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Facebook, meet Blackboard

Facebook and Blackboard are planning on a major collaboration-Blackboard Sync. This will be an application that delivers course information and updates from Blackboard to you inside Facebook. This will help students be notified on up-coming assignments, grades, and test/homework help. This kinds of information will be kept secret of course just like it is on regular Blackboard, but it will be much easier for students to access and should help students better remember what they need to do.The goal is to make Facebook similar to Blackbaord in the since that it will give students to the opportunity to check grades and offer study tools and feedback[4].

Tools making it easy to Study, Research, and More:

  1. Books iRead: Share the books you're reading and see what others are reading
  2. DoResearch4me: This helps to make it easier to gather information with using your thesis statement, instructions, and more
  3. Flashcards: This allows students to create flashcards to help students study on Facebook
  4. Wikiseek Search: Students can use this to do research Wikipedia articles on Facebook
  5. SkoolPool: Get the lowdown on schools, online and otherwise
  6. Rate My Professors: This can help students find out what other students think of professors so they know who to ask for before they register for class.
  7. JSTOR Search: Find full text research articles
  8. Notely: With this you can organize your school life. You can make calendars to organize assignments and tell when they are due, and you can organize your notes.
  9. Study Groups: With this you can get groups of your classmates together to work on homework or so groupd projects.
  10. Get Homework Help: This will allow you to get connected with tutors and talk to other students to get help with homework
  11. SwapRoll: You can save money on textbooks by trading them.
  12. Notecentric Take: Take notes right on Facebook and share them with your classmates.
  13. Class Notes: You can use this to find scanned notes for your class.

Tools for Teachers and Administrators:

  1. BookTag: This allows a great way to share and loan books out to students and create helpful quizzes for studying
  2. Webinaria Screencast Recorder: Record a video for students and share it
  3. Mathematical Formulas: Distribute formulas, solutions, and more
  4. SlideShare: Create presentations to send to students
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