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Handout stuff should be posted and commented on here

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  1. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    Ok. So this is what I have so far on the flyer.  If anyone has comments or suggestions, please let me know.  Specifically, I wanted to know if anyone has suggestions of what other information to include. Also, are the colors and background too much?  I tried to do notebook paper, for obvious reasons...  and I used Google's colors to match the logo.  Just let me know, thanks,


    1. Unknown User (tfoor)

      I really really like it- the design fits in only suggestion is that we maybe make it a half-sheet flyer? I don't know if you want to make it a flyer that will just remind people to use Google Notebook or to explain it overall... if it was the latter, then why would they even stop to look at the presentation? I think that you have just a little too much info, and it needs to be more persuasive.. Maybe like a "how-to" guide with steps on how to use Google notebook. i gave you more than one suggestion... my bad. oh well. (smile)

  2. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    Oh... so the link is on here somewhere... I just didn't know how to work it... so the way I got to it is by going to the tools button and then to links.  it's called Flyer.  I know.  I'm creative with the naming...

    1. Unknown User (agoldsmi)

      Check the showcase ideas section... Tara had a unique idea on a possible design idea for the handouts... not saying that you have to use it, but it is a neat idea

      also... behind the GoogleNotebook logo there is that big white square, to get rid of that click on the picture and there is a button on the toolbar that says 'Transparent Color' or something like that and if you click on the white it will make it so only the logo shows up without the white background square

  3. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    I changed the logo so it is transparent, and I did an example of two on the page and one on a page.  I still am struggling with exactly what we want to do for the content though. so i didnt change any of that yet...

  4. Unknown User (kmculy)

    Hey I really like the flyer. The one thing that I might change is maybe make it into a tri fold instead of a flyer. I think that a tri-fold would be easier to pass out, and for people to take cause its smaller.

  5. Unknown User (jruegg)

    I think that if you are going to change the size of the handout that the tri-fold would be better. And very good job incorporating the link! However I think we should include more information in it since that is what people will be taking away with them. Not an overwhelming amount, but maybe short interesting facts or uses in classroom and so on.

  6. Unknown User (nadunn)

    Hey, I really like the flyer, it looks great. One thing that I would want to try to change about it is to try to make the information more interesting than reading a paragraph.  Maybe you could make it a step by step list of how to use google notebook, or maybe use a bullet list of pros that make google notebook better than other applications.

  7. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    I am finishing this tonight... but this is what I have so far in the trifold brochure... I gathered a lot of people felt that it would be better as a trifold! check the link

  8. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    Ok. The trifold final draft is up.  I tried to take everyone's ideas and comments into consideration, I hope everyone is happy with it.  If you have any comments still, feel free to say whatever, I will not see it until probably Wednesday in lab, but I can still adjust anything if I need to do it then.  Thanks for everyone's helpful comments!  Ihope you like what I have come up with. It is labeled Trifold draft 2 on the attachments section.


  9. Unknown User (cthofer)

    Everything is looking great! I really like the colors...they jump out at you and grab your attention!

  10. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    I had a suggestion to lighten the colors on the front like I did in the middle so it would be less distracting.  So there is another trifold on the attachments!