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Welcome! This will be the page for our international partners. This is were we can communicate as well. (international partners) You can place your information here if you would like. The project we are doing will be to research and develop a 2.0 web application. Our application is Yazzem. The members in our team include myself, Jenny Meyer, Caitlyn Carr, Lauren Dermody, Mallory Wagner, Hanna Black, Courtney Troxel, Stephanie Hobbs, Trista Roysdon, Yevgenia Yadrikhinskaya, Yekaterina Alexanderova, and Maria Shishigina. We have divided roles and responsibilities among the group so that we can divide the work up and get everything done on time. We ask you (our international partners) to help us complete these tasks:
Responsibilities of International Partners:
Please Research:

1.)how is Yazzem related to other applications? (can it be used in conjunction with other applications)

2.) How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation? This is your lesson plans! We need 9 lessons plans total....3 for elementary level, secondary and post-secondary (college)

3.) How could the application be used within a business/industry training situation?

4.) For a more global perspective, how could this application be used in other countries? Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside of the US?

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