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The first step to setting up a Netvibes account is to first find the website itself. You can do this by simply typing Netvibes into your internet explorers search engines like Google or Yahoo. Once this is accomplished a list of websites should appear and in most cases the first website with Netvibes standing out should be there. Go ahead and click on that and it should take you to the website, if not the website is  When you arrive at the website it asks for your city, state, and country.

Once that is filled out go ahead and click on next and it will take you to an "Interests," set up window. In the interests window you can select what you want personally on your page like: news, business, sports, TV, movies, and music, tools and technology, fun and games, lifestyle, shopping and travel. 

Once selected hit the next icon and it will take you to the "Your page is ready" window. It includes a congratulations statement and tells you that you can add and remove widgets whenever you want to, plus it gives more partner widgets to choose from. Then hit the "Show me my page," icon and it will create your page and then take you to it.

After this is accomplished you are all set and ready to go do whatever you want with you brand new homepage if you wish it to be.

You might already know or not know that Netvibes was designed to be a internet homepage but it can also be used as communications website as well. The next step is realizing what you designed your page to be, once you see all the devices you installed its to time to move on to the next step. In the upper right hand corner of your page you will find a "Sign up now, it's free icon," go ahead and click on that if you want to sign up. A window will pop up asking for your e-mail address, password, and password confirmation.

Once that is filled out check off the "I agree with the Terms of Service," and then hit the "Sign Up" icon. Then it should go ahead and create your page and it will then take you to it. At the upper left hand corner there will be another congratulations notification. It says your're registered and that your data is now saved.

It also asks you if you want to go ahead and create your public page to publish your own page which is the next step. In the upper right hand corner there should be a "Create your public page" icon, go ahead and click that if you wish to continue. After this an e-mail confirmation link should appear in the upper left hand corner. Go ahead and check it out to make sure it's correct and then hit next. The website will then send you a confirmation e-mail about an information link to activate you public page.

After clicking on next the website will ask you for some more general information such as: your full name, gender and age, then go ahead and click on next. The website then takes to the next step which is choose which url you wish to use for the website, you can use either of the first two or make up your own but make sure you select one of them. Then select whether your're using the website for Personal or Pro usage.

Then click on the finish icon.

 Once again another congratulations notification will appear and the next step is to find your friends on Netvibes. In the upper right hand corner there is the "Find your friends on Netvibes," icon, go ahead and click on that. It will then take you to a friend's finder page. However, there is a catch you must know your friends e-mail address through Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail/ MSN, Facebook, or Outlook/ Mail. You can then send your friends, family members, teachers, or whoever, e-mails wanting them to join Netvibes.

If you have a Facebook account you can go ahead and log on to Facebook from Netvibes and select your friends that you want to join. However, if you use this method most likely what will happen is none of your friends will have an account so you will probably have to use one of the other methods to find them. Once this is accomplished you should return to your home page and add a title to your page which can be found at the center of the top part of the page. Then you should check back with your e-mail account to see if you received Netvibes confirmation e-mail. The e-mail should tell you about your success in creating an account and where to turn to if you need any help with the website.

 The only thing left to do from this point on is to go out and navigate throughout the great world of Netvibes. Enjoy!

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