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The International Application of Confluence

Confluence can be used all over the world!  It is designed for collaboration between teams, organizations, friends, and family to communicate with one another all over the world and to share information and ideas.  It is useful for businesses as well if they have employees all of the world and they want them to share information or collaborate with each other.  People can upload presentations, reports, etc.  So, if you're traveling abroad and have a report due about something you could post it in Confluence for your colleagues to see. Also, if you give a presentation, the PowerPoint can be posted directly on Confluence for people who missed the live presentation to see. It could also be used in classrooms where the students are learning about different parts of the world or are in a foreign language.  They could used Confluence to communicate with students, teachers, or experts all over the world to learn things that they would otherwise not have been able to access. Currently, Confluence has over 6,000 customers in more than 100 countries! 1

To see a list of some of Atlassians customers, consult the following site:
                                                                                 Picture from: 

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[1] Confluence-FAQ. (2008). Retrieved November 20, 2008, from Atlassian Pty Ltd.

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  1. Unknown User (hmparker)

    Great job April! Thank you!

  2. Unknown User (hmparker)

    Add stuff about how companies could use it to keep employees all over the world in contact while they are living abroad, traveling, etc. so that everyone is still working together and is sharing information. Talk about how they can post full documents, reports, presentations for if someone is not present, etc. (See related application)

    Not everything has to be from a source. Go ahead and come up with your own ideas about how a company/school could use Confluence internationally.

  3. Unknown User (hmparker)

    can someone help me? i can't seem to move that picture citation below the picture.

    1. Unknown User (agale)

      I was able to get the citation a little more centered, but it's still not perfect.

      1. Unknown User (hmparker)

        Looks good to me! Thanks for your help!