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BubbleShare is currently being used across the globe. From its conception in Canada to its use in Romania and the rest of the world, BubbleShare's unique features explain the expansion of the application. Teachers and students, families, and companies have taken advantage of the ease of using BubbleShare worldwide.

The application of BubbleShare in China:

Until now, BubbleShare has been widely used in China. Since 2005 as it started in Canada, its simple application and unique features attracted many people's eyes. Some introduced it in their blogs, describing it as photo albums which can speak, and introducing the way how to use it. Here're examples (in Chinese):;

Since BubbleShare allows users to share their albums on blogs or websites, it is easy for them to put large number of photos on them. Here's an example:

There's also an explanation titled New Concept Online Album: BubbleShare on Baidu, which is a popularly used search engine in China.

One shortcoming of BubbleShare is that it is not available in Chinese, as a result it is not convenient for people who are not good at English to use it.

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