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Welcome! We are extremely excited about getting this project up and going with you!  We are students at Purdue University interested in education.  I think we have a good product to research about and we should be able to develop an exciting wiki page!  Thank you guys for joining us.  I look forward to getting to know you better!


Splashup is a free digital editing service that is found online.  It is made to be used by novice editors, as well as professional photographers. Splashup has a unique photo sharing compatibility with commonly used programs such as Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, desktop uploads, and internet url's as well.  Therefore you can take photos from these sites, edit them, then replace them back.  This site has several editting tools and different features that can be used to transform a picture.  If you want to check it out and play with it more just visit


Project Manager: Lynsee Shaffer

 Purdue Team Members: Kaitlyn Anderson

                                     Cody Kerr

                                    Abagail Newman

                                    Justin Orme

                                    Nicole Terry

                                    Clark Warner

                                    Ashley Wehner

Umea Team Member:    Kajsa Holmberg

                                   Peter Karlsson

                                   Frida Lindstrom


As of right now we are organizing our research into a readable formate on the homepage, this is our first draft so there will be more changes.  The roles we have active right now are:

Organization of the Research:  These team members decide where the research and information is to go on the web page.  They work closely with the web disigners.

Web Designer:  The web designer is to make sure that the web page looks presentable and has the appropiate images in the right spot.  They work closely with the organization of research group to make sure everything is edited and presented professionally.

Lesson Plan Creators:  These team members develop nine lesson plans that incorperate Splashup in the classroom.  Three are to be in each division of elementary education, secondary education, and post secondary education.  In each group there must be one lesson plan based off of STEM.

Presentors: These team members are working on better understanding how to use Splashup.  They are incharge of making handouts and preparing for the public presentation of our project.

** If there is another area that anyone feels needs to be covered, just inform the group.  If you want to see what we already have going on in the project just click home to see our professional work and research page to read our findings.   We want to make this a successful project!  Thank you for partnering up with us!(smile)

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