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  • How Google Notebook is related to other applications
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How Google Notebook Is Related to Other Applications

  • Google Notebook can be used in conjunction with all other Google products such as Google Docs and Google Bookmarks. By being able to use all three of these with each other it makes it really easy to keep all of your files organized and in a place they can always be reached. For example, say you have to write a research paper. Well you can gather information from the internet and save that information to Google Notebook, and you can even add your own notes about that information underneath your research. Once you have some information you start writing your paper in Google Docs. Writing your paper in Google Docs allows you to export information straight from your Google Notebook to your Google Doc with just a click of the Export button. This allows you to take all of your information and notes and put them into a document where you can edit all of that information. Being able to use Google Notebook and Google Docs hand in hand makes researching a lot easier and faster. It also makes it so you always have access to all of your information from anywhere as long as you have internet.

  • This is an example of one of my Google Notebooks that I am going to export into Google Docs. To do this you just click the Export button, which is at the bottom of the page. 
  • When you click on Export this is the screen that pops up, so then all you have to do is click Document.
    By clicking Export, it will populate this screen and you are ready to start typing your paper into Google Docs.

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  1. Unknown User (agoldsmi)

    I really like this section so far!

    The only thing i think we need to do to it is like format, but that comes later.  

    Other then that, maybe take some screen caps to show these programs working together and put them inbetween where you are talking about how they work together!

    If you dont know how to do that i could easily show you!

  2. Unknown User (kmculy)

    Ok so I do not know how to do screen caps, so I will need help on that. Also I plan on adding more information to this and then work on formatting as well.

    1. Unknown User (agoldsmi)

      Screen Caps:

      First open a word document (this just makes it easier to organize)

      Select on the program bar at the bottom of the screen whichever program you wish to take a screen cap of (try this internet explorer page for practice)

      Then hold ALT and press PrintScreen, it will seem like nothing at all has happened

      Then go to your word document and click on it to put the curser on the page

      Next just hit the paste button ( ctrl+ v   is the shortcut) and it will paste a picture of the window you had open into the word document

      After that you can just save it to any folder as a picture and then put it up here

      If there are any more questions dont hesitate to ask

  3. Unknown User (kmculy)

    Ok so I made the screen caps, but cannot get them to transfer over to here, do you have any suggestions.

    1. Unknown User (agoldsmi)

      if you made screen caps and had them on a word document you should just be able to to right click and hit save as and save it to your pictures folder or any other folder you want for that matter.

       then when you want to put them in here hit the insert image button while editing your text

      if you are still having a problem with it i will gladly help you in lab on wed.

  4. Unknown User (cthofer)

    This section looks great.  The examples of the screenshots are great for showing the use. Great Job!