for this program in businesses would be for research. Businesses could use this to copy any research they have found on the internet to the notebook.