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Now integrated through Facebook and Twitter !

What Are the Uses of Gowalla?

Gowalla provides a new way to explore a user's neighborhoods and the world, share their travels with their friends, and collect souvenirs that reflect their personal path. It is a simple way to share location with friends, tell them about favorite places, and figure out where everyone is gathering for the evening.  Gowalla is a location-based travel game that rewards users for visiting both everyday and extraordinary places with their Palm webOS, iPhone, Android or Nokia N900 device.

Gowalla's Overview

Gowalla is a aborginally mobile web application. It provides user to check-in to locations that they visit using their mobile device. This is achieved either through the use of dedicated applications such as iPhone, Google Android,    Palm WebOS, Blackberry or via There is currently no way of checking-in through the standard website. Check-ins can be pushed via Notifications to iPhones, and by linking accounts, to Twitter and Facebook.

Key Terms

  • Geocaching - an outdoor activity in which the participants use a navigational system to hide and seek anywhere in the world
  • Badges - Received at each check in point in Gowalla, when users are the certain point and Gowalla recognizes it via a navigational system.
  • Pins - Achievements in Gowalla for completing a certain mission or task.
  • FourSquare - a location-based social networking website, where users "check-in" at venues using text messaging or a device specific application

What Does It Do?

It uses the GPS and location services on a mobile device to help users discover new places and events in their area, and is integrated with social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to make it easy to share with friends.

Check out this video for more information on Gowalla:

Who Uses Gowalla?

This service is intended solely for users who are eighteen (18) years of age or older.  Gowalla users love to travel and network with their friends.  Here’s a snapshot of an actual Gowalla user:

Meet Lee!

Lee is 24 years old and is a resident of Palo Alto, California.  He works as an information designer for Facebook.  Lee’s been using Gowalla for a little over a year; he signed up for it as soon as it was launched. Here are a few things Lee said about using Gowalla:
“The main reason I use it is to broadcast when I'm somewhere interesting and hope that people will chime in or join me. I also use it to see where my friends are, which often results in serendipitous meet ups.”
“I really like the pseudo game surrounding it, picking up and dropping items. I've found a number of rare items and I like to drop them in rare nooks and crannies of the city to see if people find them later. Technically, they've got a really interesting system for making sure you are where you say you are, and it takes into account the size of the place where you are: airports are larger than restaurants.”

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