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I. Background

A. How Does Gubb Work?

 Gubb, a web-based organizational tool, can be used in everyday life. It allows you to create lists to help keep track of anything without the fuss or hassle of using paper that could easily be misplaced or ruined.

          Gubb lists have a number of helpful features. The ability to drag and drop not only list items, but entire lists to put them in a specific order, makes Gubb exceedingly helpful in organizing  thought processes and presenting ideas in order. Gubb allows you to highlight more important lists or hide lists of less importance to the user. 1 Another useful feature is the ability to cross off completed items. If you have to have a paper list, Gubb let's you print off lists and if you lose the list, it is still online. 2 With Gubb, users can look at all of the lists they have created at once which puts the site at an advantage compare to other list sites available such as "Remember the Milk."

You can make group lists that a number of people can edit and change which is useful for group or team business projects.3 If there is a finite time for a task your list, this site allows you to attach due dates to items to ensure tasks are completed on time. 

        To create your free Gubb list, all you need is create an account; you don't even need to download or install any software.2  This means that Gubb is available completely free of cost, a definite benefit of using this site. As soon as you create an account, all you have to do is log in to being using Gubb.4

             In order to use Gubb, it is necessary that Javascript and cookies be enabled on all desktop browsers. It is also important to make note that while Gubb works with most Internet browsers, it does not work will all of them. In order to maximize the Gubb experience, users should have one of the following browsers:

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Firefox 1.0+ (Windows/Mac/Linux)

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Internet Explorer 6

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Internet Explorer 7

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Safari 1.2.1+

            Gubb is also available to users on the go. Users can access their Gubb lists virtually anywhere using their mobile phones and PDA’s. Accessing your lists on the go is as simple as sending a text message to Gubb and receiving your lists in the form of a text or email.5 Using the due date feature Gubb to send an email or text message to the user reminding them that his or her due date is coming up soon so they do not forget. 3

B. Getting More Out of Gubb

            Gubb’s mission is all about the users. The site’s goal is to make sure you never lose a list again, to help you accomplish more with your lists, and to make sure your lists are available when you need to access them.5 Just don't forget your password or lose your computer!


C. Applications of Gubb

            The Gubb site prides itself in its Personal Use and privacy policies. The service is made available to users for his or her personal use only. The site abides by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, which states that users must be at least thirteen years of age to create an account.6 To ensure this policy is followed, users must provide current, accurate identification, contact, and other information that may be required as part of the registration process and/or the continued use of the service. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his or her own Service account log in information and password and are responsible for all activity on his or her account. Gubb reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to anyone at anytime without notice for any reason.7

1. Business

            If you already have some type of electronic organizer, you are in luck! Users can simply copy text from a document, an email, and any number of other things and paste the text into your list. Gubb will format the text and place it in a new list that will appear on your homepage. This can be a useful tool with endless possibilities for any type of business atmosphere to aid in the creation of business presentations, to-do lists to get projects at work done, create timelines for project deadlines, and any number of other things.8 

2. Productivity and Collaboration

            Gubb works together with a number of cell phone carriers to bring your lists directly to you wherever you are by working with cell phone carriers such as:


            Bell Canada (Mobility)  
            Cellular One

            Cincinnati Bell Wireless

            AT&T (formerly Cingular)

            Fido Canada          

            Metro PCS 

            Rogers Wireless Canada

            Sprint Nextel

            T-Mobile (US/Canada)

            Telus Mobility (Canada)

            US Cellular

            Verizon Wireless

            Virgin Mobile (US/Canada)      


           One concern commonly brought up with any Internet list-making site is, “Is this site safe and secure?” With Gubb, user security and privacy are high priorities. The site takes user privacy very seriously. With Gubb, personal information is kept confidential. Gubb uses leading technologies and standard industry protocol to make sure that data entered into the site is safe and secure. If users connect to the Gubb website via https, 256-bit SSL security creates a secure tunnel between them and the site for all of his or her date to travel. Data storage is replicated in real-time and is backed up on a regular basis. Gubb applications run in a secure, stable, multi-tiered environment.9


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II. How Does Gubb Relate to Other Applications?

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II. How Does Gubb Relate to Other Applications?

            One of the greatest advantages of Gubb is its level of convenience. Users are able to access their lists from anywhere at any time. With the mobile feature, as said before, users can retrieve their lists via text message or email. In addition to receiving lists, users can also add to their lists through email or text message as well. The mobile version of Gubb allows users to simply text a subject and an item to the Gubb address and the item will be added to their list. Texting “get” to the Gubb address will allow users to receive a copy of their updated list.5

A. Comparison to Competitors

            Gubb should be your first choice for a task management application because it's free, neat, easy, and simple. The only thing you need to use Gubb is a fairly new Internet browser (like Firefox 1.0+). This app is eligeble because it is made and stored on your computer. It is easy because all you need is a computer, username, and password. After that you are good to get started and make your life more organized. On Ta-Do List you have to submit your email which is o.k. if you want a bunch of extra junk mail crowding your inbox. You must also agree to terms of service and a privacy policy. Why agree to anything when there is a much better organizational application out there?8 

            The best thing about Gubb is that you can take your lists with you everywhere by having them sent to you via text/email to your mobile device. (Which again makes your life easier) Let's face it, you would sooner leave your home without your briefcase or an umbrella before you left your iPhone at home.10 

            The best way to stay successful is too stay on top of your work. But if you make things difficult for yourself life can become complicated. For users who try they have to enter a time for when an task needs to be completed. Whether you are a high school student or CEOs of a major business, you extremely busy. Some things can't be controlled and we might have to replace one task with another. By forcing us to put a time frame we would be more stressed, which can make the simplest tasks difficult. But with Gubb you can have a little more room to adjust your schedule if something happens that would prevent you from performing a requirement before a set time.11

B. Unique Uses

            Gubb has features that an imitate actions of using a pen and paper. Users can cross out items on his or her lists upon completion, and the service gives users the creative freedom to make his or her lists as simple or as colorful as they desire. Unlike creating lists using pen and paper, Gubb allows users to drag and drop items to rearrange them within the lists as he or she sees fit in a neat manner without the mess of crossing things out on a paper list. This feature makes lists a lot easier to read and really helps users to show the importance of certain things on the lists he or she creates.

            Unlike some similar list-making sites, Gubb puts no limit on the number of lists that can be added to Gubb. Also, there is no time limit for how long lists can remain on the site. What this means is that lists that users create are kept on the site until the user decides they should be taken off.11


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III. Real World Application

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III. Real World Application

            Given the percentage of people that use lists in everyday life, Gubb can prove to be very beneficial. The people at Gubb paid for a survey given by Zogby International to investigate the American usage of lists.

Their results showed that:

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84% of Americans use lists

64% use lists for errands

54% use lists for their personal agendas

25% make lists for recreation

The Majority of people who make lists say they do it because it makes them feel more organized. More information about this study can be found by clicking here.12 

A. Educational Lesson Plans

     1. Elementary Lesson Plans

                    Group Project Organization Lesson Plan

                    Task Managment Lesson Plan

                    ABCs Lesson Plan

2.SecondaryLessonPlans">      2. Secondary Lesson Plans

                    FOIL Method Lesson Plan

                    Class Workout Lesson Plan

                    Writing a Lab Report Lesson Plan

                    Concepts In Geometry

                    Drafting Lesson Plan

     3. Post Secondary Lesson Plans

                    Task Management Lesson Plan

                    Prewriting Lesson Plan

                    Literary Analysis Lesson Plan

B. Business/Industry

            Gubb can be a great tool for your business in more than one.  First it can be used simply to organize a day’s tasks, but not only can you sit in the office and organize your thoughts with Gubb but then you wherever you are in your day whether it be you are stuck in traffic on the five trying to figure out how to change your day, or on a job site trying to remember what the last thing is Gubb can help you with the ability to send your lists to your phone via text message. Also with Gubb if you have it open in a extra window while you are sitting in the office working on a progress reports you can easily open the window with Gubb and check off tasks as they are completed.2

            This website also lets you type in the due date for anything you write. Which is even easier to keep organized so it's impossible to not stay organized.2

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IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

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IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Gubb has many different uses that can be specific to each individual user.

Elementary Education

            Students in elementary schools are typically required to use an agenda or some sort of other organizational tool. Instead of using the typical agenda, teachers can incorporate not only using a task management tool, but also teach their students about how to use the internet and learn the basics of completing tasks using a computer. at the level in education, Gubb will be most beneficial to teachers organizing their own lists for their classroom. Teachers may also write down a detailed description of what work needs to be completed for the next day's class, so that the parents of each individual student can have a grasp on what they need to work on with their child.

Secondary Education

            In middle schools and high schools students are always being told to stay organized, but for many students this is very difficult. Students can go online and write themselves lists in a very neat and organized manner with only a few clicks of the mouse. Students can use these lists for simple writing the tasks they need to accomplish, or a due date for their next project. Also, Gubb is again a great way for teachers to write lists for homework that they are assigning, and give the students a very detailed step-by-step approach to completing their work in a timely efficient manner.

Post Secondary Education

            When students are in the post secondary level of education, most have a complete grasp on what they need to do to get their work done in a timely, efficient manner. But for some more visual learning students, they still would like to have the clean crisp lines of a computer printed to-do list. These lists can also be made by instructors to explain what needs to be finished for a project and the date that it must be turned in on, or writing the syllabus to inform their class of the direction that that instructor will be taking the course.

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V. How is Gubb Used Internationally?

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V. How is Gubb Used Internationally?

            Gubb is used many different ways in America, such as via text or email. Gubb is able to be used in these same ways all over the world. Gubb is essentially the exact same in every country, just in their native language. This is very easy for people from other cultures to understand, because it has very straight forward navigations available on the website. This is especially good for international users because you can put Gubb in many different languages to help you understand. When any list is sent to a Gubb user's phone, it is sent in the language that they have requested. This is another way that Gubb is versatile to all different cultures. Because there are very few steps to making an account, it is a very easy for all to understand. One of the best features about Gubb for for all users is that you can take it with you anywhere. If they forget their list at home, and have a cell phone, they can send a text message to Gubb and get their list directly sent to their phone! Also, lists in Gubb are intended to be made to the specifications of the list maker, so each user can personalize their own list to help understand.13

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VI. References

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VI. References

The following are references that were used while compiling information about Gubb.














                    All photos were used from  

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