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This is where you will submit your responses to the Confluence Online Discussion Assignment from Blackboard.

  • Review each of the training videos for the Confluence wiki (tutorials available on Blackboard)
  • These will teach you how to logon, add your contributions, participate in a discussion, etc.
  • Review and practice your group's assigned Web 2.0 application (e.g., twitter)
  • Research on the web about your application -- specifically look for how it has been used, reviews of its use, ideas on how it can be used educationally, etc.
  • Report your findings on your group's appropriate Confluence wiki page
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  1. Unknown User (rdemaree)

    Welcome everyone! I know we've been hearing about this project since the beginning of the semester, and I'm sure you're all anxious to get started. The Project Managers (PMs) had their first meeting with Dr. Newby this evening, so I wanted to share with you some of what was reviewed at that meeting.

    • You may want to review the Project II Goals, Plan and Outcomes that were presented in lecture on Monday. One of the goals that Dr. Newby said he would really stress throughtout the project was the dream and dream big concept. If you have any idea, no matter how far-fetched it may seem, I want you to share it...and we can figure out if it's realistic later!
    • This is a total social collaboration amongst teams. This means that while we are all working on our individual projects, don't hesitate to help out other teams and don't be afraid to let other groups' members help us.
    • Our "final products" include the Wiki Text about our topic (which is MySpace, by the way) as well as our display at the showcase. Make sure you put the showcase in your calendar NOW....Thursday, December 4, 5-9pm in STEW 310. There will also be a practice session from 2-5pm on Tuesday, November 25 in the same room. It will be best for the whole team to be present at the practice session even if it is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving!
    • The project schedule has been attached in a separate document. Note that there will be an outside evaluation from a class of Canadian students completed during Week 5. We will have the results of that evaluation upon our return from Thanksgiving break. We should have at least 90% of our text completed by that time. I'd like to shoot to have the Wiki as good as done by the 24th of November so that the final two weeks can really focus on revision, making everything look pretty, and planning/practicing the showcase presentation.
    • Dr. Newby expects Confluence to be the biggest stumbling block and readily admits that the first two weeks could be rougher than the other four. For those who are confused, Confluence is the software that we will use to build/post our Wiki text. There is a built-in discussion board in the program that we will not only use to comment between each other but can also have outside commenters post on. Its been suggested to go through the Confluence tutorials more than one time. You can find the tutorials on Blackboard.
    • To logon to Confluence, go to Click on Log In in the top right-hand corner then enter your Purdue logon to gain access to Confluence and if it doesn't let you login the first time, wait a few minutes then try again. It should let you on by the 3rd time.  Under Spaces on the left-hand side, click on Web 2.0 Tools - New Possibilities for Teaching and Learning. This will bring you to our class's page. Our group is Group 12: MySpace. Clicking on the group will bring you to our page. There is an assigment for this week that will force you to use the the discussion board feature, but those instructions are below.
    • There is a great resource for Confluence in the Hicks Library. If you go to the 2nd basement level, you will find the Digital Learning Lab. Kevin O'Shea (basically Purdue's Confluence expert) and a team of consultants will be there to help us with any questions we may have regarding Confluence or just for assistance with the project. They will even give step-by-step help, so make sure you're taking advantage of this resource!
    • Our grade will be determined by the TA. While cookies for your Project Manager are greatly appreciated, they unfortunately won't affect your grade. Speaking of grades, to gain a "superior rating," meaning a 94% or above, we must meet the weekly checkoff requirements as a team. I really can't stress enough how crucial it is going to be for us to work together on this project and be able to trust all of our teammates to be contributing their share.
    • If you have any questions, start with me. If I can't answer it, I'll go to Ji Hyun and if the two of us can't find you an answer, we'll got to Dr. Newby and so on. I swear I'm not scary, so please ask questions!

    Whew, so that was a lot of information, I know...and in case you aren't totally overwhelmed at this point, here's what you need to do for this week:

    • First of all, login to Confluence and look around. All of the information included in this email will be posted there and I will post things throughout the process.
    • From Blackboard, find the Confluence Online Discussion Assignments in the Lectures folder. You will post your responses to this assignment on the Research page of our group's page on Confluence. Try to do this earlier in the week rather than later so if you have technical difficulties, you can still get credit!
    • Complete the survey that I have attached. This will help me figure out what types of roles you would like to fill on this team and where your strengths/weaknesses lie. You can do this electronically and email to me or just print it out and bring to lab with you on Wednesday.
    • I'd also like to have an initial brainstorming/group meeting. Please let me know by Friday what nights usually work for you and what time you'd be free. To make it easier for everyone, I'll try to schedule meetings on campus.

    That's it! Again, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/concerns. I'm a sucker for quotes, so I'm going to include a tidbit of wisdom (someone else's wisdom) with each update. Teamwork: Simply stated, it's more we and less me.
    Have a great week and see you in lab tomorrow!
    Rachel Demaree
    Cell: 317-385-8212

  2. Unknown User (tlcope)

    My first thought in this is, Iv'e never had myspace! I don't know a whole lot about it, but just from hearing about it and stuff it sounds like a "dirtier" virsion of facebook? lol I don't really know. I have seen a few pages of my friends.

    I really hope that we all do well on this project! It would be really nice to not have to take that final. Sounds lke it sucks! So let's work together and make a great project!

    Tifany Cope

    1. Unknown User (rasher)

      yea, I just deleted my myspace like...2 weeks ago...but you're kinda right, it is a bit more...unprotected and flashier than facebook.  I'm kinda upset with getting myspace because I feel like it's a lost cause for education..but I suppose we'll have to dream big, no final would be awesome.

  3. Unknown User (jntierne)

    My first thought about this topic is that I believe there will be a lot of information about it, and we will be able to get a well rounded ideas and thoughts on this topic. I think that myspace could be something that could be used throughout a secondary level, probably not as young as elementary but I am sure we can think something out! I also think we should maybe create Myspace profiles, so that we can all better understand all of the features and such, just an idea!


  4. Unknown User (mddeal)

    I believe that MySpace is an older out-dated version of facebook, but since it has been around for longer we should be able to find alot of information about it.

  5. Unknown User (sdawson)

    My thought is that I know this project sounds like it's going to suck but lets just do the best we can. Let's all be accountable to the group. Let's work together and let's not have to take the final exam. Also let's make sure we respond to our team leader and make her job as easy as possible. I'm sure she has a lot more to deal with than any of us on this project.


  6. Unknown User (mvandeva)

    I hope that my posting here meets the requirement for individual group members for this week. I find this whole project to be terribly confusing, not due to any fault of our group leader, but rather of the people who coordinate this course. Honestly, what are we supposed to be doing here?

     Complaints aside, however, here is what I've learned of Myspace. I have learned that it can largely be credited with the rapid expansion and initial popularity of social networking. So great was its early success that the site was actually purchased by Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorporation several years back. Today, however, despite its continued popularity, Myspace is in an awful decline. It's a cluttered mess of a site, fraught with false, potentially dangerous personas and needless garage bands. It's organizational structure is greatly inferior to that of Facebook, as is its overall ease of use. The college demographic has practically deserted it. It has little if any educational value, but I believe its music applications could be helpful if we were to exploit them properly.

     That is my report.

  7. Unknown User (rasher)

    "What is MySpace schools?

    MySpace Colleges Schools helps you connect with classmates or make new friends. You can discuss what is happening at school in the Schools Forums. "

    I'm not sure exactly what this is. . .but apparently there's an all schools section?

    "How do I get my school added?

    Use this form and send us the Name, City, State, and Country of the school and we will add your school to MySpace Colleges and Schools. "\\\\

    I just added Purdue to our page, but I don't think I made a school group that would be specific to just a teacher's class room. . .

    Use Block Features to allow only class members to be added to a page.

    Perhaps create a page specific to your class, and then have other teachers do the same thing.

    This could be usefull in 6th thorugh 8th where the classes are set up in core teams, that way students could use myspace to check homework, ask teacher questions, chat with fellow students about projects etc...

  8. Unknown User (sdawson)

    Just a quick bit of information that I have found out about about myspace. The creator was Tom Anderson who is now the President of Myspace. Anyone who has a myspace account should be familiar with Tom. He is automatically added as a default friend in case of tech. support or other questions one might have about myspace.

    1. Unknown User (rasher)

      Althought he's always away and can't answer questions. . . I think that if anyone's bored, they need to get on our myspace, and see if tom's status is available, and send him a message immediately

  9. Unknown User (sdawson)

    alright here is just a little bit of background information about what exactly myspace is,
    "MySpace is a free online community composed of personal profiles aimed foremostly at a younger membership. A MySpace profile typically includes a digital photo and in-depth information about personal interests. The amount of detail included in the profile is up to the user and submitted voluntarily. MySpace policy requires users be at least 14 years of age to join. Members routinely send each other messages and "network" or socialize within the MySpace community.

    The format of MySpace makes it easy for anyone to submit profile information, even if they have little online experience*.* Though the domain has proved incredibly popular, reportedly hosting over 60 million profiles "  

    Quote From

    Also this sight gives a little bit of insight into what myspace is doing to make the site safer for all of it's users and raising awareness for future users.

    Another source of good information is at

    There is a nice section on how to in gerneral use and setup myspace, along with an entire section discussing the safety issues of myspace. The saftey section discusses that myspace in fact has a policing task force that watches accounts for peculiar activity and tries to determine the truthfulness of accounts. The saftey section also has a link to myspaces saftey tips for users and parents.

    Finally this site discusses an application called myspace tv

    "MySpace's video-sharing capabilities have helped make the site the social-networking giant that it is today. And in June 2007, MySpace launched an improved video site called It is an international site that is available in 15 countries and seven languages. The site not only features user-generated content and other online video programming, but also Sony Minisodes, five-minute clips of classic TV shows. MySpace set up deals with Reuters, the New York Times and National Geographic to bring quality content to Users can also create their own customized channel pages. These customizable channels will allow users to save videos, comments and playlists, and the channels can also be linked to a user's regular MySpace profile." Quote from

    I figured that maybe this feature would be a nice application for a teacher. Maybe the teacher cold post a review of notes for a test or a lecture or maybe the teacher could post updates for upcoming classes or test. It might provide motivation for certain types of learning styles to get active in studying.

  10. Unknown User (sdawson)

    I found another article that could be of some use. It deals with a possiblity for how to use myspace as an educational tool. Also it some small insight into how some colleges/schools are already using myspace or technology like myspace in the classroom.

    here is the link: 

    and here is a quote from this article: "Every social network site, MySpace and Facebook included, is in effect a silo of activity with no way to expand," said project manager Dave Tosh. "In an education context, it will allow students and researchers to collaborate outside the walls of their own institution."

  11. Unknown User (cakinbol)

    This is a link for some information on's short but it is an accurate and credible source:


  12. Unknown User (cakinbol)

    This is a good link for the researchers [this article talks about how teachers are using online networking educaionally (aka: the point of this whole project)]:

  13. Unknown User (tlcope)

    here is a link about how myspace started.....

    hopefully it helps!

  14. Unknown User (jntierne)

  15. Unknown User (sdawson)

    I found another  article on a site that goes into some of the basics about using web 2.0 tools inside the classroom

    It gives some basic highlights about using things like blogs and myspace for inspiring creativity and motivating students to get involved. It's just a nice site that might give us some ideas if we are lacking.

    Also there is a nice article,, that gives insight into and examples of using social networking and blogs within education. It's long and sort of dense but it does have some good information. Pay attention to sections titled:

    Web 2.0, Blogs, Social Networking and Social Presence Systems, Institutional Practices, Overall Lessons Learnt, Externally Hosted Services, Examples of Web 2.0 in learning and teaching

  16. Unknown User (mvandeva)

    Newsweek ponders Myspace versus Facebook and determines it to be the cultural question of the decade, much like Coke or Pepsi once was.

  17. Unknown User (sdawson)

    I another site discussing myspace. ;

    This site actually provides a lesson plan from a teacher who has used myspace and the ideas of myspace within her English classes. She uses it as a type of review tool or introduction tool to specific authors, books, etc. . .  She has had students create factual myspace pages about the author Edgar Allen Poe.

    Also here is another lesson that a teacher has come up with.*  look at romeo and juliet characterization assignment using myspace*