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Basic Functions

  • The basic function of Google Notebook clipping anything from the web into your notebook, so you can easily access it.  Once the extension has been downloaded, all that is left to do is highlight the text you want, right click, and select the option "Note This" (Google Notebook)." Once this is done your notebook will pop up in your bottom right hand screen showing the text that was entered.  Then the user has the option to name the notebook, create a new notebook, and add different sections or comments into the notebook. Please refer to the Youtube video below to watch a step by step tutorial on how Google Notebook is used and the basic functions that it contains.

   Create a Notebook Using Google Notebook


  • Google Notebook can be used in many different ways for many different types of people.  Teachers can use the organizing and clipping functions to help their in classroom duties.  The organizing tool can help keep any class subject and lesson plans organized and packed with information.  Also, those in business and industry can use Google Notebook for keeping all of their staff or partners knowledgable about any type of research or any other project by sharing notebooks.  Sharing notebooks helps by allowing all to see a specific notebook and edit it and send it back.

Organizing with Google Notebook

  • It is very easy to organize material with Google Notebook. For example, if a student is taking notes for several different classes, he or she can set up a notebook for each class and keep all of the subjects organized. It is possible to organize each notebook further by adding section headings for each note; each section can be named according to it's content or by the date that the notes or information is recorded. This makes it useful for college students especially because when taking notes in class, it is possible to date each section according to when the notes were taken.


  • Google Notebook makes it simple to clip important information that is found when surfing the internet.  After the Google toolbar is installed, all all that is necessary to do is highlight the particular information that is desired, right click, and choose 'Note This' and Google Notebook will save it in a notebook.  In addition, it is always possible to go back into the Google Notebook account and organize the saved information via any computer with internet access.  Saving and organizing important information has never been easier.

Sharing Notebooks

  • Once a notebook has been created, it can be made private, shared with only certain people from a list of email addresses, or it can be made public. Simply by clicking 'Share' at the bottom left of the screen, or by clicking 'sharing opitions' at the top right of the screen when the notebook that is to be shared is on the screen. Once 'Share' has been selected, the program shows a screen that gives the option to add email addresses or to make a notebook public. Sharing notebooks is very simple and quick, and allows any job to be done quickly and efficiently.

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  1. Unknown User (cthofer)

    this is a sample video from youtube on how to use the basic google notebook interface

  2. Unknown User (kmculy)

    I really like this section because I think it keeps things simple, and I think that needs to be our main goal otherwise we will lose interest.