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Welcome to the International Partner Communication Page for Webnode!

This page is for easy communication between our international partners:

  • Richard Vasconcelos
  • Elena Efstathiou 

and the team members from Purdue:

  • Jason Milligan
  • Ashley Stewart
  • Brittany Demmond
  • Katie Lanham
  • Marcus Ellingwood
  • Michelle Kuta
  • Monica McCurren
  • Sara Lineback
  • Taylor Olker

If anyone has any questions or comments regarding International Partner involvment in making the Wiki, post them here.  Thanks!

Here is a table outlining the assigned jobs.

Job Name

Job Description



Continue researching Webnode after first week.  Chiefly focusing on parts a-i under step 3 of “How will this project be completed?” in the Project Guide.

1.       Monica McCurren


Sort through the research and write pretty paragraphs based on the research.

1.       Katie Lanham
2.       Sara Lineback
3.       Taylor Olker


Make the wiki look interesting with images and other graphics.

1.       Ashley Stewart

Lesson Plan Creators

Create three lesson plans which incorporate Webnode for each of the following levels:
1.     Elementary
2.     Secondary
3.     Post Secondary
A minimum of one lesson plan in each area must be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) based.

1.       Brittany Demmond
2.       Michelle Kuta
3.       Elena Efstathiou

Project Evaluators

Compare our wiki to other wikis to make sure our wiki looks and functions the best it can.

4.       Marcus Ellingwood


Create a display for the Showcase on December 8.

  1. Richard Vasconcelos?

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