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Visual Artists

Lesson Plan Makers

Poster and Brochure Makers



1.  How could Google Writer be used with educational or learning situations?

2.  How does Google Writer work?

3.  What does one have to do to start using using Google Writer?








What are some unique ways of using Google Writer?

Alyssa :

 #1. Who developed Google Writer?

#2. What is the purpose of Google Writer?

#3.  How does Google Writer work? What does one have to do to start using Google Writer?




Bea- Secondary (Foreign Language)



Brooke and Katie:

How is Google Writer related to other applications? Can Google Writer be used in conjunction with other applications? 







Michael, Michael, Paula:

How is Google Writer Used in other countries? Are there unique features of Google Writer that may be more relevant to those outside of the United States?




Bryce- College



Add as much information to the research pages as possible. Remember it does not have to sound pretty. The writers will worry about making it sound nice!  Make sure that you cite all of your sources!

Take the information provided by the researchers and make grammatically correct and nice sounding sentences and paragraphs

Monitor the website for any grammatical errors. Also check to make sure that all components of the wiki are working properly

Responsibility: Add pictures and graphics to the page. "Dress" the wiki page up.

Responsibility: create a lesson plan that shows how teachers/students or businesses can use Google Writer



Michael, Michael, and Paula:

Feel free to add your name to any of the sections where you would like to help. I believe you would be really helpful in researching on how Google Writer can be used in

Steve, Brandyn, and Alyssa:

You can either agree to pick which main topics you will focus on covering, or I can assign them. If you would like to pick them, then EDIT this page and next to your name write what topics you plan to cover. If you would rather have me assign them, then please leave a comment saying so below.

Patrick, Bryce and Brooke

Patrick, I do not want you to have to create two lesson plans (one for business and one for post secondary) unless you do not mind. If you only want to do one, then next to your name indicate whether you want to do the post secondary lesson plan or business one. Bryce or Brooke, would either of you be willing to createa lesson plan if Patrick does not want to make two?


Remember that anyone can and should add information to the research pages. The faster we complete the research, the faster we can start developing our Wiki page. Remember that this is a group project, and you can work outside of your role. If you find a graphic you would like to add to our page, then please add it! If you find a mistake, then please fix it! As the presentation nears, we will assign additional roles.  We will need brochure and poster makers and speakers at the showcase. 


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  1. Unknown User (pnewton)

    Hey Rachel and everybody else in the group, I can do the business lesson plan but if its okay I don't want to write the college lesson plan.  I would appreciate if someone else would volunteer to do the post secondary lesson plan. Thanks.

  2. Everyone ...

    I would be most interested in "Dressing" the wiki page up a bit. It isn't my strength but it would be something i am eager to help out at.

  3. Unknown User (ryee)

    Thanks Paula! We could use your help in that area!

    Patrick, you can see that Bryce has volunteered (thanks Bryce!) to create the post secondary lesson plan so you will not have to worry about making two lesson plans.

    Steve, you have selected two topics that Alyssa is already covering. Can you please select two different topics?

    Brandyn, please fill in what topics you would like to focus your research on.  If you do not choose soon, then I will be assigning you topics.

    Thanks everyone for all of your hard work so far! Keep it up! (smile)

  4. Unknown User (bbarber)

    Patrick and Steve, i can take one of the topics that you don't want.  you have taken all the topics and i am not sure what i should search for.  let me know which ones that you are giving me so i can get my part done please.

  5. Unknown User (ryee)

    Brandyn, would you please research this question: "What are some unique ways of using Google Writer?" Also, if you could find more information about the history and development of Google Writer, that would be a big help!

    Michael, Michael, and Paula,

    I believe that you could really help the group by answering this question: "How is Google Writer Used in other countries? Are there unique features of Google Writer that may be more relevant to those outside of the United States?"

    Things are coming along well. Good job everyone!