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International Applications of Facebook Chat:

The international application is using facebook chat as a new and improved way to do pen-pals, originally the idea was to communicate with international students by means of writing letters back and fourth.  Generally how it would work is a teacher from the united states would find a teacher in some other country and then they would assign each student in the class a student in the foreign class to be a pen-pal with.  This way classes were pared up with students of similar age and abilities, and then letters are exchanged between the two classes. 

Facebook chat could be used in the same way,except instead of sending letter, each week the partner classes would set up a time to go to the computer labs in their respective schools and talk to one another via facebook.  This allows for private comunication becasue they would have a conection between their two classes only, and each student could talk to the other student in real time.  The topic of the converstaion could be different each week or the teachers could decide to just let the students talk with one another about what ever, it really depends on how you want to structure your class.

Using facebook chat to talk to international students could also be very educational outside of the classroom because if students wanted to talk to their international 'pen pal' out side of the class room facebook has provided a very simple way to make it happen. By using facebook chat students can continue learing with students half way around the world even when class is over. Facebook Chat gives students to continue their education.  This is really great at the college level becuase college students are on facebook all the time.

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  1. Unknown User (lawrencn)

    I'm not sure what to do, I'll just keep looking around.

  2. Unknown User (kmccallu)

    your not the only one. we could do the facebook chat like we discussed between us and  Damji and Ji Jeonghueon. the international application, i assume will be used exactly like the normal educational way of teaching.