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How does work? lets you make an account on their website.  You can connect with Facebook to make the account creating process easier.   When you have an account, you are able to invite friends by email to join and become members of viewing your profile.  On, the users are able to share photos, videos, events, and games.  Users can also create a wiki to share information between different members. is a community based website.  When you create your account, you are to connect with friends and share information easily.    

Who uses has 2.5 million visitors per month.  Their users quickly increased from 1 million to 2 million users in just 6 months.  Each month, has 60 million page views.  25% of’ traffic is from the United States.  It is most popular in Japan and Brazil.


  • The website is developed by Turkish Web Technologist, Emre Sokullu, in 2006. He and a few other guys have a goal to be the next big social platform. As they describe on the website dosen't give you everything they talk about and are under development and it will always be.
  • Prior to founding, Emre managed the West-Coast and blogosphere-wide marketing efforts of the $25M funded semantic search startup hakia, wrote for one of the world's top 20 blogs, ReadWriteWeb, and took a temporary research position at Wordnet Project in Princeton University.
  • Under Sokullu's management, GROU.PS has raised $2M
  • is a do-it-yourself social networking site were people can meet, talk and chat 
    with eachother and have contact with poeple all over the world.
    Swedish and American people generally use Facebook but this site is similar. 
  • works in this way, first you get your own account on thier website and then you are ready to rock.
    When you have an account you can add your friends and then invite them too different ocations.
    This site is like an own community in the community witch means that you invite your friends
    to your community and there they can talk to eachother.                                                                                                                                                    
  • Mar 16, 2010 -- Leading social groupware platform and do-it-yourself social networking provider, GROU.PS, unveiled a synchronization tool that allows the group administrators on Yahoo Groups to boost their email lists via social networking features such as profiles, friendship, avatars, chat, location based services and collaboration.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Ning is' leading competitor. Ning has raised a considerable amount of more money, but they also have advertisements on their site while does not.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • has:
    •  2.5M monthly visitors 
      • The social network platform has just hit 2 million users, adding another million members in just 6 months.
    • 60M monthly page views 
      • with 25% of its traffic originated from USA    
      • most popular in Japan and Brazil                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

How Relates to other Applications works like most other social networks, you can connect with friends all over the world and share your personal information with others. 

This application appears to be a bit different to similar social networks, like facebook and myspace. Instead of having your own "user" in this specific network you create your own "website". is like the name unveils a place on the web where you, your friends and people with similar interests can communicate and share information. The similarity to other social networks are many, but is a well developed website and is unique in many ways as well. You can blog, watch videos (like youtube), link to other websites and easily create a wiki where you can share documents and collaborate. is able to connect with Facebook.  You can create a new account easily through your existing facebook account. makes it pretty simple to log in as well.  If you are already on Facebook, you can connect through facebook without having to insert your log in information. uses terminology similar to that of Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.  Any user will be able to adjust well to ig they already have accounts on these other websites.  For status updates, your profile says "What are you doing?" which is similar to Myspace.  The creaters use the word "tag" like Facebook.  For facebook, this applies to pictures, but for, this is a way to organize the data on your profile.  The majority of the data on your profile are status updates, which makes it very close to the style of Twitter. successfully uses similar phrases from commo Applications, so new users will be familiar with the setting. also tries to make it easy to advertise for their site.  It encourages users to invites other people.  On the home page, one can click the "Tell a Friend" button and you can log in to your email on the website.  From Gmail to Yahoo to AOL, almost all of the popular e-mail providers are offered.  You can access your address book through and tell your friends to join too.



                                                               With the website you can link to other websites like for exempel google.


Real World Application

(lesson plans)

Demonstration of Educational Value

Earlier on, internet has been seen as something bad and inproperiet from an educational view.
Probably because adults and teachers haven´t been sufficient informed about how they could use the internet and social networks in their teaching.
The acknowledge about internet and how it can be used is creating a fear which, instead of helping, make the teachers afraid to use it.
With the new web 2.0 technology and all the different applications that comes with it, the internet is much more useful in the classroom.
Because of all the personal information that is given when opening an account it is very importent to watch over the students that is younger.
And adjust the use of internet to the older students. It is a difficult task for the teachers to keep the use of only in the classroom.
Communicating outside of class is very easy for the students since most of them has internet access at home. gives students the oppertunity to meet people from different cultures, to provide to hold discussions, share pictures and other websites with groupmembers. It gives students the chance to brainstorm and come up with new ideas by chat and instant messages even though they can not meet in person.

  • By using and other similar social networking sites, students are able to communicate with their fellow classmates in regards to assignments much easier than even a text message.  By having a profile, you can share information with your classmates much more efficiently outside of class.   Take a look at this video to look at many other benefits of social networking:   
  • could be used in a classroom setting with relative ease.  The teacher can design a page and post information such as test dates, homework due dates, upcoming events and activities, or just a summary of the day for students who were unable to attend class that particular day.  Students would be able to stay in-tune with what was going on in the classroom and would not have to worry about talking to the teacher in regards to missed assignments.  The teacher would also be able to learn more about social networking which would help him or her be more up to date with what the students were used to using. 
  •  Using can also be very helpful in terms of doing a group assignment.  Students can create a page where they can "share" or post information about the project along with post questions or comments about the project.  Students can also chat about their project so they can rapidly brainstorm ideas to make their project as successful as possible. 
  • works very well in the educational setting and can be used for many different projects and or lesson plans for any group of students.  Check out this video for more ideas on how to implement social networking into the classroom:


How is used Internationally is free to use for people of all countries who have access to the internet. By using you have the possibility to chat, write messages and share interesting links with people all over the world. There´s no form of automatic translation at this site, which demand the users to have a common second language to make it possible to use and take part of all services with people across the world. The possibilities of using are almost unlimited no matter if it´s for local,- national or international use and you can also spread your message on any level depending on who you choose to invite to your own site.
There is also a map avalible on the site, which make it possible for the americans to improve their knowledge in geography and see where their friends live.

Although there is no language translation, is available in many different languages that are seen on the home site including English, French, Greek, Swedish, Turkish, Hebrew and Japanese.  You can customize a group page by selecting whichever language you would like to be used.  This can be done on the language customization page.  By having more languages available, more people are able to use this site internationally.

The site has more than 2.5 million registered members worldwide and was started by a group of people in Istanbul, Turkey.  The headquarters are now located in San Francisco, CA, but there is also a developmental office located in Istanbul.  There are 60 million monthly page views with 25% of those views originating from the United States. is funded by Golden Horn Ventures, an entrepreneur investment company based in Turkey.  They specialize in working with people who have great ideas for a website and then forming the ideas into a company.  They then provide funding for the company and become investors.  Besides investing in, they also fund the sites Befunky, Soundklan and Yogurt.


                                                                           You can easily check where in the world your friends are.

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