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  • How Twitter Used In Asia
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 Twitter in Japan

Worldwide popularity of mini blog twitter was launched in Japan in year 2008 April.


Before having Japanese version, twitter was still popular in Japan having plenty of users. Twitter's user has increased rapidly after launching Japanese version.
As twitter is used worldwide, there are 40% of users in United States and in Japan there are 23.4% users as it is shown in the graph.

Over all, numerical value of Japan is taking big part that twitter is more focusing to Japan's market.In the process of opening Japanese version, it was possible due to Japanese Internet Company DG (Digital Garage) which helped Japanese version to be created.In the opening of Japanese version of twitter there will commercial banner opining together and the company in charge of these commercial is famous company like DG's subcompany CGM marketing.

There are many other blogs created after twitter which lead to tense competition however twitter's creation of Japanese version made harder for other blogs to make differences in their blog services.  

(edited by hyewon kim, Jihye Kang, Eung-kyung Kim, Sanga park)

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