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Please be sure to read the directions for the assignment on Blackboard.  Click on the "Lectures and Labs" folder, then click "Week 10" to find the directions.  Remember that everyone will be graded individually, and the assignment is worth 6 points. Failure to complete the assignment means that you will not be able to obtain a "superior" rating, and you will not be exempt from taking the final.

Please be sure to reference where you obtained your information. Do not just copy and paste the information. You must use quotation marks or paraphrase. 

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  1. Unknown User (ryee)

    I believe that this website will be highly useful.  This website is the official
    Google Documents help page. This page contains basic information about what you
    can do with Google Writer, how to edit and share documents, and how to fix
    common problems.  The website also contains several links to other resources
    such as articles about Google Writer, a Frequently Asked Questions page, and
    even a link to a page that explains how our 2.0 technology has been used for
    businesses and schools.

  2. Unknown User (ryee)

    This website is the official blog for Google Docs. It updates frequently about
    new updates, answers common quetsions, has personal stories, and shows new ways
    of how to use the application. For the December 22, 2008 post, teachers shared
    their projects and ideas on how they have used Google Docs in their classroom.
    This will be helpful for our wiki section about how our 2.0 technology can be
    used in education!  

  3. Unknown User (ryee)

    This website is the YouTube channel for Google Docs. The channel has numerous
    "how to" videos, interviews, and information about Google Docs.  One video
    interviews principals and teachers.  They discuss why and how they use Google
    Docs in their school and classroom.

  4. Unknown User (kgunning)


    This website is the official blog spot to discuss all of the google doc applications. There are only a few discussing our personal project. However, I thought this particular website woulf be beneficial to our group because it discusses different reasons why people choose to use the application and how they apply it to their own life, this includes anywhere from a college student to people in the business field.

  5. Unknown User (kgunning)


    This website provides useful information about when the application was launched and is also another website for people to blog in. It is titled the "google operating system" so I thought we might benefit from this website by realizing and addressing the problems some users have had with the new application.

  6. Unknown User (pnewton)


    This website answers several frequently asked questions pertaining to google docs and more specifically google writer.  The title of the site is called "Google Docs Guide: How To Do Stuff with Google Docs", and I feel this website gives important tips on how to successfully use google docs including google writer with relative ease.  A lot of the questions in the guide also ones that many businesses might have if they are interested in using google docs, so it also provides important information on how google docs can be applied in the business world after secondary/post-secondary education.

  7. Unknown User (kgunning)


    This website will be very beneficial for our group becuase it is a comparison between zoho suite and google docs. We could use the chart on this website and incorporate it into our "other similar applications" part of the research project.

  8. Unknown User (pnewton)


    This website directly explains how Google Writer can be used to by businesses to benefit themselves and make their tasks more efficient.  The website also contains a Youtube video called "Google Docs in Plain English" which explains the basics of how to use this application.  In addition, there are other videos on this website that explain specifically how to accomplish other tasks on google docs such as importing or exporting a document.  I feel this is also an excellent website to explain ways how specifically businesses can use google docs to make themselves more efficient and productive.

  9. Unknown User (pnewton)


    This website compares Google Docs and Google Writer to another similar competitor Microsoft Office Live Workspace.  It explains in full detail why Google Docs is a better option to use rather than Office Live Workspace.  For example, the website claims one good reason to use Google Docs over Office Live Workspace is because, "Microsoft Live Workspace Has A 250 Mbyte 1,000 Average Office Documents Limitation. Google Docs Does Not."  I think it is important that we compare Google Docs and Google Writer to competitors to show the benefits of using Google Docs over other similar applications like Microsoft Office Live Workspace.

  10. Unknown User (aakemp)


    I feel that this website would be useful to everyone in our group because it explains a little bit about how Google Writer works and how to use it.  Such as if you are inputing words Google Writer will give you sentence suggestions that you could possible use.  It also shows ways of how you can do faster and shorter input while using this application. This article shows you some things that Google Writer can do but in the end it states that this program is just like CAD. So basically it just gives us some little things that could be helpful to us in the future.

  11. Unknown User (aakemp)


    This website is also useful because it explains what to do whenever you decide to write a blog or whatnot. The person that has written this has explained almost the exact step by step that Google Writer will do when you either write a sentence or whenever you are trying to come up with a title. Google Writer also helps you out by listing some hot topics of the day that you can either choose from or pass up. Therefore, this website provides some pretty useful information that could help us out when we want to learn about how exactly Google Writer performs.

  12. Unknown User (aakemp)


    Here is another useful website that we could use because this video gives us feedback that various students and faculty members have experienced with Google Docs. The teachers and the students also tell how this is such a benefit for everyone to use because everything that you need, such as your documents, is all right there at your fingertips. I believe that this could help us when we are explaining what Google Writer is because then we can add some positive feedback that other people have to say. It always makes something look better whenever there is positive feedback from the community with their previous experiences that they have done. 

  13. Unknown User (bbarber)

    This website tells us about google writer. We can use this to help us tell the viewers of our wiki page about google writer.

  14. Unknown User (bbarber)


    this website tells us more about google writer. It gives examples of what it can be used for. here it tells us that it will give you suggestions to write about. it also tells about after you pick a topic.

  15. Unknown User (bbarber)


    this website has pictures of the toolbar from google writer. also in this
    website it slightly compares google writer to other internet applications like

  16. Unknown User (bmcollin) This website is very useful to our project.  It contains a basic overview of Google Writer.  It mostly describes what the function of the application is and how it could be used.  It also invalidates some of the false information out there about Google Writer.  This is a good website for understanding and introducing the basic concept if Google Writer.

  17. Unknown User (bmcollin) This website discusses Google Docs and some of its features.  It explains what it is and why it is useful.  It is an opinion of Google Docs from the perspective of a user.  This could be very helpful to our project because it gives a description of the benefits of Google Docs from the perspective of someone who has actually used the application.  User opinions can be very helpful and beneficial to the development of our project.

  18. Unknown User (bmcollin) This website contains much information that could be useful to our project.  The website describes what the purpose of Google Docs is.  It also describes how Google Docs works.  It points out pros and cons of the application and also shows screenshots of the application.  In addition, it compares it to other word processing applications.  It describes a little bit about online office applications in general and contains comments about the application from users.  This website seems to be fairy inclusive and I believe it would be very useful to our project.  

  19. Unknown User (baguayo)


    This article discuses how Google Docs is becoming more sophisticated. It mentions how Google Docs is overpowering Microsoft Office. The creators of Google Docs have tried to make their program easier to understand and be able to use their software without any problems. In education I feel this is an essential to be able to comprehend how to use a specific tool because as a teacher, one wants every student to succeed. It's becoming very popular because it's very convenient. The article states, "Google is continuing to invest heavily in Google Documents, and they are so firmly established online at this point that it will be difficult- if not impossible- for Microsoft to catch up."

  20. Unknown User (baguayo)


    This website is similar to YouTube. It helps one to understand how to use Google Docs by the help of visual aid. But not only does it show how to use the application but it breaks it down from how to use the folders to how to change your personal settings. This is a great website for the group because most are not familiar with the application and this website walks one through it step by step. Google Docs is a very utile and new application that will benefits students as ourselves now and for our students in the future.

  21. Unknown User (baguayo)


    The Google article refers to how Google Docs is becoming more advanced in technology and how even cells phone users are able to access the application on their mobile phone. The article does mention that cell phone users are not able to edit the document but are able to view the document. The Google article states, "You might have to squint a little, but now your information will always be right there, in your pocket, wherever you go." This is a useful tool for such students who are on the run with their phones or professional businessmen/women.

  22. Unknown User (ssneary)


    This is a website that shows how teachers and students can use Docs.  The site above also shows a video of how students and teachers communicate with one another using Docs.  This site is a good example of how Docs is used in today's education process.

  23. Unknown User (ssneary)


    This website is a good example of teachers using Docs in their classroom.  The teacher says that she loves how students can work with eachother at home as well in the classroom.  She also says that Docs has changed the way she teaches and she believes that she is a more effective teacher because of Docs.

  24. Unknown User (ssneary)


    This website is great for teachers wanting to learn how to use Docs in their classroom.  The website explains what Docs is and how to use Docs in the classroom.  The website also explains how to sign up for Docs and gives basic information about Google Docs.  Pretty good site for information about our topic.

  25. Unknown User (bdbennet)

    POST #1

    This website explains that as of last year google docs was available for download in 48 languages. I think this could be beneficial from a business standpoint because many large companies do business globaly and this is just another way to keep everyone closer and more in-touch.

  26. Unknown User (bdbennet)

    POST #2

    This is a letter written to users of Google Docs by Google employee Lynette Chandler. It highlights the six hypothetical business-world situations in which Google Docs would be the most beneficial solution to the problem. Overall Chandler argues well for the efficiancy, ease, and practibility Google Docs presents for businesses looking for something other than Microsoft Office.

  27. Unknown User (bdbennet)

    POST #3,2817,2209731,00.asp

    Here is a review on the Google Docs application in an online version of PC Mag. The reviewer thinks very highly of Google Docs and gives the program 4 1/2 stars out of a possible 5. The reviewer thought that overall Google Docs was much more "efficient, elogant, and enjoyable" than many of its main competitors. It also raved about its capabilities of converting Microsoft Office documents straight over to the Google Docs format.