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Hey all! Welcome to the Pixenate International Partner Communication! This project is all about Pixenate- a photo editing and sharing site.  I am very excited to work on this application and learn more about it. We have divided the roles up between the partners here at Purdue, and our International team members.  We are essentially making a website that is all about Pixenate.  There are multiple chapters that we have divided and each member of the team are contributing to.  Some of the roles and responsibilities are to write the information in the wiki, how to set up videos,images and tutorials in the wiki,get some ideas as to sell our product, and evaluate our application very finely so that there are no errors. Our team members are: Paula, Andrea, Sara, Blake, Ashley, Hillary, Maggie, Galina, Irina, and Margarita.

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  1. Photo editor




    Available languages















    English, Spanish,

  2. educational value of Pixenate

    For Universities and other large organizations, Pixenate is a compelling alternative to per-seat licensing of desktop photo editing software and also offers the added advantage of being easier to install and administer.

  3. educational value of  Pixenate

    2. Pop Portraits Grade 6 to 12 - Ann Ayers, Coral Spring HS (FL)- 6807 - permalink

    Take a high-tech approach to student self-portraits using digital cameras instead of the traditional mirrors. This lesson plan, part of Apple's Digital Edge Learning Exchange from nationally certified teachers, is a very effective way to use technology as a tool instead of an add-on. Windows users may need to substitute Microsoft Photo Editor or a similar product for iPhoto, but the overall plan is easily adaptable for both computer platforms. If you are not sure which tools to use, ask one of your tech genius kids to show you for extra credit or use an online photo editing tool such as Pixenate (reviewed here) or Pixlr (reviewed here) In the Classroom:

    Launch a new way of teaching, then share this idea at your next department meeting. Include the completed portraits in a back to school slide show or share them on your class web page or wiki! Be sure to have students annotate their portraits, as well. 

  4. Unknown User (lolesova)

    IrinaSavvina says:
    1. new edition of pixenate - pixenate-on-demand. a low cost and convenient way for web publishers to provide image-editing right from within their websites. visitors can create thumbnails or avatars from existing photos or turn their photos into gifts and merchandise. it doesnt need to install Perl or ImageMagick. from

    2. most innovative website 2008-09


    Nov 06, 2009 22:40 ( Permalink )

    IrinaSavvina says:
    3. comparing:

    flash/html maxsize maxresolution cost layers effects killer feature

    picnik flash 16mb 4000x4000 free yes yes default photo editor for Flickr, very slick interface

    picture2life html 5 mb 1600x1600 free yes yes can run on machines without flash installed. floating windows workspace, similar to desktop apps.

    pixenate html 10 mb 1600x1200 free no yes can run on machines without flash installed. tooth whitening tool prefects yellow smiles with two clicks

    snipshot html 10mb 5000x5000 free no yes can run on machines without flash installed. can import the first page of a PDF file for editing

    which is the best? difficult question. it depends on what you're trying to do. from

    Nov 06, 2009 23:08 ( Permalink )

    IrinaSavvina says:
    fauxto pros the only service with layers, canvas size, free transform cons- no zoom, no printing, doesnt open PSD files

    picnik pros no signup, the bestlooking interface, good interaction with Flickr and Picasa web albums, easy getting web images for editing, fun and useful creative tools cons - printing options are limited

    picture2life pros lost of intersting effects in addition to the basics, can create animations, stores your pictures on its own online space. cons odd interface with commands in a cloud view, no autocorrect, controls missing on some effects, some bugs meant some features didn't work, no printing

    pixenate pros simple, easy to use interface, no signup, fun effects like lomo, snow, oil paint, Flickr integration, easy getting for editing cons no enough control with many effect tools, no printing

    snipshot pros super clean, simple interface, no signup, outputs 6 file types, including PSD, Flickr integration, eady getting for editing cons - no red eye correction or fun effects, no printing

    Nov 06, 2009 23:46 ( Permalink )