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REMEMBER THE MILK was launched in October 2005 by founders Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani. It started with a simple idea in August 2004 and branched out into a complex website as they continued to integrate many applications and features. Ab Kilani is the software engineer, and Arvid Bux is RTM's support engineer. A stuffed monkey named Bob T. Monkey is also a founder of this website.[1] RTM is actually a small, virtual, Australian company. Everyone does their work from home, which includes 3 different continents! [2]

RTM was created in order to make task managing easier and more fun. Forget about all those random sticky notes everywhere, put everything in one place! [1]

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  1. Unknown User (ktuite)

    Remember the milk was created by a small Australian company. There were 2 people, Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani, who created it. Fun fact one of the creators is a stuffed monkey his name is Bob T. Monkey.

  2. Unknown User (atowsley)

    Ab Kilani was the software engineer

    Arvid Bux was the support engineer.  Arvid helped to make Remember The Milk available in Dutch.

    Hiroshi Miyazaki is a Japanese blogger who is the biggest supporter. 

  3. Unknown User (jallison)

    Remembe the Milk started in August of 2004 and now how reached to over one million customers\\

  4. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    You guys are doing great so far! I would recommend to actually put all the information that you are writting in these comments on the actual infromation section. It just makes it a lot easier to follow what you are trying to say.

  5. Unknown User (jallison)

    The application's purpose is the easily manage task

    When the founders of RTM created it, their idea was to try to make task management easy and enjoyable.  By creating RTM they wanted people to find it easier to manage task through the RTM website instead of using random sheet of paper, sticky notes, etc.