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Please list any ideas of types of handouts or extras we can use for our presentation.  This is only 1 week away. 

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  1. Unknown User (jcritser)

    Well, Since we are going to have two computers. We could use one with the skrbl app on it for people to use and the other one could be a powerpoint used to show how skrbl works and what it does or we could ahve one for the skrbl app and another with our wiki page on it.

    For hand outs we could probably just display what skrbl is and how it can be used for every education level since schools from around the area will be there.

    Also, do we have to contact revuka and let them know we are making a skrbl wiki site of their product for copyright? I can write one I just didn't know if we needed to or not.

    Do we know who is going to make what for the hand outs and computers, etc.?

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      I am up for any ideas.  If others think we should do a powerpoint, I am willing to make one.  If we just want to have our wiki page up, that is fine too.  I am getting ready for our project manager meeting right now and will let you know if Dr. Newby discusses the presentation in more detail.

      Also, I have contacted Revuka asking for more information about Skrbl, but have not heard anything back yet.  I would think we would need to get permission to use their logo.  We will have to check with Catherine and ask her if she did when she first added it to our page.

  2. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Some ideas from tonights meeting-

    - Every group will be given a bulletin board.  We could cover the bulletin board with a ream of paper, and post our information on the bulletin board.

    - Brochures

    - Tri-fold poster

    - Business cards with our website

    - Slide show (Dr. Newby said we don't really need to have one, because using handouts might be easier.)

    This is what is stated in our project guide:

    5. Each team will design and develop a set of training materials to show how to

    access and use the application. This can be done via PowerPoint (similar to

    project I), Camtasia, Captivate, SnagIt, or similar software. (Dr. Newby said in our meeting, we don't need this.)

    6. Each team will produce a presentation to be shown at the Web 2.0 Showcase.

    The presentation will consist of an oral presentation with slides (e.g.,

    PowerPoint), a large poster describing the key elements of the application, and

    well designed handout materials.

    Also, Dr. Newby suggested having 2 or 3 presenters at a time.  Then after a while, rotate and have 2 or 3 more. 

    Demetrius, since you and I are evaluators, we will not be presenting.  We will have to go around to different groups and evaluate their presentations.

  3. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Please indicate how you would like to contribute in preparing materials for our presentation.

    We need handouts made, a poster made, business cards, and any other ideas you suggest.  We need to get working on this NOW because the showcase in coming up very soon!

  4. Unknown User (mlerch)

    I will make the business cards to set out at our table.

    Two people to make our tri-fold poster.  I am willing to buy it if needed.

    1.  Jennie

    2.  Julianne

    Two people to make handouts

    1. Amanda

    2. Catherine

    Anything else?



    1. Jennie

    2. Catherine

    3. Amanda


    1. Peter

    2. Julianne

    Demetrius and I will be evaluating other groups during the Showcase.

    Let me know by Tuesday.

    1. Unknown User (jcritser)

      It doesn't matter to me which one I do. I'll just take whichever one isn't filled in by Tuesday.

    2. Unknown User (jcritser)

      I'd like to present 6 to 7:30. I'll do the tri fold poster. How long are we waiting before we get started on the presentation stuff? Just wondering

      1. Unknown User (mlerch)

        I told everyone to post what they would like to do by tonight.  So we can start now.  I will fill in what everyone is doing.

  5. Unknown User (jsiderys)

    i can help make the tri-fold poster or make handouts..just let me know.

  6. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

    I'd like to present 6-7:30PM.

    I can help with either, but my freetime this week is limited.  I have two other projects besides this one to finish up for the beginning of next week.  If I do the tri-fold, I can meet only Wednesday after 5:30PM.  And if I do the handouts, I'd rather collaborate online. 

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)


      Would the hand-out be easier for you to do?  I am sure it could be done through collaboration on-line.  Whatever would be easiest for you.  I know this is a very hectic time of the semester.

  7. Unknown User (akpowers)

    I can make the handouts if you tell me exactly what I am supposed to make. Also, I can present at either time, just let me know. Also, does anybody know exactly where this is being held? Its on campus correct?

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      It is held on campus.  It will be int the Stewart Center.  I am not positive of the room number, but will find out again tonight at our project manager meeting.  As far as the handouts go, you just need to make one explaining what Skrbl is.  Catherine is going to work with you. 

      1. Unknown User (mlerch)

        It is going to be held in Stewart Center Room 218 A-D.

  8. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Ok.  I posted what everyone is doing and when they are presenting.  Let me know if this works for everyone.  Also, can anyone think of anything else we could prepare for the presentation?  Thanks!

  9. Unknown User (jcritser)

    Julianne, what is your e-mail? Do you ever get into Lafayette so we can think of a time to make the poster?

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      I did not think about everyone not being in town.  Let me know if there is a conflict and we can switch things around.

  10. Unknown User (akpowers)

    Megan, what time are we going to meet to set everything up? Do you know yet? Also, I have class until 5:20 on Tuesday, so I'll just run right over after my class is done to help set up and everything. Also, there was something about a powepoint that we needed to make, is anybody making that or are we just not doing one?

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)


       We can start setting up around 3.  I can be there whenever everyone wants to start meeting.  As far as a powerpoint goes, Dr. Newby said we did not have to have.  He suggested using the handouts to point our key information. 

      1. Megan

        I have found out that we are supposed to contribute to the presentation (Students from Australia) Can you think of I way in which I could contribute that would be useful. Sorry that I only relised so late.


        1. Unknown User (mlerch)


          Do you think you and Kim could create a small powerpoint on the basic steps of using the application?