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Page created by: Janna Oxford, Emilee Kuhn, Estil Caton, Joe Green, Jessica Keaton, Nick Murray, and Emily Bowman (smile)

Icebrrg Information


Developed By

Justin Cowan and Ryan Whitaker


May 2008

Office Location

Oklahoma City


"Web Forms made chillingly simple."

Purpose of Icebrrg

Icebrrg is a unique web tool that was created by a company called Element Fusion.  Icebrrg has been around for 7 years helping to improve the internet.

Icebrrg is available to make several types of forms that can be used on the internet.  Some of the forms include:

  • Surveys
  • Applications
  • Contact forms
  • Registration forms
  • And more!


 What Does Icebrrg Do?

Icebrrg makes forms. What kind of forms? Just about any kind you can imagine. Having trouble imagining forms? Ok, here are just a few examples.

Contact Forms

Ok, this one’s pretty basic, but every website needs a contact form. Icebrrg lets you set up a nice one real quick.


Registration Forms

Send people to the web to register for events or other activities. Icebrrg sends a customizable confirmation email to each registrant. Plus, it stores all of your information in a database and exports it to Excel or any other spreadsheet software so you can create nametags, rosters and other good stuff for your event.


Ask your audience a question and let them respond online. Measure important trends like customer satisfaction or maybe create silly polls just for fun. Either way, icebrrg helps you set it up, share it, and get results.


Application Forms

Let people apply online. Apply for what? Well, that’s up to you — maybe a job, maybe a car loan, maybe a summer internship, or maybe a sweepstakes giveaway.

Personal Inventories

Why not organize your personal life with Icebrrg? How about cataloging your collection of DVDs, CDs, or baseball cards? Create your forms and then use them to enter your information. Icebrrg stores it all and gives it to you when you need it.

What is so great about Icebrrg?

All you need is a browser.

We handle the programming. We handle the hosting. There’s no technical or design experience required.

Share forms on your own website or blog.

Put your form on your own pages. We even provide you the simple lines of code you need. Just drop them on an HTML page or in your blog’s HTML editor and you’re published!

Don’t have a website? No problem.

We’ll host your form for you on its own unique web address.

Watch our video demo

Our forms are stylin’.

We try not to be vain but our forms really do look good.

Sign-up is super fast.

Get started building forms in less than a minute.

Just Complete Our Sign Up Form 

 Icebrrg is affordable.

Paid plans start at $9/month. No contracts or cancellation fees.

Don't believe how easy it is? Click on the website below to see the reviews of other people.

App Appeal 

How Icebrrg Works

Here is the step by step, for how to use Icebrrg.

Items Necessary to Begin:

  • Internet Access
  •  An account set up with

Don't Have an Account? Don't worry, here are the steps to setting one up!

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Sign Up”  
  3. Choose the package you would like to use  
  4. Enter personal info; e-mail address and set a password 
  5. Select “Create Account” to finish set up

Should look something like this 

How to Create a Form
  1. Log in to your Icebrrg account
  2. Log in to your Icebrrg account
  3. Select “My Forms”
  4. Select “Make a New Form”
  5. This brings up a blank form
  6. Create a name and description for the form using the “Form Settings” tab
  7. Edit your form by adding desired Fields using the “Fields” tab
  8. Save the form when finished
  9. Exit the edit form page to return to the “My Forms” page
  10. Now you can View, Edit, or Share your form
  11. Select “Share” underneath your new form
  12. Now you must choose how to use this new form

There are three ways

  1. Integrated Form Code-This will embed the form to your existing site
  2. Full Page Form Copy-This will put the Icebrrg page directly on your page
  3. Invite-This allows people to fill the form out on Icebrrg’s website, without requiring you to host the form on your own website
Now the Steps Used are Determined by how you Share it
  1. Integrated Form Code
  2. Copy and paste the code to your site
  3. Publish the file to your server
  4. Adjust height variable of i-form if necessary
  5. Forms will submit to your Icebrrg account
  6. Full Page Form Copy
  7. Copy and paste code to your website
  8. Upload file to your server
  9. Form will submit to your Icebrrg account
  10. Invite
  11. Fill out the E-mail address you want to send the form to with a message.  A link will be included in the E-mail for the recipient to access the form. 
  12. Now the Form is Complete

Icebrrg- Webforms made chillingly simple  (View to see a youtube tutorial on how to use Icebrrg)

Now you will be able to view the submissions to your form
  1. Log into your Icebrrg account
  2. Select “My Forms”
  3. Select “Browse” below the desired form
  4. This allows you to view all submissions
  5. You can also download the submissions to an excel data file
  6. To do this select the “Download” link 

How does Icebrrg relate to other applications?

Here is a list of different survey resources, much like Icebrrg.

Other sites to create surveys

Poll Daddy

Create Survey

Free Online Surveys

Stellar Survey

Survey Monkey




Like Icebrrg, there are several survey applications that can be easily accessed and used towards different projects.  This chart compares the differences between Icebrrg, ProDaddy, Free Online Surveys, Wufoo, and Stellar Survey.  The chart shows the plans available, how often the service can be used, and the amount of storage allowed at the site.  

Are these available? 



Free Online Surveys


Stellar Survey

Free Plan Available






Starting Plan



























10 days



Each of these applications brought something to the user that was unique to its own program.   As we look through the chart, we can see that Icebrrg is the lead runner in the charted areas.  Although Stellar Survey is a close second, they have fewer entries for the user to attach in their surveys.  Each survey application allows the user to modify and create unique surveys from a simple mouse click. 

Icebrrg is user friendly and allows users to create surveys on their own with their own end result in mind.   The service does not add in extra questions, and allows users to modify the survey as they wish.  Icebrrg also allows the user to post the survey to a website of their choice.  If the user does not have a website to post to, they can simply save it in their storage area and access it through the Icebrrg website.  Another feature for users without websites is the user can give the website to the survey participants and the participants can take the survey straight from the Icebrrg website.  These features allow Icebrrg to have high ratings among survey applications.

Click to enlarge image.


What are some unique things about Icebrrg?

 There are many unique ways to incorporate Icebrrg into educational or business settings. A few of these ideas include:

  • Post class Survey
  • Assessment of background knowledge
  • Receiving feedback
  • Pre-test/Pre-class survey
  • Making job applications

Lesson Plans incorporating Icebrrg

 Elementary Lesson Plans

Second Grade Economic Lesson
Third Grade Reading Comprehension
Statistical Data Lesson


 Agricultural Lesson 
 Math Lesson
 Agriculture Leadership Lesson

Post Secondary Lesson Plans 

German Lesson
Com 114 Lesson
Psychology Lesson

Extra Lesson Plans

Math Lesson Plan

Math Lesson Plan doc

Gym Lesson Plan

Gym Lesson Plan doc

Dinosaur Lesson Plan

Dinosaur Lesson Plan

Business And Industry

Surveys are used throughout the business world everyday to share ideas, to organize information, to evaluate performances and relationships. Because Icebrrg is a tool that can help anyone with a computer and a connection to the internet create professional looking forms that can be collaborated on by multiple people any business would find this tool useful. While businesses would find the creation of these forms useful most already have the tools to do this on their own however Icebrrg adds an extra element in the ability to host the surveys created on its webpage or programming the surveys into your own webpage. This is a key element that; in the day of growing internet use and popularity for businesses, is an invaluable asset. To do this programming or hosting would require businesses to either hire a person with the specific skill set to do this or require employers hold seminars to teach their employees how to handle this task; either way requiring great time effort and money most likely cutting into profit margins. With this web 2.0 tool employers can teach employees how to handle this once daunting task with a short lesson in the matter of a few minuets.

Examples of Icebrrg being used to illustrate its educational/potential value

The potential educational value of this and other survey tools on the web are near limit less as they accomplish several goals that every educator must at one point or another use including organizing and collecting information, providing feedback, and applying knowledge here are a few specific ways that the surveys created by Icebrrg can be used:

  • Collecting and organizing students contact information
  • Collecting specific information about each student including previous knowledge and other interests
  • Creating multiple choice test, quizzes, even simple practice assignments for students to apply their knowledge
  • Providing educators a way to evaluate a students progress
  • Providing students a way to evaluate educators lessons and the educator themselves
  • Educators can use this a tool to take inventory at the begging and end of each year

There are many more uses for this web tool and all of these uses can easily be posted to the internet using the your own website or simply using theirs allowing students and educators to perform these tasks even when away from each other


 How can Icebrrg be used in other countries?

Unfortunately, we have found that Icebrrg cannot be used in other countries. Our international partners from Korea said that there is no way for this to happen. However, they did find a few other sites that can be used where they are. These sites include Ivyhosting and Naver blog, these are other types of survey software. Attached are the comparisons between our Icebrrg and their Ivyhosting and Naver blog.

Icebrrg vs. Ivyhostingiceberg_vs_ivyhosting_english.pdf

Icebrrg vs. Naver Blog


[International Partner Page- Icebrrg|Icebrrg]





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  1. Unknown User (bowmane)

    This is what Estil has come up with so far!!! Thanks everyone! Emily

    So I have came up with three items of discovery about icebrrg.  They are 1: To
    use Icebrrg, you must have an account with them.  2: They have a free account
    available.  3: I set up an account in less than 30 seconds.

  2. Unknown User (bowmane)

    1. You can make different forms such as contact forms, registration forms, surveys, applications, and personal inventory forms.
    2. Through icebrrg you can create and share forms.
    3. You can sign up with icebrrg for free or you can buy it for your company and make many more types of forms!

    1. iceberg is very useful program.

      according to your reasearch, we can make all types of forms with iceberg.

  3. Unknown User (joxford)

    Here is what I have found out:
    Title: Icebrrg

    Who: Made by a company called Element Fusion. Icebrrg is a 7-year old debt-free internet development company.

    What: Icebrrg makes various types of forms to be used on the web such as surveys, applications, contact, and registration forms. All a person needs a browser to get started.

  4. Unknown User (bowmane)

    Hey guys,
    just so your all aware your 3 research findings dont have to relate to the assingments we talked about in class just whatever you find is fine....just make sure you dont repeat what's already been posted!

  5. Unknown User (ekuhn)

    Here is what I have found so far!

    1. When you create a survey or other service of Icebrrg's you do not necessarily need your own website. Iccebrrg will keep it on the their website.(This would be nice for speakers who are not well known yet.)
    2.There are several plans you can sign up for. Here is a list (all per month)

    Dinghy-free, 3 forms, 10 fields, 100 entries, no storage
    Cruiser-$9, 10 forms, maximun fields, 500 entries, 100MB storage
    Frigator-$24, Unlimited forms, maximum fields, 3000 entries, 300 MB storage
    Yacht-$69, Unlimited forms, maximun fields, 15000 entries, 500MB storage
    Titanic-$199, Unlimited forms, maximum fields, Unlimited entries, 1000MB storage

    (I also thought it was funny how the names of the subscriptions were all ship like)

    3. Icebrrg is a product of Element fushion, which is a website designing site.

  6. Unknown User (jkeaton)

    Alright guys, this is what I've found...

    1. Icebrrg offers stylish forms for users to develop.

    2. After creating a form, it's wise to be updated on HTML, icebrrg provides you with the codes needed to post the forms on webpages, but they're in HTML.

    3. There's no technical or design experience needed to use this program.

  7. Unknown User (jgreen)


    1)allows multiple users to edit, view, and mange forms.

    2)with the help of light cms icebrrg can be sold or provided to your clients as your own tool.

    3)Icebrrg provides customer assistance mon-fri form 8am-5pm via email, responses take 2 days but can be returned within 4 hours with the purchase of the titanic package.

  8. I read all researches you have done.

    Icebrrg is so useful tool!

    To short, Icebrrg let's anyone create great web forms.

    And Icebrrg has extra-fine function.

    1)Icebrrg handle the programming and the hosting. So users don't have to learn all deigning skills or technics.

    2)Icebrrg share forms on users own website or blog.
    That is, users just put a form on their own pages. Then icebrrg even provide users the simple lines of code users need.

  9. I know acebrrg and i made my account.

    In fact, i did not know about acebrrg and i know it this time.

    It is really useful tool

    And it is special because it is share forms so i will use icebrrg to manage it usefully

    thank you!!!

  10. hi. my name is yoonkyung. but i know you guys have difficulty remembering my name. so just call me yoon.(smile)

    i am happy to join this team.

    sorry for my late. this web site is hard to understanding.

    anyway i read researches. and finally i know what iceberg does. i think iceberg is very useful and eazy program.

    but, in Korea we do not use this tool. i am sorry.

    i accordingly gave information of similar program which we use in korea to you.

    we(ewha team member) will compare iceberg with ivyhosting(korean program), naver blog(also korean program).

    and we will upload reseaches until 11.22 noon.

    please check the reasearches and give feedback to us.

  11. hi. this is yoon.
    i found the commonthings between iceberg and ivyhosting(korean web site).(smile)



  12. hmmmmm....

    i don't know how uploading pictures on this page.

    so i add the powerpoint file at "Attechment", check it pliz:)

  13. We find one example to compare with 'icebrrg'.
    That is 'NAVER blog".
    NAVER is site name. (
    NAVER is one of the famous web page in Korea.
    One function that NAVER provide to user is 'blog'
    And I upload ppt file at Attechment room ^^.

    1. Unknown User (bowmane)

      I know you guys say that you don't use it in Korea, but can you is it excessible there to use? I understand that you personally don't use it but can it be used there like we have talked about in the project above??

  14. I upload file about naver blog and icebrgg.

    It is in the attachment room.

    I upload naver blog pictures that is made by korean.

    thank you~~

  15. I uploaded pptx files in add attachment room.

    It shows commons and differences beween icebrrg and ivy hosting(Korean Program).

    I hope that it will be helpful for our project.

    Thank you:)

  16. 10.13 we know the member of INSITE team project.

    11.02 official start of the INSITE project(ewha univ.)

    11.05 we know the final guideline of how to log-in and change password.
    11.05 Yeon jin: introduce herself at the WIKI & comment extra-fine funtion of icebrrg program

    11.09 team members of ewha univ. had the meeting and disscussed what is the icebrrg.
          we watched icebrrg site together and found the demo video. finally we can understand icebrrg's funtion.

    11.11 Yeon jin: made her icebrrg account.

    11.12 INSITE teamproject board is opened.
    11.12 we share our personal information. phone number/nate-on ID(similar to msn)

    11.16 finally every team member of ewha univ. can log-in the WIKI.

    11.18 we fix a online-meeting(11.20)

    11.20 nate-on online meeting*(Yoonkyung, Yeon jin, Euen-ji)*      we share the oppinion of the icebrrg and decide the korean program similar to icebrrg.(ivy hosting & naver blog)
          we made the a table of contents.(the comparison between iceberg and ivyhosting/naver blog)
    11.20 Yoonkyung: introduce herself at the WIKI & introduce the upcoming process(we will upload the researches until 11.22 noon.)
    11.20 Yoonkyung: reply to the emily kathryn bowman's comment

    11.21 Hanohl, Yoonkyung: made icebrrg accout.
    11.21 Yoonkyung: uploaded the reserches of comparison between icebrrg and ivyhosting(common&difference) at attachment space.

    11.22 comparison between iceberg and ivyhosting/naver blog
          Hanohl: uploaded the reserches of comparison between icebrrg and ivyhosting(difference) at attachment space.
          Yeon jin, Euen-ji: uploaded the reserches of comparison between icebrrg and naver blog(common&difference) at attachment space.

    11.23 nate-on online meeting*(Yoonkyung, Yeon jin, Euen-ji, Hanohl)*
          we share the oppinion of the effective method of educational using icebrrg program.
          and decide way of preparing the presentation.

  17. Unknown User (vmartz)

    When I first saw this page I thought it would be really neat and something I could personally use, but I was slightly disappointed to see that it does not have free accounts. I feel like this website would have a lot more use if it was free with a limit on what you could use! I now that I as a student would personally love a site like this because I could use it for my Communications class to see what topics my fellow classmates would find interesting.

    The only educational purposes I could see for this really, would be for use when writing papers and/or speeches to see what topics would be most interesting to use. It could also potentially be used for an OLC class to practice organizational skills, by using the organizational chart.  It could be very useful to teachers to organize their students information and have it all in one convenient area! I feel like this page could use a little more information, and it should probably be listed somewhere that there is no free access to it.