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Educational Value 

For the past few years educators have been looking for ways to keep students off of social networking applications like Facebook because they were distracting and unrelated to the topics at hand. However, Facebook is being underutilized as an educational technology. This program has a variety of applications availible in it that could be very effective in the classroom.

Group Projects

Quite obviously this program lends itself to group projects and collaboration outside of class. For students communicating outside of class can be a difficult task to undertake. With their busy schedules it is often hard to have a simple phone call much less a meeting where all the group members are in attendance. To remedy this situation Facebook could be used as a way to inexpensively collaborate with group members and check on the progress that has been made. Quite simply students could start a group for the specific project that they were working on and utilize the page provided to hold discussions, share multimedia, pictures, and other web sites as well as just using the Wall feature to stay in contact with group members.


Some people have tried to utilize the broad reach of Facebook by connecting with people from accross the globe. You may remember having a penpal as a kid and Facebook would be an instant way toconnect with very diverse people from far away for free. In addition to sharing stories, likes and dislikes the nature of Facebook allows users to share pictures and videos that make the experience motivating to young people as well as more valuable as a teaching tool.

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  1. Unknown User (hscudder)

    I was just looking at what different groups had for the educational value/uses of the various web 2.0 technologies, and I thought of another example of how Facebook can be used.

    My biology group uses the email feature instead of a group. This way we are sent an email every time someone replies to a message. We are more likely to check our facebook inbox than the group pages we are in.

    Also, I think you are doing a great job with your page. Keep the good work up!

  2. Unknown User (mkeeling)

    Hey I think you made some very good points for facebook.. It is alot easier to communicate, since most have facebook. Most of us use it, I guess I just never thought of it as a learning tool or aid, but I think your group made a good point.. Especially for those international students.