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This is our reseach page.

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  1. I researched the history of Windows Live Writer and learned that it was launched in August 2006.  When it first premiered it was compatible only with PC, not with Mac.  It was also completely free when it premiered and still is today.


  2. Upon release, Windsows Live Writer was compatible with Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, and WordPress.  These are other weblogs that were already available over the internet before Windows Live Writer came about.


  3. Windows Live Writer was the first program to use WYSIWYG.  This means the post can be created exactly as it will appear when saved.  Users don't have to learn HTML coding to create their sites/blogs/etc.


  4. Unknown User (lpettygr)

    One edge that Windows Live Writer has over other blogging clients is that you have the option of creating and editing a blog offline without internet connection.  Once one gets back online they can post directly from Writer.  Benefits of this aspect include saving on your ISP (internet access provider) as well as webhost bandwith charges.

  5. Unknown User (lpettygr)

    Windows Live Writer has cut down on time spent with blogging.  Time saving features include image cropping (no need to process images outside of WLW) Word count (no need to copy and paste into word) and Border options (helping make the images appear more professional and unique)

  6. Unknown User (lpettygr)

    One thing that could be seen as a negative when discussing Windows Live Writer is that it can crash often.  To make matters worse there is no feature that allows you to save a post as a file.  When writing a long and well thought out blog the last thing a person wants is for the program to crash forcing them to start over from scratch.

  7. Unknown User (mkee)

    Windows Live Writer undergoes updates frequently. The creators take into account feedback from users, and have added such features as table editing, the ability to categorize, and inline spell checking.\!D85741BB5E0BE8AA\!1272.entry

  8. Unknown User (mkee)

    The newest form of Windows Live Writer is the 2009 version. Application improvements and additions such as photo editing, photo albums, and video posting make using Windows Live Writer even easier. Also, there are now "plug-ins" which allow the insertion of Twitter and Flickr application into the blog.

  9. Unknown User (mkee)

    Plug-ins allow other programs to run through Windows Live Writer. For example, by inserting the Imtech Word Count Plugin, the blogger will be able to calculate how many words are in his or her blog entry.

  10. Unknown User (aschalbu)

    To get started using Windows Live Writer you must have a user name, password and Web address or URL.  Writer will establish a connection and then will help create a blog if one does not already have one.  One needs a Windows live ID to start making a blog.  Hotmail Messenger or Microsoft passport can be a Windows LIve ID.

  11. Unknown User (aschalbu)

    To take advantage of the sidebar one can see links that can access blogs through the browser.  The sidebar also has shortcuts to get to recent drafts or posts that were made.  There are also shortcuts for pictures, videos, and plug-ins on the sidebar.  This makes it easier for one to navigate through Windows Live Writer.

  12. Unknown User (aschalbu)

    There are two different ways to save drafts.  One saves the blog online and the other saves it to the computer.  To save drafts offline click on the save button which saves to computer, it is useful for not being on the internet.  Or one could usen the drop down save button and have the blog saved online, which saves to blog service and can be opened from any computer.  When saving a blog, one has to be careful which way he or she saves it.

  13. Unknown User (bslivens)

    The writer SDK component part of Windows Live Writer allows bloggers to include different content types in their blogs that include:

    1. Images from online photo publishing sites
    2. Embedded video or audio players
    3. Product thumbnails and/or links from e-commerce sites
    4. Tags from tagging services!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!174.entry

  14. Unknown User (bslivens)

    If a Windows Live blogger logs on a vacation spot or destination, users can download an application specifically desgined for the window live writer that allows to insert a mp onto the blog and changing the view to show road, aerial or bird's eye detail and by adding pushpins (including custom links and/or photos for each pushpin).!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!174.entry

  15. Unknown User (bslivens)

    Windows Live Writer is in WYSIWYG blog form, (which apperantly is new for a Microsoft product) which allows users to author a post and see the format and exactl how it is going to look when you post it, before it is actually posted and users can change the style ad customize your personal page or blog  with the following settings: headings, fonts, colors, background images, paragraph spacing, and margins

  16. Unknown User (lflajs)

    Windows Live Writer is extremely beneficial for many reasons. Listed below are three of the benefits:

    1. It makes sharing pictures and videos easier for computer users. It enables the setting of creating new albums and editing pictures to look more enhanced. Windows Live also makes it easier for the user to upload a video and have it sent directly to Youtube. These photos and videos can be inserted easily into a blog, also.


  17. Unknown User (lflajs)

    2. Microsoft Windows claims that by inventing Windows Live Writer, they hoped to make blogging more "powerful, intuitive, and fun for everyone." This program allows you to customize your blog to make it completely your own and express and show your personality through a simple site. When you edit it, it appears just the way others will see it, making this an easier process.


  18. Unknown User (lflajs)

    3. The blogs allow you to insert an accurate map right away with much convenience. These can be a good tool after blogging about a certain vacation or desire to travel to a specific place or simply to show where a local place is. These maps can also be customized to fit the way the user would like them to look. There are pushpins included in the map that can be linked to pictures or links chosen by the author of the blog.


  19. Unknown User (kzeller)

    Windows Live Writer was hailed by some as a free replacement to Microsoft Word, however, as useful as it may be, professionals will most likely still want to polish any document they make in Live Writer with Microsoft Word.  This weakness is primarily the result of the many years of consumer feedback used to shape Microsoft Word.


  20. Unknown User (kzeller)

    One of the head developers of Windows Live Writer, J.J. Allaire, joined the Microsoft team when Microsoft purchased his company Onfolio.  Onfolio is another web-tool released with the Windows Live initiate that helps users bring together information from multiple sites.  On the windows live team, Allaire is quoted as saying "I have never seen such a high concentration of bright and committed people in one place ... The folks we are working with in the Windows Live group are very savvy about empowering small teams to be agile and innovative. The group coming from Onfolio experienced no 'culture shock."


  21. Unknown User (kzeller)

    A new plug-in for Windows Live Writer allows users to interact with, one of the world's largest global events websites.  Users will be able to search through's event listings and embed several events into their blog posts without having to retype the information.  The plug-in is described as a great deomonstration of what structured data formats could do to further "wire the web".


  22. Unknown User (cmhunter)

    **I initially posted in the wrong place before the due date, but I'm copy and pasting this in now that I realize my mistake

    I found a good site called 50 Useful Blogging Tools for Teachers.

    They start out the information by stating that blogs can be used by teachers to keep in touch with parents or as something for the students to do. Something interesting they mentioned was that kids of all ages can use it (kindergarten-high school) depending on the activity.

    One of the things they mention is the Internet Safety Laws for children. This is probably something that we should mention, since safety of the students would be the number one priority and any kind of Internet activity could be dangerous if we don't educate the students properly.There is also a link where 10th grade students have offered their own advice concerning Internet safety, which students could find more interesting than just being told by a teacher. A link to a consent form is also included, which we could possibly add to the site for hypothetical teachers to print off.

    This is what they have to say specifically concerning Windows Live Writer:

    Windows Live Writer. Get a Space in Windows Live and download Live Writer to start blogging with this publisher. You can connect with others, post video, and more with Live Writer.

  23. Unknown User (cmhunter)

    Windows Live Writer is a desktop application used for blogging. It can be used on Windows Live Spaces or the person's current blog. They state that their goal is to

     "help make blogging more powerful, intuitive, and fun for everyone."

    Windows Live Writer allows you to preview your posts before you post them so that you can see what they will look like, which would save time and energy. You also have the ability to upload pictures "in a snap"

    This site also has on screen views that we could put on the website.

    Apparently they have just come out with an updated "Beta" version as well. But I'm not really sure what that means.!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!174.entry

  24. Unknown User (cmhunter)

    Windows Live Writer is free and you can download it by simply agreeing to Microsoft's "terms of agreemment" and clicking download on this page.

    From what I gather, this system is compatible with any blog you might already have. And they say that if you don't have one yet, "Windows will help set you up".

    There's more screen views here that we could use.

  25. Unknown User (bslivens)

    Login for the above site is :

    password: purdue