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Evernote is like an "external brain."  In other words, if there is something that you want to remember, you can simply highlight that piece of information and paste it in your personal Evernote clipboard for use at a later time. 

When you paste some information in the Evernote program on the notebook, Evernote saves that information as long as you would like it to.  When you need to find that information there are a couple of ways that you can find what you are looking for.  One way is to sort through your notebook, or another way is to type one word that is located in the item that you are looking for in the find box.  The word that you type in should become highlighted in the item being searched which helps you to find what you are looking for very quickly.  As you can tell, it is very simple, easy and quick to save information needed by a click of a button.

Along with that, a computer is not the only way that Evernote can be accessible.  It can also be used from your cell phone, that way you can carry your information with you where ever you go instead of having to take your computer with you everywhere you go.

If one is interested in using Evernote, they first need to visit the Evernote website.  They can either choose to download one of the three versions of Evernote.  However, they need to make sure that they are downloading the one that will be compatable for their computer or cell phone. 

 Uses of Evernote

 There are several different ways that Evernote can be used.  The following are some of the most common ways that this program can work for any individual

1) For office use:  At the end of each day, it is typical for there to be lots of sticky notes posted on your computer screen, notes on pieces of scrap paper, lots of printed information or even just emails that need to be kept track of.  By taking pictures of the sticky notes, scrap paper, emails, print outs or whatever it may be, placing them in an Evernote folder can help you keep your office and computer space neat and tidy.

2)  Another way Evernote is helpful is in the meeting place.  Instead of sending emails of information to each person that is going to be at the meeting, just wait until the meeting, show them your Evernote file for that particular meeting, and let them tell you what information they want.  This way it keeps their email accounts less full and keeps the stress level down on you just in case you forgot to send some bit of information to one of the members. 

3)  Taking notes during a meeting directly to Evernote can help tremendously.  Instead of taking notes on paper, then having to type them into your computer, then transferring the notes into Evernote can consume a lot of time. So why not take your laptop to the meeting and type the notes directly into your Evernote file for the meeting?  Taking notes could also be done on an iPhone with Evernote downloaded onto it. 

4)  If you are getting ready to plan a big project, Evernote would be a great tool to use.   For your project, it would be smart to just open a new notebook that project and by using the tags features, you can easily sort the different tasks and research topics needed for the project.  Now, everything you need or want to recall, will be kept in one spot.

Evernote can be used for many different reasons as stated above.  Whether it be for the use in an office, meeting, ministry, daycare, classroom, you can always feel comfortable with all of your information being in one safe spot.  Not only will your information be there, it is easy to navigate through to find the piece of information being looked for. 


 A thumbnail view of notebooks stored in Evernote.

Image from:

With Evernote, you can easily print off a note, email, delete, and learn more about the specific note information you want. 



"Evernote's desktop client makes it easy to organize text, notes, pictures, and clippings from other applications into "notebooks," which basically act similarly to folders or albums in most other applications. As a very welcome touch, notes can be viewed in either a list form (such as Mail, Journler, etc.) or as thumbnails. This can make notes a bit easier to browse through and recognize at a glance, especially if you're organizing a lot of images. A decent set of rich text editing tools are available for text notes (font selection, bold/italic/underline, text justification, etc.), and to-do checkboxes can be created for basic task management. Tasks can be seen online once notebooks are synced, but they cannot be checked off from a browser." From the picture above, you can see at the top left corner in the blue side column, the notebooks (folders) that this individual has created.  Clicking on one of them will lead you to all of the information stored in that notebook.  From there, you can easily view any notebook you have created (Chartier, 2008)."

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