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How Facebook Works

Face book was created by Marc Zuckerburg.  In order to use face book, you must create an account.  You must be at least 13 years old to do so, and if you are between 13-18 years old you must be enrolled in a school and provide a valid email address.  After you answer a few mandatory questions, face book will make an account for you.  Your Facebook profile is the webpage that others will see when visiting your site. It gives people an idea of who you are, where you are from, where you work, etc.
You can browse and join networks that are separated into groups such as regions, colleges, workplaces, and high schools. You can sort these friends by age, sex, relationship status, etc.  You can use face book's search engine to find a specific person in your network or out of your network be going to the "search" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  To add people, you can friend request someone.  The next time you log onto face book, there will be a memo saying if that person has accepted or not.
Face book has a space where you can upload a profile picture, a friends section which displays pictures of face book members that you are friends with, a section that shows personal information such as your birthday and where you work or go to school, a mini feed section that informs you about what your other face book friends are up to, a Facebook chat sections where you can talk to all of your friends, a status updater which tells you what your friends are doing at the current time, and a "wall" where you can comment your friends and where they can comment you.
To spice up your Facebook profile, you can add applications. There are many kinds of applications one can add and to do so you just browse around your friends sites or type a certain application into the search engine. If you enjoy a lot of different things and want people to know about them, you can add an application that shows that you are a "fan" of certain things.  In your photo application, you can add and upload up to sixty photos per album.  Here you can "tag" your friends who appear in the picture by hitting "tag this photo" and clicking their name.  You can add a video application that is similar to YouTube that shows your favorite sports team, singer, or anything.  Other applications you can add are the group application, events application, market place (which is like craigslist), posted items, and gifts application, and typically the most common one, the bumper sticker application.  People can also create their own applications that other people can put and upload onto their profile.  There are many different kinds of applications on Facebook, but each person is different and chooses to have different things on their page.

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