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Purpose of Google Sheets

The reason why Google Sheets was created was to develop and expand a spreadsheet program that would be made available to more students, teachers, employees, and businesses in general. Although Microsoft Excel is a sufficient program, it is not available through the internet and is not available for everyone to share. Students can work through Google Sheets and can update information easily without worrying about losing their data. Teachers can immediately see how the students are working and can give them immediate feedback, whereas e-mailing attached spreadsheets through excel can become tricky and confusing. Also, you can access and update Google Sheets through your iphone or other mobile device that has internet. Most importantly, it is a free application to all who have internet access. Therefore, if there were businesses and schools looking to save money, they could easily cut costs by using Google Sheets instead of paying for the Excel program or any other program that charges for their product.  

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The Legendary History and Development

Google Docs originated from two separate products, Writely and Google Spreadsheets. Writely was a web-based word processor created by the software company Upstartle and launched in August 2005.  Spreadsheets, launched as Google Labs Spreadsheets on June 6, 2006, originated from the acquisition of the XL2Web product by 2Web Technologies. Writely's original features included a collaborative text editing suite and access controls. Menus, keyboard shortcuts, and dialog boxes are similar to what users may expect in a desktop word processor such as Microsoft Word or Writer.

Meanwhile, Google developed Google Spreadsheets using the technology it had acquired from 2Web Technologies in 2005 and launched Google Labs Spreadsheets on June 6, 2006 as the first public component of what would eventually become Google Docs. It was initially made available to only a limited number of users, on a first-come, first-served basis. The limited test was later replaced with a beta version available to all Google Account holders, around the same time as a press release was issued.

Introduction to Google Docs 


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How does it work? 

Below is a link to a Tutorial that walks you through the basics of Google Sheets

To start using Google Sheets, one must first go to   From there, if you look at the top left of the broswer screen you will see options such as Web, Images, Video, etc.  You will want to click on more, and then scroll down to Documents.


Then, you will be brought to the welcome screen for Google Documents.  On the right hand side is a sign in option.  You must have a google account to use this program.  The account is free to use. 

If you already have an account, simply type your account information in to the appropriate fields and select "sign in."  If you do not have an account you should click on "Get started" and fill in the necessary fields.  After you recieve a conformation email, follow the instructons listed above to return to this page and then type in your account infomation and select "sign in."

After you sign in correctly, you will be brought to the Google Documents homepage.  You're almost able to use Google Sheets.  From this page you can use other programs such as Google Presentation.  This homepage lists the documents you have saved.  So if you have previously worked on a spreadsheet, when you log in, you will see it listed here for easy access.  To create a new spreadsheet, for first time use, or for another project, look to the left hand side of the browser.


Click on "New" and scroll down to Spreadsheet.

     After you click on Spreadsheet, you will be taken to the Spreadsheet homepage where you will edit your spreadsheet's data.

To begin, click on a box.  The box will become highlighted.  You can then enter your data.  After your data is entered in a box, you can click another box, or use the arrow keys to move. 
 After you are done manipulating your data and adding the exciting features you wish to include, you will want to save your work.  Look towards the upper left hand side by the title of your document and you can see that it automatically saves for you as you type. This is an awesome feature! No more worrying about unexpected computer failure and not having that work saved. Now it saves the work as you type and make changes. 



Then, just sign out, or return to the main homepages if you need to work on a different project.



If you are new to using Google Sheets, but you have previous work done on another spreadsheet program, you do not necessarily have to re-enter it all into your Google Sheets document.  Google Sheets will upload files if they are in these formats: 2

  • .xls  a 97-2003 Excel Document
  • .xlsx  the newer Excel format
  • .ods an Open Document Spreadsheet                            
  • .csv  A Comma Seperated Values file
  • .txt  A simple text file


In addition, you can upload PDF files, but there is a catch to this process.  You may not edit these files, only copy and paste text. 3

You do not necessarily have to save your data to Google Sheets's database.  You may export it to your own computer.  You may save under the following formats:

  • .xls
  • .txt
  • .pdf
  • .ods
  • .html
  • .csv


The ability to save to a pdf file is extremely useful as it is a universal file type.  Any computer can easily get a pdf reader (one of the most common being Adobe Reader) for free, so any computer is capable of viewing the files in that format.

Not only is Google Sheets compatible with other spreadsheet programs, you don't even have to use a computer to access and edit your data.  If your phone has a Webkit-based browser (which does include the iPhone), you may access google sheets 4.   You won't have the full capabilites of google sheets as you would on a computer, but you do still have some abilities.  You may still enter data, edit data, and share the data.

Google Sheets is a very versatile program.  It can be used on your phone, and you can even use it without the internet.  If you want to use Google Sheets offline, you must first install an application called Google Gears.  Click "offline" in the top right of the screen.   


Then, follow the instructions found here: Click here for instructions.  With the use of Google Gears, you may edit your data as you would online, and save it.  Then, the next time you are online, you will be able to synchronize your edited data with your old files.  This will update your new files in Google's database and let you edit from there.   It may take some time to properly synchronize.  For troubleshooting, see Google's advice: Click here for advice

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Insert a Gadget

Google sheets has a feature under the insert menu called gadgets. There are a total of 21 gadgets. You can insert anything from a calendar to graphs to translation tables. There is a lot of useful gadgets. Especially the pie chart and other information graph charts that can be inserted using the gadgets feature. Also you can use this feature for fun. You can add word searches to your document. Also this feature works well for advertising. The gadgets list contains a QR code generator. This is perfect if you put up a flyer and then someone with a smart phone can scan the QR code and instantly be directed to the events website or Facebook page. 


Educational Value


There are many benefits for using Google Sheets in the Elementary level. The first benefit is that children would be able develop a better understanding of Google Sheets, and the Internet in general. Not only would students be able to access the information at school but they would be able to go back on at any computer at any time to make changes. Students can use Google Sheets to create multiple types of charts and graphs.

These are the different types of charts, graphs, and gadgets that can be used at the Elementary level:

  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Charts
  • Line Chart
  • Column chart
  • Bars of Stuff *
  • Timeline Gadget
  • Table Chart
  • Organization Chart
  • Pile Chart
  • Functions
  • Drawings
  • Images
  • Forms

Many of these gadgets and charts are found in similar software, except  the "Bars of Stuff" gadget. This gadget enables teachers and students to make fun bar charts with images such as trains, chocolate, worms, and more!

Google Sheets presents endless opportunities to further the learning process! The following lesson plans are plans that can be adapted to use Google Sheets.

Elementary Lesson Plans

Below are examples of educational lesson plans for that incorporate Weebly into the learning process. These lesson plans are intended for use at the elementary level.

Using Sheet for Averages

This lesson plan shows a lesson of teaching students how to do averages, and as an activity has them each make a spreadsheet of their own, displaying some of their own averages. This lesson plan may require two class periods if you split up the explanation of averages and lab time, but most likely could be fit into one class period.



Time line of Egypt

This lesson plan has the students learn the different time-periods of Egypt. They then incorporate this into making a spreadsheet on Google Sheets using the timeline data. Would take more than one class period, and some out of class group work.



Using Sheet for Water Levels

This lesson plan has students study the effects of global warming. They then apply this knowledge to making a spreadsheet on Google Sheets displaying the varying water levels over the years. This lesson plan would require more than one class period, but everything could be during class periods in a computer lab.



Secondary Lesson Plans

Below are examples of educational lesson plans for that incorporate Weebly into the learning process. These lesson plans are intended for use at the seconday level.

Lorentzian Distortions



Battery Technology Comparison



Concentration Camps



5 6

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Application outside of Education

There is a Google Docs application available for download on to your phone free of charge. Its downloaded to your phone and then you have access anytime you want. It has an “all Items” section to access any document from a list. It has an “owned by me” section to select the documents that were created by you and owned by you. This is helpful if an organization you are in uses Google Docs a lot and you just want to see a paper that you wrote and not an attendance sheet or budget statement. There is also just a documents section so that you can choose a document and not a picture. There is also just a picture option to select all the pictures and none of the documents. Also this application allows you to edit each document as if you were sitting at a computer and changing it. 



Many corporations have decided not to use Google Sheets because as of right now they believe the program does not offer enough tools like other online programs offer. They hope that one day Google Sheets will have more useful tools for a business level. Until then many companies are opting to use 8

Although larger businesses and corporations are not using this program smaller companies such as Target, Shoe Carnival, American Eagle, and Macy's opt to use this program to keep track of their finances.9 10 11 12

Google sheets is even taking the route of being an at home program. Some families are beginning to use this application to balance their check books, keep track of savings accounts, and create lists for collaboration on projects or to-do lists. Families are opting for this since it is a mess free way of creating a file that can be easily edited. Families are also opting for this program since it is free and can be used online or offline.13

The following is a lesson plan that could be used for a business or industry lesson plan setting. Although the lesson plan itself is geared towards an upper level class and not a particular industry, it does provide essential skills for manipulating data and following a budget, in which many businesses and industries focus on.

Meals on Wheels





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International Applications 

Application at TAFE in Australia

An RTO is a Registered Training Organisation. An RTO is an accredited training organisation that is registered to deliver nationally endorsed training packages for industry. This includes Private RTO's - Board members and Investors, TAFE - Government sector, some schools have a registered status as an RTO to deliver in the vocational education sector approved by the Queensland Department of Education as part of their school curriculum towards their senior certificate. Some schools deliver certificate I, certificate II and some certificate III. The most common packages delivered are Engineering / automotive / construction trades. Some deliver cert III in hospitality. Some deliver certificate I and complete the certificate II through an RTO either TAFE or Private training provider. The learning styles can be delivered face to face, workplace, online or simulated with verbal, written or practical assessments.

Learning new information is great and learning new ways in new environments to communicate gives more variety and keeps you fresh.

A ready application for Google sheets would be in the communication and technology units that apprentices undertake when attending TAFE (Technical and Further Education). These modules are interlinked as they show apprentices how vital technology has become for good communication in the workplace. While attending TAFE apprentices currently use Microsoft Word and Excel programs. Word is used for writing work instructions, reports and safety instructions documents while Excel is used for recording data and producing charts to better illustrate the data. A drawback with this situation is that when an apprentice is not on site they may not have access to the programs.

With TAFE placing a greater emphasis on providing apprentices with the option of flexible delivery for the theory component of units of competency, a resource like Google sheets will be extremely useful. Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can all be created on Google sheets.  The fact that apprentices do not have to purchase specific software will save them money and reduce the costs of training.

There are other reasons besides the cost saving factor that make the Internet option a good one. The ability to set up a secure site with access via the Internet greatly increases the flexibility of delivery that is available for collaboration. Being able to set up an environment that lets the teacher control who has access to it, enables work to be set up for individual students or groups of students. Because all of the information is in one location the need for documents being attached to emails is eliminated. This situation assists with version control, as there is only one current version on the Internet at any time. This set up assists with better communication between teacher and student. The presentation function on Google sheets enables slide shows of lessons to be created. These presentations can be made available to apprentices to supplement the resources that are available to them. With everyone using the same program the resources that are created can be tailored just for those applications.

With TAFE Queensland setting up the my.TAFE web site that enables apprentices to access teaching staff and materials via the internet. Google sheets would be an ideal resource for apprentices to use as part of my.TAFE. Access via the Internet and the use of Google sheets is ideally suited to the concept of flexible delivery. 15 16

Private Registered Training Organisation also deliver endorsed nationally accredited qualifications and embrace industry that whatever your goals, we can offer flexible training solutions to help you get there.

"Within the Private Registered Training Organisation, students learn in world-class facilities, supported by teachers and trainers who are highly qualified, industry experts. It is a flexible and dynamic organization which allows us to deliver on the job training to our students, as well as more traditional classroom based delivery and e-learning.

Students from more than 70 countries have experienced the safe, supportive, and harmonious learning environment.

The Registered Training Organization provides students with nationally recognized skills and qualifications, creating pathways into employment or further study."  17

Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can all be created on Google sheets. The use of google sheets is endless and one of many tools available to be utilised. Students / employers can access the web page and relevant links to enquire or submitt evidence against course outcomes. Students can go on line with their e-learning. The use of Google sheets via access on the Internetis is ideally suited to the concept of flexible delivery. 18 19

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  1. Unknown User (lkashman)

    Hey all, this is Luke. I am going to be the "project manager" which I intend to make more of a title than a description of my actual activities. In truth, we all shall be involved in researching, writng, designing, and editing our page on Google Sheets. I look forward to incorporating everyone into the production, both here and in Australia. If you could all follow this post and say a few things about yourself and discuss what you think you might contribute, that would be excellent. I'll go first: I'm  a sophomore studying Physics and I hope to teach it at a high school level. I work for the Purdue Police Department as Student Security (we do the Safewalk escorts). I speak some Japanese. I like jumping over things and rolling under things... I hope to contribute in as hands-on a way as possible by both writing and researching.    

    1. Unknown User (gbridgma)

      Okay who is doing to brochure and the poster? I don't know if those have been assigned yet.

  2. Unknown User (lkashman)

    Also, I'm looking into it but I'd like your thoughts too, there's a special interest in synchronized interaction with our international partners. So if anyone has experience with technologies like Skype or Adobe Connect please let the team know. Also, if any of our international partners have a specific time of day that you could meet for such a thing, let me know so the time difference can be accounted for and I can begin organizing a meeting. Thanks.

  3. Unknown User (renichol)

    Hi, this is Reilly. My major is art education so I think I would be able to help designing the layout of the wiki and making it look presentable. Let me know if that's okay or if anyone else wants to help! I am pretty good at writing too, so if we need more people in that area I am more than willing to help! Thanks.

  4. Unknown User (gbridgma)

    Hey I'm Greta. I am a Family and Consumer Science Education (Home Economics teacher). I am a freshman and I really hope to teach at a middle school level. I  am hoping to be a person who helps edit the page. I am pretty good at revising so I think this would be a good section for me. I can write fairly well also so if there needs to be more writers just let me know!

  5. Unknown User (nmiller)

    Hi, I'm Nikki. I am a freshman and my major is agricultural education. I hope to teach at a high school level. I am not very good at designing layouts, but would be able to help with writing, researching, or editing.

  6. Unknown User (aejohnso)

    Hello everyone! I am Amanda Johnson. I'm a freshman and I'm majoring in Elementary Education. My ideal grades to teach would be 1st through 3rd (even though 3rd grade is my favorite!).  I am willing to do whatever on the page, although I like designing and making stuff pretty! (smile) Not that great at writing, I won't lie so maybe not that! I look foward to making an amazing wiki with you all!

  7. Unknown User (meeggers)

    Hey guys this is Mary. I'm a Social Studies Ed major. I'm good at following directions, but not so great at talking. I can edit and write, but not great at art (stick figures are my idea of art). I'm not great with the whole technology thing, but I catch on pretty quick to most things. Just so everyone knows...I'm the one that will probably ask the ridiculous questions. Sorry!

  8. Unknown User (tbarclay)

    Howdy everyone.  I'm Scott.   I'm a freshman studying physics, and teaching physics at a high school is one career I am currently interested in.  My artistic abilities include stick figures and poor 3d drawing of shapes for math class.  I'd more so prefer to be a researcher/writer/editor.  One of the three or all, whatever I'm needed for.   I like to think I'm a fairly easy going person so don't think I'm going to yell if you correct something I write.  In my spare time, I like to play video games and read. 

  9. Unknown User (esturgeo)

    Hi, I'm Elizabeth Sturgeon. I am a freshman majoring in Elementary Education. I am from Middletown, IN, which is really cloe to Anderson. I want to teach K-3 grade, probably nothing higher. I am not that good at writing, but I think I would be okay in the presenting part! So probably anything but research and writing I can do!

  10. Hi everyone. I'm Marcus and I am one of the team members from Australia. I am working full time as a trade/technical teacher for TAFE (Technical and Further Education) Queensland in Brisbane Australia. Like Scott I have limited artistic ability, but if you need anything drawn in 3D on the computer I will be able to do that. I should be able to contribute with writing and researching.

    Luke, co-ordinating a time for everyone to interact could be a bit of a challenge. I'm a day ahead of you and I work full time Monday to Friday. Maybe some time Friday your time and Saturday my time could work. I don't know were the other team members live in Australia. When they contact you, hopefully we can work out a suitable time.  

    1. Hi Guys, My name is Andrew and I am also from Australia.  I Design and Manufacture Jewellery, as well as studying  to be a manual arts teacher in high schools that is woodwork and metalwork etc.  I would be happy to help out in any way I can with this project.  As far as catching up I am fairly flexible but a Saturday Australian time would suit me fine as well.  Cheers Andrew.

      1. Unknown User (tbarclay)

        Hey Andrew, 
                      Have you made anything for fun as a summer project or anything?

    2. Hi Marcus

      I live in Ipswich but work in brisbane and i can understand the challenge of co ordinating people and times. I too work full time in a private RTO. I find the best way for me at present is these correspondances. I am contributing by research and occassionally editing but the info is spot on and the presentation is exceptional.

      Regards Karl

  11. Unknown User (gbridgma)

  12. Unknown User (gbridgma)

    hey i am having a bit of trouble finding more information pertaining to how google sheets can be used outside of the classroom. All i can find is stuff about cell phones. If anyone happens to come across any information about this topic could you reply to this comment with the link. It would be very much appreciated. I am still going to look for information for it.

  13. Unknown User (esturgeo) I found that American Eagle uses Google Sheets for their finances! Target uses them too! So does Shoe Carnival. And Macy's among many other companies!

    1. Unknown User (gbridgma)

      Thank you. This helped me out a lot.

  14. Unknown User (aejohnso)

    Hey guys I edited the education part a little bit more! I had to get rid of the third one because the link didn't work! But feel free to change it, I'm not the best writer! If there is anything else I can do let me know! See you guys soon(smile)

  15. Hi Team

    Karl Morris i'm on Australia had a slow start but am impressed with the compiling of info.
    I live in Ipswich and work for a private RTO in Brisbane.

    Instead of stating TAFE what about the private Registered Training Organisations as well. Should we incorporate / swap TAFE for RTO into the relevant sections. I can relate to the TAFE system but they are one of several RTO's.

    If there is anything people would like contributed or helpout with please let me know?

    It has been good to read everyones comments and contributions

    Regards Karl

  16. Unknown User (lkashman)

    Hey Karl,

    It's great to hear from you. I don't know much about RTO, but if there is any way to incorporate it with what Marcus has started on TAFE that would be great.


    1. Hi Luke

      An RTO is a Registered Training Organisation. A RTO is an accredited training organisation that is registered to deliver nationally endorsed training packages for industry. This includes TAFE government sector, some schools have registered as an RTO to deliver in the vocational education sector approved by the education department as part of their school curriculum towards their senior certificate. Some school deliver cert I, cert II or some certificate III. Most commonly is Engineering / automotive / construction trades. Some deliver cert III in hospitality. Some deliver cert I and complete the cert II through an RTO either government TAFE or Private training provider. The learning styles can be delivered face to face, workplace, online or simulated with verbal, written or practical assessments.

      Marcus is right with his content but the word TAFE can be replaced with RTO as schools and private providers operate the same. i respect he is usng TAFE as he works there and is familar with that senario.

      I hope this information has explained a little more about an the acronym - RTO

      Learning new information is great variety keeps you fresh.

      Regards Karl Australia

    2. Hi Luke

      I cut and pasted this from our web site

      At my private RTO our students learn in world-class facilities, supported by teachers and trainers who are highly qualified, industry experts. We are a flexible and dynamic organisation which allows us to deliver on the job training to our students, as well as more traditional classroom based delivery and e-learning.

      Students from more than 70 countries have experienced our safe, supportive, and harmonious learning environment.

      My RTO provides students with nationally recognised skills and qualifications, creating pathways into employment or further study.

      regards Karl Australia

  17. Unknown User (gbridgma)

    So I am a bit confused about how we were supposed to fix our reference sheet and place our references on there. If anyone knows how to do this could you please provide steps?

  18. Unknown User (jacobb)

    Hi this is Jeff Cobb from the scribd group. We evaluated you all and attached in to your attachments so you all can go look and make changes or whatever.

  19. Unknown User (gbridgma)

    I added in my lesson plan, but it can be moved, formatted, etc. I think it fits my section, if not I can change it.

  20. Unknown User (tbarclay)

    Hey everyone,
                      I read the evaluation form.  I thought I had the "Back to the top" links working, but I must have missed the anchor last time.  They're all fixed now though.   Also, for a group meeting on the weekend, I will be unable to attend on Saturday from around 11am to 9pm.  So pretty much all of Saturday.  I'm free anytime on Sunday though for a meeting.

    Greta, I think (anyone correct me if I'm wrong) that you'd just put a number in your section where the reference should go and then hyperlink it down to the references section where you'll have your actual link and a corresponding number.

    I moved the three references in How it Works to the reference section and numbered them 1-3.  If anyone puts references before them, they can just get re-numbered. 

  21. Hi Luke,
    I was talking to Karl yesterday about what to post to the site. I wrote about how Google sheets was applicable to my situation. I said to Karl that he should write something about how he would use Google sheets in his own situation. Do you agree? Should Andrew be contributing something as well? I know I am a pain!

    The reason I say this is that this project is part of an assignment where I have to refer to what I contributed. At least I can point to the section about TAFE and say I did that. Just because I got in first and put something on the site should not stop the other international people contributing. I don't know if just proof reading and editing is enough to satisfy what is required at this end.

    Also I added some sites that I visited when I was researching about Google sheets. Don't know if they should br moved to the references?

    Cheers Marcus

  22. Unknown User (gbridgma)

    Hey I was just wondering what was all the pink stuff on the page?? Also I am going to go through and edit some stuff. Basically I am going to see if the sentences flow and check for mis-spelled words. I will let some one else fix the anchors and stuff like that because I am not that great at technology and would more than likely end up messing up some of the stuff. Trust me you will want to let people who know what they are doing fix the stuff (smile) Also where are we meeting tomorrow for the showcase??


    1. Unknown User (tbarclay)

      It's an edit that Andrew made.
      Andrew, there seems to be a few coding errors with your last post.  I'm not entirely sure what's wrong though.
      Greta, we set up from 3-5:30 in STEW 218, but people are getting there at various times.  I'm not sure when everyone's getting there.

      1. Hi guys, I'm not sure what happened when I tried to add in the information.

        This is how I see Google Sheets could used within a High School environment.

        High School

        There are a number of benefits of using Google Sheets within the High School. As in the elementary school students would be able further develop their understanding of Google Sheets and the Internet.  Google Sheets can be used by to help manage large projects that students undertake.  These projects can extend to up to four semesters.  This can be achieved by setting up forms for the students and teacher to fill in. See sample below

        In addition to this, by setting up forms teachers can undertake formative and summative assessment of students.  The forms are easy to set up and provide the teacher with information that will help with marking and assessment of students.  Google Sheets provides a way for students to fill in student assessment forms that can be anonymous.  This can give teachers ongoing information that can be used for formative assessment. 

        Teachers can within Google Sheets set up marking Rubrics that will assist in marking exams, self-assessment questions, self-reflection questions and assignments.  Setting up these forms provides teacher with information:

        • A summary of the results including, timestamp, answers, graphs and percentages.
        • A spreadsheet of the results. 

        Specifically for the Industrial Technology and Design (Woodwork, Metalwork, Graphics, Engineering and Furnishing) subject area Google Sheets is a tool that could be incorporated.  The use of spreadsheets and forms could be used to keep track of design projects that extend to up to four semesters.  Spreadsheets could be used to keep track of tools, materials, equipment maintenance, workplace health and safety and for formative and summative assessment.  Students can upload their design briefs, project drawings, costing and provide self-evaluation is a vital part of their course.  Teachers can set up forms to undertake assessment.  Forms and spreadsheets can be used to link the assessment for Vocational Education and Training (VET) that is offered as part of these courses. 

        While the above is specific to Industrial Technology and Design it could be expanded or modified to other subject areas taught within High Schools.


  23. Unknown User (gbridgma)

    I added in some stuff and fixed some grammatical errors. Feel free to look at the changes or change them. Also we really need to get our resources up on the page. I was about to, but got kicked out of a computer lab so I am going to put them up first thing tomorrow.

  24. Unknown User (lkashman)


    I've had trouble getting trough to you on my normal email, and I figure the securest way to communicate is this:

    I hope everything is going well with the poster, and I can't wait to see it at
    the session, STEW 218, setup starts at 3:30. Also if you could throw the
    reference links on your section that would be great. Thanks for all of your
    hard work!

  25. Unknown User (tbarclay)

    Hey guys,
                It's 4:20.  I'm in my room printing the brochures for the project.  I'll be over once I'm done.  I'm also bring tacks and pins in case we need them.  I was there earlier and that seems to be something we might have forgotten about.  I know Luke said he would be bringing his laptop and the ITAP laptops get brought out around 5?  But hopefully I'll be back before then.


    1. Unknown User (lkashman)

      I'm having trouble getting my laptop on PAL so if anyone wants to bring their's that would be great. Otherwise we can work with just one.

      1. Unknown User (tbarclay)

        I'm still in my room (I stay in McCutcheon) finishing up the printing.  I'll bring my laptop too.

  26. Unknown User (gbridgma)

    hey we need to add in all of the names of the people who worked on the project at the top of the page. I didn't know if anyone especially wanted to do that.

  27. Unknown User (gbridgma)

    hey i put everyone's name into the page, if i misspelled it sorry. If i forgot you just add it in and sorry if i did! Great job group!