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We have several different parts that make up the project as a whole.  I will need members to fill these roles, and you will have to be involved in more than one part.  If there is a particular part that you would like to do, or you think you would excel at it, by all means just add your name next to that task.  You can participate in as many parts as you like, just as long as you can manage to get all the required work done.  I will be supervising everyone's work, giving overall direction and guidance, and filling in when needed.  Of course, you will be expected to work with each other throughout this project.

Developers will be compiling the information that we gathered through research, forwarding useful data to the writers.  Writers will actually be the main work horse of this project; they will be the ones typing the information into a presentable format and also developing a Ning group.  The contact group will be in charge of organizing the exchange of information between the developers and managers of Ning and our group.  Evaluators will be tasked to review and critique the work of the writers, ensuring there are no errors.  Graphic designers will have the creative job of making the poster board and handouts for our presentation.  Presenters will be the ones who present the information at the showcase. 

Developers -Anna, Heather Cox, Stephanie Krier

Writers - Sadie, Mark, Micah Delks

Contacts - Stefani Walker, Heather Cox, Brittany

Evaluators - Sadie, Anna, Brittany, Mark

Graphic Designers - Stefani Walker, Stephanie Krier, Christa

Presenters -Heather Cox (will do if need be i can be flexible), Mark can help here too

History: Sadie & Brittany

Purpose: Anna

Join Ning: Stephanie

D & E: Stefani

In classroom:Heather

Out classroom: Mark

International: Christa

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  1. Unknown User (hmcox)

    can you please post basic descriptions of what each of these areas are supposed to do, thanks!

  2. Unknown User (websterm)

    I wouldn't mind doing Writing, Editing, and Presenting.

    Here are some links that I just found that might be of use:

    This is the Wikipedia Page for Ning

    The sources from wikipedia might be of use.

    This is Ning's Blog 

    Interview with Ning CEO Gina Bianchini 

    Steve Hargadon's Blog: Interview with Marc Andreessen 

    Marc Andreessen was one of the co-founders of Ning and Steve Hargadon's Blog is a K-12 Educational technology blog.

    Steve Hargadon interviewing Gina Bianchini 

    Podcast: Gina Bianchini