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How To Use YouTube

Where do you find YouTube on the web?

YouTube's url  is

YouTube can also be found by accessing the internet in any web browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari for Mac users.

YouTube can also be found by searching for YouTube in any major search engine, like Google, Yahoo, or Ask

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How to search within YouTube

To search for videos on YouTube, you simply type in what you are looking for or key words relating to the subject in the search bar at the top of the site. When typing in something in the search bar, there will also be suggestions given to you while typing. This aids you when searching for something because it helps you be more specific in your search. However, you do not have to use the suggestions; they are only there to help. You can also remove this by clicking on Advanced Search by the Search button and deselecting "Display query suggestions as I type"4. After you have searched for

what you want, there is a list of videos that come up. You can sort these videos by relevance, date added, view count, and rating by placing the mouse over the Sort By bar and clicking on how you want the videos sorted.

After selecting a video, there are related videos that come up on the right. These videos would pertain to what you have searched and could help you with finding another video. There are also videos from the person who uploaded the video you had selected, enabling you to see those as well.

On the homepage of YouTube, there are several featured videos that you can look at. These are videos that relate to current events. Looking through those may help you find a good video of a current issue. On the homepage again, there are different categories you can search through as well. These are: Most Viewed, Most Discussed, and Top Favorited.

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Viewing a Video

Once you find a video that you want, you can just click on the video picture or title that comes up after your search in order to view it. The video will begin automatically. While watching the video, you can pause and play it again by clicking on the pause/play button on the bottom left corner of the video. To change the volume on the video, click on the volume button and move the bar up or down, increasing or decreasing the volume. The rectangular button by the volume control allows you to increase the size of the video to full screen. To exit from full screen, you click on the X that takes the place of the rectangular button. You can also move forward or backwards in the video by clicking on the circle that is moving along the time bar at the bottom of the video and moving it backward or forward, depending on where you want to go.

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Who is YouTube accessible to?

YouTube is accessible to anyone, free of charge.  Non-members can view videos at any time.  However, only members can upload videos, and comment on other videos.  A membership to YouTube is free, though.  The only thing you need is a valid e-mail address. 

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How to upload a video to YouTube

 Uploading a video to YouTube is simple and easy.  First, you must be a member of YouTube, which means that you have a YouTube account.  YouTube is a free service, all you need is a valid e-mail.  Next, click on the yellow "Upload" button, to the far right of the search button. 

A new screen will open.  On this screen will be spaces where you can enter a title, description, and tags for your video.  You can also edit the broadcast, date and map, and sharing options for your video.  The broadcast options let you control who can see your video.  The date and map options controls if people can see when and where your video takes place.  The sharing options controls whether people can make text or video responses, as well as whether the video can be embedded in another website.  Once you have changed all these specifications to your liking, you are ready to upload your video. 

Now it is time to select the video from a file on your computer.  To do this, click the button that reads "Upload a Video...".  When you do this, a new screen will pop up.  It will have a box to enter the location of your video, and a button that says "Browse".  Click on the browse button, then select the file that you want from your computer.  Once you have done this, click the button below labeled "Upload Video".  This step may take a while.  Once the video has loaded, a new screen will pop up.  It will tell you that the video has been successfully uploaded, and will give you the URL for the video, and the code to embed it in another website.

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How to Use YouTube Safely

When uploading a video, you can either make the video available for the public, or make it a private video by choosing who you share it with. When making a video, make sure to keep your identity private by not giving out personal information such as telephone number, address, or license plate number. It is also possible for people to comment your video. In order to make sure these comments are ones you want, you can choose to have them be approved by you before they are put online. You can also choose to not allow comments at all when uploading a video.

YouTube does not allow videos with "nudity, graphic violence, or hate" 5. If you come across a video that it inappropriate you can click "flag this video as inappropriate" and it will be sent to YouTube. YouTube will then look to see if the video has violated the Terms of Use and if it has, the video will be removed immediately.

When searching through videos, you can change the search options to filter the videos that come up. Next to the Search button, you can click "Settings" then click "Filter videos that may not be suitable for minors." Then click the "Close" link and the videos will be filtered when you search.

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Here is a visual display of YouTube's home page and its main features:

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Want More?

   Here is YouTube's Help Center:  Click Here

   Here is a video tutorial showing how to upload a video:


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    Does anyone know how to make those videos where it can show you step by step where to click and what to do like the confluence tutorials that are on blackboard? I think that it would be helpful to have one of those so teachers can watch it and really understand how to use Youtube. I am unsure of what program you use to make them and just wondering if anyone knew! I can try and figure out how to do it, but not sure where to start! Thanks!


  2. Unknown User (ajburton)

    this talks about alot of YouTubes might want to add to the page

    I would add this link to your page - as well as have information off this page.

    YouTubes Handbook - how to search/upload

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    Cara, I made a minor correction at the beginning of this.  Firefox and Internet Explorer are browsers, not search engines.  I added Safari (a Mac browser) and clarified that these were ways to access the internet.  To highlight your original point, you can search for YouTube at search engines like the ones listed above.  If I was mistaken or if you have questions, let me know.


    1. Unknown User (cmasters)

      Thanks Steven! That is a great help and yes that is exactly what I was trying to say, I was just mistaken! But thanks for correcting it!

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    This is an actual YouTube video showing you how to upload to PowerPoint!