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  • How Evernote Can Be Used in Educational and Learning Environments
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Evernote is a very useful Web 2.0 application for individuals in every situation. Evernote allows individuals to capture pictures of almost anything they wish to remember. In a few quick short steps those pictures can be saved into Evernote, organized, and given a brief short description making the picture easily accessible in the future. Secondary students, post secondary students, teachers, professors, businesses, and industries all can greatly benefit from Evernote for a variety of different reason specific for their different environments and situations.

Secondary and Post Secondary Students

Students in all different educational levels and backgrounds can use Evernote to organize their educational priorites. Evernote can help students keep track of their notes, research, homework, tests, quizzes, and anything else that is school related. It would be great to never have to worry about losing those important assignments. Evernote can take that worry away. It is as simple as students photographing all of their important papers, documents, and projects. After that, all the student has to do is upload the important pictures into Evernote in one quick step and organize his or her pictures. He or she can organize the pictures by projects, classes, or anything for that matter. Evernote has made the organizational hassel of being a student much easier and accessible.

Here are a few additional links to brief interviews with students taking full advantage of Evernote. Stanford University Campus   UC Berkeley Campus

Elementary Teachers

Evernote can make the duties of teaching more organized, easy, and accesible by being able to capture pictures of lessons on a white board, pictures of lessons and activities, pictures of field trips, and much more. Also, elementary teachers typically numerous gifts from their students such as drawings, paintings, and crafts. Over the years the gifts recieved can add up. Evernote allows teachers, moms, anyone to take pictures of all your special gifts, store them, and orgainze them. Art teachers could also greatly benefit from Evernote. Lugging a tons of art projects home can be a hassel. Evernote allows them to take individual pictures of each art project, save the pictures, orgainze them by class and projects, and access them at home for easy grading. There are many other situations can help elementary school teachers in the educational environments.

Secondary and Post Secondary  Teachers

Teachers in all grades levels can benefit from Evernote. This section focuses on junior high teachers, high school teachers, college professors, and college teacher assistants. They can use Evernote in a variety of different situations. Video clips are often used to portray a lesson in the classroom setting. However, where do those video clips come from? Teachers often just stumbled upon great examples that could be used to convey a lesson or an idea to their class. Evernote allows them to take a picture of the video itself, the title, or the link to the video. After they photograph the video they can save, organize, and give a brief explanation about the video in Evernote. They can then access and remember the educational video at anytime. Teachers can also use Evernote to capture pictures of research, homework assignments, and projects. Saving and organizing assignments to Evernote will allow teachers to access them from home or another environment and easily grade them.

This is an example of a teacher taking a picture of the lesson they presented to their class, so they could recall the lesson at a later time. 

Education Value and Potential

Evernote makes the stressful life of a student a bit easier by enabling the student to not have to worry about losing important papers,other written assignments, or class notes.  It can organize them by class, which also makes it easy for future reference when the student goes to study for an exam over the material.  Also, because Evernote is on the Internet, a student can easily access their information when they are on the go from their cell phone or from anywhere on any computer with an Internet connection.  Teachers can enjoy the convenience of Evernote as well.  Instead of carrying mounds of papers home to be graded over a break or long weekend, the teacher can take pictures of the assignments and upload them into Evernote.  Then, while away from school, the teacher can grade the papers at his or her leisure without the worry of misplacing or completely losing any papers. 

Businesses and Industries

Businesses and industries can also greatly benefit from Evernote. They can take pictures of the many business cards they are given and organize them in Evernote. Later the business or industry can easily access and recall a certain business card. Below is an example of a business card saved into Evernote. Other ways businesses and industries can benefit from Evernote is by taking pictures of job sights, projects, proposals, and many other business related items and orgainizing them in Evernote.

Here is a link to a brief video of how Evernote is used in the business world. Business Needs

This is an example of a business card being saved and organized in Evernote, so the business could easily access  and recall specific businesses at a later time.

Business and Industry Value and Potential

Businesses can also benefit by using Evernote.  They can use it to organize business cards, clientele information, pictures, but most importantly, take notes on all of the above.  It's one thing to have an organized list of business cards, it's another to also have a description of how good or bad the service was or if they have been recommended by someone.  Also, it is convenient to have clients' information at your fingertips.  If you have a scheduling conflict and need to cancel, you can create a link on the client's name to show you his or her email or phone number just by clicking their name so that you can contact them to change the meeting.  This is much more convenient and safer than carrying around a pocketbook with client's contact information while traveling.  Also, you can upload pictures from seminars or sites to show coworkers at a later date in an organized and relevant fashion.

Other Uses of Evernote
The majority of people will tend to fall into one of these categories. Even if you do not fall into one of these categories, Evernote can still be very useful. Everyone needs a more organization in their lives, and where better to start then all those pictures, dates, events, notes, homework, to do lists, and more rattling around in your head. Evernote can provide anyone with an easy and accessible way of organizing thoughts, pictures, memories, and tasks needing to be remembered.  

Below are additional links to brief videos regarding other ways Evernote can be used outside of the educational and business world. Recipes Preparing Sermons Wine Lists Books

Value and Potential for Many Other Uses

Busy working mothers can organize their work schedules along with their kids schedules conveniently on Evernote.  People interested in photography can easily store and organize pictures without having to take up storage space on their personal computers or buy expensive extra storage space for their computers.  People can save pictures of weekly to do lists so that they can easily stay organized and not forget obligations.  These are just a few examples of ways people use Evernote to make their lives a little less hectic and more organized.  The uses of Evernote are vast and are sure to provide everyone with more helpful means of organization. 

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