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  • History and Development of Facebook Chat
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Facebook was launched on November 4, 2004; ( On August 23, 2008, Facebook announced the upcoming of another feature included on Facebook, the Facebook Chat); This Chat is to openly communicate with friends online, instead of trying to get a hold of someone by sending messages, or writing of their walls.  Chat is an instant communication device implemented to make Facebook a more user friendly environment.  

This communication medium is used by more than ninety million active users everyday for the purpose of communicating with others (; As a group of teachers, we have taken the initiative to promote the use of Facebook Chat as a Web 2.0 Teaching and Learning tool.  In particular, Chat offers a discrete form of an educational learning environment.  In order for this promotion to succeed we must establish the specific uses for this teaching tool, and develop many other uses for this simplistic and limited application. 

Who founded face book, and where did the idea come from? Mark E. Zuckerberg is considered the founder of Facebook, the popular social networking Web site estimated to be worth upward of $1 billion. Facebook was origanally,created by the Harvard University students as a way to quickly connect with freinds and share ideas it was called connect U, and was used by several thousand Harvard students for a variaty of online college related tasks.  For more information on the origans of facebook and its creator please go to 

Here are several links that are related to Facebook Chat:

This link talks about the launch of facebook chat and how it can be used as an instant measaging tool, only it is built right into the facebookwebsite so you can talk to your facebook friends with out having to leave a wall posting or measage in the inbox.  Here is an excert from the artical,

"This week marks the launch of Facebook Chat-a new way for you to communicate with your friends in real time.  The wall and inbox have been the primary ways to communicate, but when more immediacy is necessary for example when making plans for lunch in half and hour or arguing over a foul call in the NCAA tournament--they might not be enough. Chat aims to fill this gap."

This link talks about some of the applications and features of the facebook chat bar and communicating with your online friends.  This site also talks about facebook chat giving AIM a run for its money.  Here are some excerts from the artical,

"Facebook has added a new Chat bar to the bottom of the page that's always present everywhere on the site. (It's there by default, and you're not able to hide it.) The Chat bar gives you access to your current chat windows, online friends list, notifications, chat settings, and your online status."

"Facebook Chat is a very compelling experience that will spell trouble for legacy IM networks that haven't built vibrant social networks around their friend lists (i.e. AIM). By making Facebook more real time/presence oriented, Facebook session length should go up a lot. Facebook will become an important player in IM very soon."   


In conclusion facebook users are quikly catching on to the advantages of facebook chat and its ability to give you instanttanious communication with your online friends, we are interested in the educational ramifications of a web 2.0 teaching and learing tool such as facebook chat and how it can give teachers and educaters another interactive and user friendly avanue for learning.  In the following pages we will disscuse the pros and cons fo facebook chat and possible applications of its use in an educational setting such as post-secondary education.

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